Download Adobe Flash Lite 3.1 cab for Windows Mobile

Flash… Flash… Flash… Internet world without flash will be very dull. You can have more complete web experience, and the ability to access video and rich content with Abobe Flash. That’s why Microsoft came out the same stuff and called it Silverlight. While waiting for Adobe Flash Player 10.1, Adobe Flash Lite 3.1 is your only choice for Windows Mobile devices. Forget about Macromedia Flash Player 7 for Pocket PC which is outdated. v7 is better than v3.1, right?

Adobe Flash Lite 3.1 Features

  • FLV support — including H.264, On2 VP6, and Sorenson video codecs
  • A more complete web experience on mobile devices by providing access to content and video created with Adobe Flash
  • Delivery of high-definition video content and rich applications to Internet‐connected TVs and TV‐connected consumer electronic devices in the digital living room
  • Optimized performance for mobile and digital home devices
  • Object-based extension mechanism for accelerated UI and application design
  • Integrated authoring environment for mobile devices
  • Multiplatform support

Download Adobe Flash Lite 3.1 cab for Windows Mobile here.


  1. Hi I tried to install the Adobe Flash Lite 3.1 cab but it dosent install and give a message – Installation of was unsuccesful. Please help me as of right now my opera browser as well as IE browser is not streaming flash videos on my HTC HD2.

    Thanks in advance

  2. I too installed on HTC viva, nothing listed on applications. But showing in the addRemove programs screen. Is this a standalone player? I am having swf files on my mobile but not playing with this installation. Let us know what the problem. Thank you.

  3. thank u very much. i’m proud of u, but please can u help me with microsoft voice command for i900?. thank u once again wainting to here from u.

    • Skyfire 1.5 for Windows Mobile 6.5 will nonfunctional in December 2010. All Skyfire resources will support Skyfire 2.0 for Andriod and iPhones. I’m still looking for a flash player solution for Windows Mobile 6.5 on my HD2.

  4. UZard mobile browser has flash player. It works but not as well as Skyfire did. Bolt also has flash player if you can figure out how to get it installed on your phone.

    I tried to install this but have seen no difference from Opera.

  5. Hi,

    Any way that I can convert my Flash Lite 3 app to a Windows mobile compatible format? Also, any emulator/simulator where I can test the converted application?


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