Which is the best 64GB microSD card out there? Yup, I want to know the answer too because I want to use it on my latest gadget ~ Samsung Galaxy S4. Therefore, I got myself a 64GB Samsung microSDXC Pro UHS-1 Card. It is Samsung fastest microSD card with UHS-I support (Class 10) which provides up to 70 MB/s read and 20 MB/s write speed. And it is waterproof, shockproof against small drops, X-ray proof, magnet-proof and temperature-proof to extremes. How does 64GB Samsung microSDXC Pro UHS-1 Card perform? Let’s find out…

64GB Samsung microSDXC Pro UHS-1 Card

Performance Results

64GB Samsung microSDXC Pro UHS-1 Card manages to get 75.74 MB/s reading and 20.40 MB/s writing in sequentially on CrystalDiskMark disk benchmark software. No surprise here as it have extra 5 MB/s reading speed of official specifications and same writing speed. However, random reading and writing speeds do look good here.

SD Tools
Performance on Samsung Galaxy S4

Err… Samsung Galaxy S4 micro SD card slot is not UHS-I enabled. So 64GB Samsung microSDXC Pro UHS-1 Card performance is lower on Galaxy S4 because can’t use UHS-I feature. Only get 36.6 MB/s sequential reading speed and 16.5 MB/s sequential write speed.

64GB Samsung microSDXC Pro UHS-1 Card is a nice addition to your smartphone and tablet. Lot of disk space for movie, music and other more. And high reading and writing performance on UHS-I supported device. This surely shortens file transferring time and improves overall performance on your device.

Interested? You can grab one here.

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