Celcom Broadband Mobile Internet Sucks

Celcom Broadband Mobile Internet sucks! Yes, Celcom Broadband suck. Why? Because I exceeded my usage limit and it is running at throttle speed @ 64 Kbps now. I still have 1 week to suffer before back to normal speed @ 3.6 Mbps. Yeah… I am back to 56K modem old age. I still remember the Internet speed is slow as turtle back then. Luckily, there is not much P2P, Flash, online video during that time.

Celcom Broadband Mobile Internet Suck

I am getting lot of data connectivity problem after being throttled at 64 Kbps. Seem like these website servers can’t stay the slowness of Celcom Broadband connection speed and time out.

Celcom Broadband Mobile Internet SpeedTest

Yup, my Celcom Broadband Mobile Internet is getting 64 Kbps only when being throttled. Thanks to my testing on running PPS TV. Used up all the monthly bandwidth volume in 1 day. 3.6 Mbps is great to watch online streaming video but really bad as it eats up the bandwidth volume so fast. That’s the issue of getting fastest mobile broadband in town.

Celcom, can I have unlimited bandwidth volume just like before?


  1. 64kbps still better than mine…
    I’m using Digi… once I reached quote , the speed will be throttled to 5kbps…
    yes , five kbps…

  2. I’m using Celcom Broadband 1.5Mbps. The connection always getting up and down and eats up my phone battery. Recently even worse. Can’t even load a page of yours in 1 minute and I don’t use my phone for Youtube or any video streaming. Aaahhhh!!!

  3. same with me.
    i’m using so called unlimited internet by celcom and look what i got…
    even loading 1page oso gonna take more than 5 minute,if i’m lucky….

  4. still sucks…i’ve subscribe to 1week broadband…3days ok the rest KO..maxis have a better connection in my place but its a little bit more expensive than celcom..

  5. in data plan.. nothing can beat celcom! speed (i get max speed @4mbps down on my galaxy ace, mayb ill get more if i using hi-end device), plan policy (celcom just cap your speed @reasonable speed) which mean data still on. compare to maxis which it eats your credit after exceeding quota (damn maxis)


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