8GB Samsung micro SD Class 4 Card Review

Water proof, dust proof, shock proof, X-rays and magnet proof… Does your micro SD card have this kind of features? Samsung micro SD card does. Samsung is well known for its NAND flash memory chips. How about its 8GB Samsung micro SD Class 4 Card? Let’s find out…

8GB Samsung micro SD Class 4 Card

Product Specifications
Most of the micro SD card manufacturers do not specific the actual read and write speed for their card. They only promise that the speed is above the class rating. For example, you will get at least 4 MB/s read and write for class 4 card. That’s all. However, Samsung does better than others by showing the reading and writing speed that you will get. 8GB Samsung micro SD Class 4 Card is rated at 15 MB/s read and 6 ~ 7 MB/s write. Durability at 10000 mating cycles. And Samsung provides 5 Years limited warranty and 10 years data retention warranty under normal use.

Design and Package Contents

With adapter, it is a full-sized SD card

Samsung micro SD card is covered with EMC (Epoxy Molding Compound). Therefore, no worry about water and dust. And it is also shock proof, so it will survive from common impact. Missing soft rubber case? Yes, there are only 8GB Samsung micro SD Class 4 Card and SD adapter in the package. No soft rubber case…

Performance Results

Yup, Samsung keeps its promise. 8GB Samsung micro SD Class 4 Card is able to read at 16.8 MB/s and write at 7.2 MB/s sequentially. And it has the best random reading speed among my micro SD cards. However, it is not bend proof. Mine had a line crack during bending test. Ouch… So it does not survive strong impact like the website mentions. Luckily, I did the speed benchmark before running durability tests…

8GB Samsung micro SD Class 4 Card is a great micro SD card. It has high read and write speed. And it is water proof, dust proof, shock proof, X-rays and magnet proof. However, it is not bend proof, so don’t try it at home. Such a waste, I really like this card…

Thanks Memory Card Zoo which is one of Britain’s most reliable and comprehensive web based for supplying memory cards for the opportunity to review this product. Be sure to check out 8GB Samsung micro SD Class 4 here.


  1. Hi Jayce,

    I just got my Samsung Micro SDHC Card. 16Gb and a Class 10. how do I check if this is original or not? Any good benchmark test?

  2. 8 GB memory card on my samsung was working perfectly , but once when i formatted it in macbook then my 8GB SD card is not recognized by Samsung mobile model GT-B5310 after formatting in mac by disk utility application in MS DOS(FAT) format..If anybody has any idea how to fix it. I have tried to reformat it, rebooting phone, try using format by USB card reader . It is shown in my mac when i connect it via USB card reader but the phone itself does not recognize it. When i connect the phone in macbook with mass storage pc settings , then it says ” INSERT MEMORY CARD”. Does anybody has any idea how to fix it . If then help me out..thanks a lot for your best advise in advance..

  3. While formating use a windows machine. The error basically occurs bcos Mac OS has a different filesystem then what windows machine have it.

    Either try to format via fone as asked by Jayce or use windows machine, and u r done πŸ™‚


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