Xiaomi Redmi 1S Fastboot Mode

Fastboot mode is basically Odin Download mode for Samsung Android devices. They perform the very same thing. Let you re-flash partition, install new ROM on your device. Same apply to Xiaomi Redmi 1S Fastboot Mode. Redmi 1S factory data reset can’t clean my mom Redmi 1S totally. And Wipe & Reset function in Redmi 1S Recovery Mode won’t help too. In fact, it made it worst. End up, I need to reinstall a new ROM via fastboot mode.

Redmi 1S Fastboot Mode

How to load Redmi 1S Fastboot Mode?

  1. Power off Redmi 1S.
  2. Press and hold Volume Down + Power buttons at the same time.
  3. Mi Fastboot Mode will be loaded.

Yes, install a new fresh ROM via fastboot mode helped to solve my issue. I get a new and clean ROM now.