Vinnfier Xenon 2 BTRM 2021 Edition Review – Nice Budget 2.1 Speaker System with Karaoke!

68W max power output! Lovely LED light effects, Bluetooth, FM radio, built-in MP3 player, microphone input for karaoke and so on. Yes, you can enjoy all these wonderful features on the latest budget Vinnfier Xenon 2 BTRM 2021 Edition 2.1 Speaker System. Does it sound great? Let’s find out now…

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Package Content & Design
Everything comes well-protected. Once taken out the speaker system, you can find 3.5mm AUX to RCA audio cable, IR remote control and user manual. As usual, do go through the guide to get started.

Build quality is great for the price. Thanks to tough MDF cabinet for both subwoofer and satellite speakers. The front part is mostly matte plastic with few glossy ones. As usual, please refer to below photos for its design in detail. Compact yet stylish in design. The colourful LED lights help no doubt.

5″ bass driver and all the playback buttons are located in the front. Same applies to the master volume and bass volume controls. The USB port and microphone input are located on the right. Same place where bass reflex port is found.

Audio input and output are located at the back. Power on/off switch, external FM radio antenna and power cord are there too. As you can see, it is using USB port type of audio output. Yes, the satellite speaker is getting power from there for the LED lights.

3″ satellite speakers’ driver with LED lights. No tweeter, that’s is just a plastic. Do take note…

Performance Result
Let’s have a look at the Bluetooth 5.0 connection first. Xenon 2 can reach up to 7m with obstacles like wall. As for response, it is excellent with virtually no lag between video and audio. Playing games and watching movie on smartphone/tablet are great for sure. For non-Bluetooth devices, AUX connection is always there for you.

As for radio signal reception, it is great all thanks to the adjustable external antenna. Built-in MP3 player works as expected. It will start to play MP3 after USB flash drive is plugged in. As expected, it can’t remember the last used audio source. Always start with AUX mode. And I can’t seem to find a way to turn off the LED lights.

34W total power (RMS) is good enough to blast in a large quiet room. The 18W subwoofer does a great job even small in size. Yes, you can feel the bass pumping here and there (bass volume max up). Powerful for its size. By the way, you can’t control treble level due to single bass volume control only. Therefore, you are getting bright and clear treble all the time.

Xenon 2 has V shape sound signature (with max bass volume). In short, you can enjoy a lot of excitement no matter in movies, games or music listening. Everything is so clear and crisp. Bass is powerful for its size as I mentioned. However, this is limited to Bluetooth connection. AUX connection is using another DSP processing method. It does not sound as clear as Bluetooth. No idea why. In addition, there is a slight hiss noise in the background when nothing is being played. Not a deal-breaker as you won’t notice it during normal movie/music playback.

Karaoke all day long! Yes, you can use it to sing K. Adjust the microphone volume and echo level through the IR remote control easily. In short, Xenon 2 is a nice budget 2.1 speaker system.


  • Nice sound quality with amazing bass (for Bluetooth)
  • Powerful & loud for its size
  • Bluetooth, FM radio & MP3 player (USB)
  • Microphone input for karaoke
  • Lovely LED light effects


  • Slight hiss noise
  • Can’t remember last used audio source
  • Single bass volume control

Vinnfier Xenon 2 BTRM 2021 Edition is a nice budget 2.1 speaker system with karaoke. Enjoy clear, crisp sound with amazing bass (Bluetooth mode). Don’t forget its lovely LED light effects too. Interested? Get yours at Shopee or Lazada now.


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