How to disable HTC HD2 3G data connection?

I bought HTC HD2 due to its large screen and browsing Internet is the primary usage. Therefore, I subscribe to unlimited 3G data plan. However, not every HTC HD2 owners do the same. They might need to connect to Internet once in a while. And lot of applications like weather, tweeter, email, stock in HTC HD2 need connect to Internet for update. They might connect without your notice and being charged with expensive 3G data rate. I used up RM15 Hotlink prepaid in 2 minutes when my WiFi connection stop working and HTC HD2 connected using 3G by itself.

How to disable HTC HD2 3G data connection? It is as simple as ABC. Just install BsB Tweaks v1.6. Launch it and go to Menu -> Data Connection -> Disabled. It will not automatically connect to Internet even WiFi connection is not found.


  1. Hi,
    My cusin sent me HTC HD2 Idon’t know is it 3G enabled or not how to check, was it locked or unlocked how to check that. can you please help me on this… i am able to find wifi networks and connects.

  2. Go to Comm manager
    tap “Data connect” and select your ISP (operator) and pres yes…

    then in comm manager
    menu -> connections -> manage existing connections
    select tab “general” (bottom)
    Delete settings


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