Zebra VPN Router Review – Fast & Stable Connection to China VPN Servers!

Finally, I found a VPN that is able to connect to servers located at Mainland China. Yes, I am not talking about Hong Kong’s servers which are also part of China but servers in Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Kunming. Enjoy video contents in iQiyi that is limited to China region is not impossible anymore. All thanks to Zebra VPN…

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Package Content & Design
Everything comes well protected in a small case. Yes, you can pack it in your luggage and take it with you easily. Light in weight and small in size. Didn’t take much space at all.

In the package, there are Zebra VPN Router, 2A USB charger, micro USB cable, Ethernet cable and user guide in Chinese. No worries, there is English version available online here. As usual, take your time to go through the guide.

Excellent build quality with sturdy plastic housing. Compact and lightweight. Packed with everything that you need. And it comes with lifetime warranty within subscription period.

At the back, there are reset button, USB port for you to connect to 3G/4G dongle, power input, operation mode – AP, WISP or 3/4G, 100M WAN and LAN ports. You can connect to Zebra VPN router on both LAN and 2.4G WiFI 5 connections. Just pick the one that suits you will do.

Nothing much at the bottom except for a lot of small openings that cool down the device. That’s all.


Installation is as simple as ABC. Just follow the user guide will do. In short, choose AP mode. Then connect LAN cable from your router to Zebra VPN router’s WAN port. Then select the VPN server on the region that you want to connect. And turn VPN on. That’s all. As you can see, it comes with 365 days VPN subscription plan. And supports firmware update through OTA. You can also connect Zebra VPN router through wireless with WISP mode. And mobile data plan through 3G/4G mode with 4G dongle. Totally up to you. Just select one during your travel will do. Easy, right?

Performance Result

First of all, VPN lets you surf the Internet without a trace. It will make your real IP address disappear so that your online activity can’t be tracked. For example, I am located in Malaysia. Using TM UniFI ISP with 100Mbps download and 50Mbps upload Internet plan. As you can see, system shows that I am located in Hangzhou, China with my OnePlus smartphone. Yes, nobody will know which sites I surf from now on. To confirm that I am using China VPN server, the Fast.com speedtest failed. By the way, this is how Netflix tests our Internet connection. Failed because Netflix does not work in China as they don’t have any server there.

Yes, iQiyi is working smoothly. I can stream 1080p video content without any region lock issue. In short, you can enjoy China TV drama and movie at any place in the world. It works the other way around too. You can connect to other region VPN servers when you are on business trip to China. So accessing websites like Google, YouTube, Facebook is working as normal just like in your home country. No more blocking by the great China firewall.

Getting full 100M download speed is possible. However, it does not apply to all the VPN servers in all regions. For Zebra-Singapore18 server, I manage to get around 25Mbps download. That’s the average speed that you get from most servers. By the way, Zebra does have a lot of servers in each region. Just select another server if the particular one does not perform well. That’s all.

Streaming 4K/Ultra HD (UHD) Netflix contents are possible. High definition (HD) is piece of cake for Zebra VPN as it requires 5Mbps only. FYI, 25Mbps for 4K contents. Stable connection with unlimited data usage!

Connection speed on US VPN server is about the same as Singapore. Fast and stable. Yes, you can enjoy US region lock contents like Pluto TV now. And the great news – you don’t have to limit yourself by using Zebra VPN router only. Yes, you can connect to Zebra VPN server directly on your Android and iOS smartphone. Just use Zebra App will do. Zebra VPN router is no longer needed. Up to 5 devices can be used at the same time. And each device can connect to each region VPN server that they want. For example, smartphone A on US server. Smartphone B on China server and so on. Great, right?

During this review, Zebra VPN has servers in China, US, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Not much when compared to other VPN providers. But Zebra VPN does have stable and working VPN servers in China. That’s the main point of getting this VPN plan. Yes, it’s great for foreign employees stationed in China. And for those who travel there a lot too. Of course, it works the other way around too. For example, China employees who work outside of China. In short, it works no matter where you are…

FYI, Zebra VPN Router is selling at US$125.68. It comes with 1 year VPN subscription plan. And requires US$71.81 for an additional 1 year plan.


  • Working VPN servers in China
  • Fast & stable connection
  • Ethernet / WiFi / 4G mode
  • 5 VPN app users
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Great build quality


  • For the price, nope

Fast and stable connection to China VPN servers. The same applies to other region servers in US, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. And comes with 5 additional VPN app for multiple devices usage. Interested? Get yours at Zebra VPN website now.


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