3M Malaysia Crystalline Solar Film for Automotive

3M Malaysia Crystalline Solar Film is one of the choices for my Honda City. It is produced using patented proprietary Multi-Layered Optical Film (MOF) technology that provides superior rejection, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the day.

3M Malaysia Crystalline Solar Film

3M Crystalline Solar Film Features

  • No interference of radio, mobile phone signals
  • No unsightly cut out at Smart Tag units
  • High UV protection of up to 99.9%
  • No corrosion or purple windows
  • Compliant with JPJ guidelines
  • Improved safety with shatter-resistance
  • Recommended by US Skin Cancer Foundation
  • Five-years warranty

3M Crystalline Premium Series

Product Performance
Crystalline 70Crystalline 60
VL Transmittance68.00%VL Transmittance61.00%
IR Rejection97.00%IR Rejection97.00%
UV Rejection99.90%UV Rejection99.90%
Crystalline 50Crystalline 40
VL Transmittance50.00%VL Transmittance39.00%
IR Rejection97.00%IR Rejection97.00%
UV Rejection99.90%UV Rejection99.90%

Based on JPJ Malaysia Installation of Tinted Glass Rules, none of the above product including Crystalline 70 has visible light transmittance of 70% on front windscreen. How can it be compliant with JPJ guidelines? I submitted my query to 3M Malaysia on 19 August 2010. I am still waiting for answer until now… And I checked with one of its authorized dealer, SmartTAG is not working with 3M Crystalline 60.

Updated ~ I called 3M Malaysia. They said that they DID NOT cover or pay any JPJ summon. Here go the car tinting sales agent lies. He said 3M will cover it.