How to increase Samsung Galaxy S III speaker volume to maximum? Samsung Galaxy S3 speaker is not loud enough for you even on default maximum volume? Then you need to try out this Samsung Galaxy S3 audio hack. This modification will make Samsung Galaxy S3 speaker volume as loud as it can in Ringtones, Messages, Videos, Music Player and other applications… In-Call volume is louder too in earpiece and speakerphone mode. And it might increase maximum volume for headset, Bluetooth, analogue dock, digital AUX and FM radio too. Try it to find out. Note – Root access is needed.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Volume Hack

How to increase Samsung Galaxy S3 speaker volume to maximum?
Copy modified default_gain.conf to system/etc with root explorer like ES File Explorer. Be sure to backup original default_gain.conf file first. Finally, reboot phone to activate volume hack. Or you can use CWM to install the flashable zip version.

Download Samsung Galaxy S3 volume hack here.

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