Apple iPhone 4 FaceTime ~ Maxis10 (Video)

One-tap video calling with FaceTime on iPhone 4… Yes, Apple iPhone 4 has video calling finally. However, FaceTime is limited to Wi-Fi connection only. But it can be easily solved to use 3G connection by installing Tango Video Calls application. And are not limited to iOS platform (iPhone, iPod Touch) only but you can video call with your friend on other platform like Android too. Isn’t that great? Okay, let’s find out how FaceTime performs…

Yeah, I have the chance to FaceTime with another Maxis10 iPhone 4 Reviewer, Emily Chong during lunch time. My first attempt on FaceTime… My front video camera is not working ~ froze image. Above video was the second attempt, and everything is working properly. By the way, FaceTime works in both portrait and landscape modes. And you can use both 2 built-in cameras ~ front VGA camera and back 5MP camera. Okay, anyone want to FaceTime with me?

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