How to fix HTC One X SD storage issue?

Yeah… I used up all 26 GB HTC One X SD storage finally. I faced my very first insufficient space alert while try install Samurai vs Zombies Defense on HTC One X. I must put lot of games, MP3, video on my HTC One X, right?

Insufficient space

No, HTC is helping me to use up most of the HTC One X SD storage space. 16 GB of System data is caused by software bug.

HTC One X SD storage issue

How to fix HTC One X SD storage issue?
Do nothing and wait for 1.29 software update which fixed this bug. Or copy all your SD storage files to PC first. Then format HTC One X SD storage. Finally, copy those files back to HTC One X.

Or you can sell off HTC One X. And get Samsung Galaxy S III with 64 GB microSD card instead.


      • Update should take less than 15 minutes. The SD Issue is cleared, although System Data still shows about 1Gb of usage.

        Other than that, a better WiFi stability 🙂

        I think you can detail the improvements better, since I’m just a light phone user.


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