How to fix slow GPS signal lock-on issue on rooted Android?

Thanks Nima for reminding me to post this ~ FasterFix. It is an Android application that helps you to set the GPS NTP time settings in your gps.conf file. Therefore, you don’t need to edit it by yourself with Root Explorer.


Head to NTP Pool website to get specific NTP setting for your country like mine in Malaysia ~ is the server name (custom setting). Note – Root and busybox are needed, modern HTC phones need to be S-OFF!

Download FasterFix at Google Play Store here.

  • Erich Tiong

    Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

    • Yeah… I manage to login by using US proxy server. πŸ˜›

  • Very cool! A much easier/faster way to maintain the GPS NTP setting on a rooted phone! Thanks for posting!

    • You are welcome. πŸ™‚

  • Jay

    How do you apply??a little bit precise..

    • Jay

      mine GPS keep say Searching for GPS and can’t get a lock on my position.

    • Just install FasterFix and select the region that nearest to you. Then click ‘Go’. That’s all.

  • Victor

    Thanks for sharing. but im getting force closed everything i pressed the “go” button. It showed me can’t get root message after open the application. πŸ™

  • fml

    it works for me but some how it screwed up the 3G mobile data. (i.e could not access internet via 3G or Wifi). So I had to reboot everytime I use this fix.

    anyone encounter same issue & manage to fix? pls share, thanks!

    • This fix should be needed by just one time only. Why need to use it so many times?

      • fml

        dunno some it wasn’t permanently (I’m still using Froyo RAM dual boot WM6.5), after reboot it revert back to πŸ™

        anyway, pretty happy with android so far, so finally plan to use the NAND version soon πŸ™‚

        • Oh, you are using SD Android. Then, there must be something in SD card root folder that causing this.

          • fml

            yeah .. too bad still clueless what’s causing it.
            Until I burn NAND into my HD2, I think I found my temp fix using gpsfix (available from market) πŸ™‚

  • Kareem

    Hey Jay or anyone did you ever get your gps issue resolved. I did the gps fix and aspd download still cant get gps lock. I have two htc hd2 both have the same identical software.. Androis 2.21 basebans kernel 206.32.15rafpigna build cmylxgo stock desire hd leo 1024 software # v1.1.12n. One works fine with Gps the other gets no signal… I have no idea what the difference is one I’ve has since last year and the screen cracked….the other I just got a month ago and they both have the yellow reset button. The gps is the only thing not working…any help would be much appreciated

    • Yes, mine is working. Try to load Google Maps to test. Its GPS locks faster than other offline GPS navigation software.

  • Nic

    Hi jayce,

    I am from malaysia too.. i just rooted my ace 2.3.4 and installed the fasterfix on it.. which option will be the best for me? Asia or Malaysia? i test on both and i figured out the Asia config will have more coverage even if i am at indoor… but just nvr get fixed… sigh… which one will be the best for me? Thx for ur advice…

    • Personally, I put it as Malaysia.

  • joemar

    hi jayce, will this work with Samsung Galaxy S2 with installed Checkrom? am having hard time to pick up GPS signal outdoor.. pls advice.

    • Yes, I managed to change to Malaysia NTP on CheckROM.

      • joemar

        ok thanks.. so am from Philippines it’s wrritten:
        so i’ll just customize and type “” and so exit, that’s it, am done?

        • Yes, that’s all. You can double confirm by launching FasterFix again. You should see as your current server now.

          • joemar

            ok thanks again…by the way,how this thing works, should i be online or connected to a 3G/4G network using my GPS on outdoor to?
            it’s because, i usually load/explore the google maps to my destination via wi-fi. so that when i go out i won’t cosume my 3G/4G network cost.

            • No 3G network is required. But GPS get locked faster with AGPS which use 3G data to get your current telco tower location.

              • joemar

                ok thanks again.

  • amer

    hi can you give link to busybox. there many version in play store and some of them with negative feedback. appreciate