3M Malaysia Crystalline Solar Film for Automotive

3M Malaysia Crystalline Solar Film is one of the choices for my Honda City. It is produced using patented proprietary Multi-Layered Optical Film (MOF) technology that provides superior rejection, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the day.

3M Malaysia Crystalline Solar Film

3M Crystalline Solar Film Features

  • No interference of radio, mobile phone signals
  • No unsightly cut out at Smart Tag units
  • High UV protection of up to 99.9%
  • No corrosion or purple windows
  • Compliant with JPJ guidelines
  • Improved safety with shatter-resistance
  • Recommended by US Skin Cancer Foundation
  • Five-years warranty

3M Crystalline Premium Series

Product Performance
Crystalline 70Crystalline 60
VL Transmittance68.00%VL Transmittance61.00%
IR Rejection97.00%IR Rejection97.00%
UV Rejection99.90%UV Rejection99.90%
Crystalline 50Crystalline 40
VL Transmittance50.00%VL Transmittance39.00%
IR Rejection97.00%IR Rejection97.00%
UV Rejection99.90%UV Rejection99.90%

Based on JPJ Malaysia Installation of Tinted Glass Rules, none of the above product including Crystalline 70 has visible light transmittance of 70% on front windscreen. How can it be compliant with JPJ guidelines? I submitted my query to 3M Malaysia on 19 August 2010. I am still waiting for answer until now… And I checked with one of its authorized dealer, SmartTAG is not working with 3M Crystalline 60.

Updated ~ I called 3M Malaysia. They said that they DID NOT cover or pay any JPJ summon. Here go the car tinting sales agent lies. He said 3M will cover it.


  1. hi jAYCE,

    It’s 3M’s exclusive/sole distributor (Trimex) cover the guarantee(jpj)…not 3M Malaysia…..!! we have clear understanding now.. 🙂


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