Coexx Line 1 Lightning & Micro USB Timer Cable Review

Looking for USB cable that support both micro USB and lightning ports? Coexx Line 1 might be the one to that you need. Yup, it supports both Android and iOS devices (through adaptor). In addition, it comes with timer ability which will turn off charging automatically to avoid overcharging your smartphone. Another plus – the micro USB plug is fully reversible. Alright, let’s have a detail look on Line 1.


  • Safe, Environmental Friendly, Peace of Mind for overcharging
  • Auto stop when reach set time
  • Show Countdown Time, Current & Voltage
  • Memory for previous time setting
  • Lightning or Micro USB support

Package Content & Design
There are Coexx Line 1 and micro USB to lightning adaptor in the package. Line 1 housings are made with decent plastic. Yes, the housing is longer than usual USB cable as there are LED light to display countdown time, charging current & voltage and red button to set the timer. Press once to increase the timer and quick double click to reduce. You can set up to 9 hours max. By the way, the cable is tangle-free flat and with cable tie attached to ease carrying. Lastly, don’t forget that it is using fully reversible micro USB plug. So don’t care micro USB side is up or down. Just plug it into your Android smartphone and tablet will do.

Cable tie, adaptor & timer

Performance Result
Coexx Line 1 timer feature is great. It will turn off charging when assigned timer reached. For those who love to protect their devices from overcharge will love this feature. By the way, it does preserve previous timer setting. No need to set timer again each time. In addition, it tells the charging rate – current (A) and voltage (V) too. You get to know the charging speed is fast or slow. Or supply too much voltage that may cause damage to your devices. The fully reversible micro USB plug is another plus. Yes, just plug and play no matter up or down. Perfect to use at bedroom with dim light just like lightning plug.

Fully reversible micro USB plug

Hmm… Line 1 does not play well with Transcend card reader that I have. Therefore, no benchmark result here. No worry, data transfer is working perfectly on my smartphone and tablet.

1.1A current pass through

1.1A current is the best that I can get from Line 1 when using normal 5V 2A wall charger (including car charger and powerbank). This is the result that I get from micro USB devices. How about iOS device? Well, iPhone 6s Plus is getting 1A only too. Shouldn’t it support 2.5A? Yes, it does but it only work on 5.3V Samsung charger that I have. It is charging at maximum speed then.


  • Fully reversible micro USB plug
  • Hey, there is timer
  • Show current & voltage too
  • Tangle free cord with cable tie
  • Support both Android & iOS devices


  • Picky on charger
Full charging rate

Coexx Line 1 gives you the ability to charge both Android and iOS devices. In addition, it has fully reversible micro USB plug and timer feature to prevent overcharging. More information can be found at Kohero Website. And you can buy it there too.


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