Do you want to buy Samsung Galaxy S3?

Should I buy Samsung Galaxy S III? Is that the question in your mind right now? No worry, this Samsung Galaxy S3 ~ A Day in the Life video can help you to decide.

For me, I will definitely buy Samsung Galaxy S3. Being a Celcom user, planned to buy it with Celcom Samsung Galaxy S3 package. But the nearest Celcom Samsung Galaxy S3 Roadshow is at Ipoh, Perak. That’s 3 hours driving distance from my town. So I made several calls to Celcom customer service to ask any Samsung Galaxy S3 stock at Penang and Sungai Petani branch. Guess what? They said only roadshows has stock now and not available on any other Celcom branches. And no idea when it will have stock on Celcom branches.

Err… Poor Celcom customer service. I might switch to DiGi or Maxis if I really cannot hold myself from getting Samsung Galaxy S3.


  1. Compare to Samsung S3, HTC OneX really nothing special. Samsung seen working to integrate cell phone with its other digital products such as TV. Good biz strategy!

  2. I too can’t wait to get my hands on this amazing device. It was yesterday launched in India and will become available for purchase across different retailer stores all over India. But I will prefer buying it from Flipkart, it has the lowest price yet now 🙂 !

  3. Digi now switch the price to RM1299 ( previously RM999 ) for GS3. Just went to the Digi roadshow at Queensbay Mall this morning to know about this. Really bad! Go Maxis center, they said GS3 out of stock already ( Although price is RM999 ). RM999? i think just their marketing strategy. Better wait Umobile offer! Hope can get surprise!

    • the same goes to maxis centres in the Klang Valley..and they could not tell when the phones will be available..


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