All 3 Unbreakable Achievements in Clash of Clans Achieved

The last Clash of Clans update sucks, right? However, it helps me to reach Unbreakable – Successfully defend against 5,000 attacks. That’s one of the goodies that I like. How to get the unbreakable achievement (5000 defenses)? I asked last time but this is no more a question to me now. And for many pro players out there I believe. Yup, destroy town hall did not give you shield helps me to get this 5000 defenses done. Of course, you need to drop to around 800 – 1000 silver trophy level. Lot of people is looking for dead bases there and you will get free defense wins easily.


I got another 100 gems reward from this achievement. Anyway, gems are pretty much useless after I got 5th builder years ago at Town Hall 8. Nothing to buy with gems except boosting which I seldom do unless there is 1 gem boost promotion. I just keep collecting gems then. Anyway, you will get this 5k defenses unbreakable achievement sooner or later. Maybe you won’t get it at all after you quit playing CoC. Time will tell…


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