Xiaomi Redmi 1S Recovery Mode

Interesting… Android manufacturers do not let average end users access recovery mode easily. Because you can do something harmful to your Android device there. Well, Xiaomi is one of the exceptions. Yes, you can boot into Redmi 1S Recovery Mode via build-in MIUI Updater application easily. Or the old school hardware button method that I prefer.

Redmi 1S Recovery Mode

How to load Redmi 1S Recovery Mode?

  1. Power off Redmi 1S.
  2. Press and hold Volume Up + Power buttons at the same time.
  3. Mi Recovery Mode will be loaded.

You can factory reset and apply new update with Mi Recovery. Hmm… Not sure about install a fresh ROM. Haven’t tries that yet. I use Fastboot mode to do so.


  1. Dear Jaycee,

    Currently, i am using JHDMIBH36.0 (Stable) Rom Malaysia set, May i know how to boot into Mi Recovery of Mi Note as when i am using the volume up + Power method, i will go into Factory Test Mode while using the Updater or the all Keys pressed method, i will go into Android System Recovery (3e) ? Any idea ?

  2. hie jayce..
    i was updating my mob redmi1s bt it failed and come to a recovery mode..den i saw your page and tried to use fastboot mode by using volume down + power button…then the fastboot image showed but nothing else is happening .. what should i do now??


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