Digital Image Mover (DIM)

Hmm… What is this?
Based on the name, you should know a little bit that it has something to do with images. DIM handles the copying of images from your digital camera’s memory card to your computer.

DIM only does one thing. It copies files from your camera’s memory card to a destination directory. In addition, the file can be renamed while it is copied to a more “useful” name than your camera might have provided. However, DIM does not provide for browsing, viewing, modifying, adjusting, printing or any of the other functions of the many fine image browsing and processing programs that are available.

Why do I use DIM?
Due to the slowness of Canon EOS 400D Digital USB 2.0 via EOS Utility (WIA). I use a generic USB 2.0 memory card reader to copy images from memory card to computer. It is hard to copy images manually. Therefore, a tool like DIM helps me a lot. After configured DIM properly, all I need to launch DIM and press one button in order to copy images to computer. It is just as simple as ABC. 🙂

Where can I get DIM?
DIM can be downloaded at DIM website.


  1. I use my trusty 2 year-old Digiboy as the portable “DIM” when my card runs out of space while I’m still outside. Back home, it can serve as a portable hard drive and a multiple-card reader 🙂

  2. nice article and good for you, somehow I’ve lost faith in all digital camera or mobile phone software installed on my desktop, it will crash with my xp…dunno why, right now I just using conservative file transfer to transfer all data from digicam and mobile to pc…at least it works for me, he he he

  3. jellyfish: I also have a DigiMate III. It is a really nice device. Will post a review about it soon. 🙂

    etomyam: Software is bad sometime. Certain software or driver might make all your Windows goes crazy. I also faced some driver issue last time and it needed me to re-install the whole system again. 😛


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