Apple iPhone 4 Games Tour ~ Maxis10 (Video)

One of the selling point of iPhone 4 ~ games. Lot of interesting games no matter is paid or free developed for iPhone and iPod touch can be found in Apple App Store. Warning, these games are addictive. You can play them all day long. Trust me, I am a victim. Here are the demo of the games like Angry Birds, Super K.O. Boxing 2, Drift Mania, iFighter, Tap Tap Revenge 3, Monster Mayhem, Mega Jump and Coastal Super-Combat. Check them out in below video…

By the way, all these games are free but some only lite version. You need to pay for the full version but only from US$ 0.99 to US$ 4.99. Good news… Most of the games are priced at US$ 0.99. That’s around RM 3.20, cheaper than your lunch. Okay, don’t bother me anymore. I want to play these games now. And great to play them with gamepad like GameSir G4s (refer GameSir G4s Review).

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