How to upgrade Galaxy S4 firmware with Samsung Kies?

The best way to upgrade Samsung Galaxy S4 firmware is using OTA method. But that’s not the only way to do so. You can use Samsung Kies to upgrade Galaxy S4 firmware as well. Only use Samsung Kies if you can’t get OTA software update because this process is slower. Why? You need to download the whole firmware which is more than 1 GB file size. So be sure to enable Latest firmware auto-download in Firmware update settings in Samsung Kies. Else you will need to wait for quite some time if your Internet connection is slow. And can’t use your Galaxy S4 during the firmware upgrade process. Note – both I9500 and I9505 firmware upgrade method is the same.

New Galaxy S4 firmware available

How to upgrade Samsung Galaxy S4 firmware with Samsung Kies?
It is not hard to upgrade Galaxy S4 firmware through Samsung Kies. Just follow the instructions there will do. Or go through my steps by steps guide below to get a clear idea.

You will get a pop up window if a new firmware version is available when you connect Galaxy S4 using USB cable to Samsung Kies. Just click Update to start the firmware upgrade process. Or click Firmware upgrade if you miss the pop up window.

Go through all the instructions. Make sure that you obey all of them. Then check I have read all of the above information. Finally, click Start upgrade.

Samsung Kies will download and prepare the firmware upgrade components then.

It will take some time to download firmware if firmware is not auto-download previously. Take a break and come back later.

Galaxy S4 will boot into Odin Download Mode in this stage. And firmware upgrade is in progress now. Do not disconnect USB cable. It should take less than 10 minutes in this stage.

Your Samsung Galaxy S4 will reboot by itself after that and continue upgrade process. Finally, Android OS will be loaded with all the latest features, improvements and bugs fixed update. That’s all.

  • jc

    my s4 is unrooted and on stock firmware. (camera no reboot issue)

    if say i upgrade the firmware, then my camera reboot happens.
    is there a way to return back to my stock firmware?

  • Bernard

    Hi i am from the Philippines and when i try to upgrade firmware for galaxy s4 the update in settings would just say i have installed the latest version yet when i check in the about device setting it is still npt the xxbumea firmware. Please help me rgdg this

    • Philippines still not have it yet. Please wait…

  • shaurabh

    when i am trying to upgrade… the steps r followed till phone goes in download mode.. after that it gives error that device not recognised. what i must do?

    • Try again with another USB port see.

  • Khan

    My phone has a baseband # I9500UBUAMDK. Every one got a stability update but i dont see any update yet. Last update that i got was in the second week of June. Can you please tell me when i am gonna get the update for this version of octa core. I am sick of camera restart issue :@


    • Hi Khan, which country are you from?

  • Khan

    I am in USA but i bought this phone from ebay most probably its a Latin American phone.

    • Hmm… I can’t check if I don’t have the exact country.

      • Khan

        I checked it is from latin american and spenish is written on the box… i dont know if its enough or not… any how thanks alot!

        • Some of the counties there still not getting latest update yet. Like Colombia still at I9500UBUAMDK firmware. So just wait for it. Or update to other region firmware with Odin manually.

          • Khan

            ahan sounds good , is it going to void the warranty ? if i change the firmware?


            • By right no, if you install region official firmware. But you need to restore back to your region official firmware to claim warranty.

              • Khan

                Just Last Question which firmware would you recommend me? am going to download from please tell me the country? or the base number i will down load now. and thanks alot for your quick response!

                • No camera issue on Malaysia firmware that I am using now.

  • prada

    hello, how to i check which currently my s4 is from ? im in china but i bought my s4 from some other country, most likely hk, how do i check? currently im having problems with my stability update of 166.67mb ,after download, it installs until 26% and the android lies flat with its stomach open saying error. please advise me.

    ap : i9500zsuamdf
    cp : i9500xxuamde
    csc : i9500ozsamdf


    • Hi prada, it is either from Hong Kong or Taiwan. Do consult Samsung Support to confirm.

      • prada

        ok, thanks for identifying that out for me because after searching through the web., i still cant solve the problem why i cant update. so u have confirmed mine is a hk/taiwan model? any other details u need?

        after reading through so much i think i am left with the option of rooting my phone, changing its csc than i will be able to upgrade. is that right? jayce, can u please advise me ? thanka

        • Hi prada, just consult Samsung Support. They know and surely can help.