Download CF-Root for Samsung Galaxy S2

Thanks to XDA Developer, Chainfire (Donate him) for his CF-Root for Samsung Galaxy S II. Basically, CF-Root is a modified kernel based original firmware kernel by adding root to it. Besides, it also adds BusyBox, Superuser, ClockworkMod recovery and CWM Manager. It is one of the ways to root Samsung Galaxy S2.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Kernel Version

There is a lot of official Samsung Galaxy S2 firmware such as KE2, KE7, KE8, KF1, KF2, KF3, KF4, KG1, KG2, KG3, KG6, KH1, KH3, KH4, KI3 and KI4. You cannot simply use anyone of them. So which CF-Root should I use? Find the closest one that matches your Samsung Galaxy S2 kernel version. To check your kernel version ~ go to Settings – About phone. For example, my SGS2 kernel version is root@DELL106 #2. Look for KF1 first, then XW. Therefore, XW_OJV_KF1 is the CF-Root that matches my current kernel. Make sure that you download the correct one for your SGS2.

Download CF-Root for Samsung Galaxy S2
XW_XEU_KE2 – here
XW_XEU_KE7 – here
XW_ODD_KE8 – here
XW_OJV_KF1 – here
XX_OXA_KF2 – here
XW_CLK_KF3 – here
ZS_OZS_KF4 – here
XX_OXA_KG1 – here
XW_MOT_KG1 – here
JP_XSG_KG2 – here
XX_OXA_KG2 – here
ZS_OZS_KG2 – here
XX_OXA_KG3 – here
JP_XSG_KG5 – here
XX_OXA_KG5 – here
XX_OXA_KG6 – here
UH_MUL_KG7 – here
XX_OXA_KH1 – here
XX_OXA_KH3 – here
XW_XEU_KH4 – here
XW_NEE_KI4 – here
XX_OXA_KI3 – here
CE_XEN_KI2 – here
XW_NEE_KI8 – here
XX_XEO_KI4 – here
XW_LUX_KJ1 – here
XW_XEF_KJ2 – here
XW_XEU_KH4 – here
XW_XEN_KJ3 – here
XW_XEN_KK2 – here
XW_OXA_KK5 – here
XW_INU_KL1 – here
DX_THL_KL3 – here
XI_ITV_LA2 – here
XW_OXA_LA4 – here
XX_XEO_LPQ – here
DX_XTC_LP7 – here
XW_O2U_LP3 – here
XX_OXA_LPS – here
XW_XEN_LP7 – here
BU_VOD_LPC – here
XW_XSA_LP8 – here
XW_KPN_LP9 – here
DX_SIN_LP9 – here
XX_NEE_LPD – here
XW_OXX_LPE – here
XW_OXI_LPF – here
XX_OXA_LPW – here
XW_NEE_LPG – here
UH_UVC_LPK – here
XW_DBT_LPI – here
XX_OXA_LQ5 – here
XW_NEE_LPO – here
XW_NEE_LPT – here
XW_XEZ_LPU – here
XX_XEO_LQB – here


  1. Sorry for spamming your page :p
    But I just wanted to tell you that KE7 works fine, I even think the battery life is better now 😀

  2. ohhh thanks¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ but too late.. jejejejeje i did it with KG6 and it works¡¡¡¡ jejjee but thanks anyway, this is a very useful website¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  3. I installed with Odin XX OXA KG5 on a GALAXY S 2 with gingerbread BUT I9100XXKG5 2.3.4 does not start stuck yellow triangle PICTURE WITH WHAT SHOULD I DO CAN Damia idea to do something. EMAIL THANK YOU. FLO.FLO23 @ YAHOO.IT

  4. hi jayce if i already root cf-root ,can i still unroot go back to original samsung firmware ,how to do it cause i’m new using samsung s2 ,what the benefit if i root it .thanks for help .

  5. Hi, sorry but i don´t know what to do with zImage file to get root to the KH3 firmware… i know what to do with .TAR file flashing with odin but now… 🙁 thanks¡¡¡¡¡

      • I Rooted my phone but have the yellow triangle. ! I do have the XWKDD old firmware, !

        Can I still update the firmaware even it is rooted, ?

        I may need to update the firmaware in order to remove the yellow triangle, correct ?

        Thanks on adnvace for you kind help. !


        • Yes, you can upgrade firmware with Odin even it is rooted.

          Install official kernel will remove yellow triangle. But install custom firmware / kernel will it back. 😛

          • thanks for your answer Jayce,

            a last question do you recomend to bacl up right ? I dont have the original since I din’t back up, these time I will back uo the ROM if you recomend to do that,

            What is the ROM Back up software you recomend. ?


          • Thanks for advising,

            That’s how I rooted.

            1.- Used Odin3-v1-1.85 to INSTALL INSECURE XWKDD_insecure (PDA)
            2.- Use Spuer Click to Root.
            Issue: I cannot move to recovery mode since looks like the recovery mode is not even stating up, it break at the update option.
            Seems like I should better update the ROM

  6. hi bro! im using SGS2 but already got an upgraded Android Version which is 2.3.4. got that kernel after upgrading my phone’s firmware via Samsung KIES.

    so my kernel version is now – #2..(the kernel is not rooted yet after i checked using Root Checker)

    so quoting your text..
    “XWKDD is a old firmware. Not sure which one for you. Maybe you can upgrade to latest firmware first and apply CF-Root then..”

    how can i upgrade to latest firmware? thanks in advance!

  7. hi jayce i had install firmware i9100xxKg5 from your website is working but i got one widget can’t use it like mini paper only ,why i install back to firmware i9100xxkf1 many function can’t work any more, is it i made mistake thanks.

  8. Hi Jayce

    My problem is that my kernel version is XWKEB !!!! there is no match according with your posted list !!!!

    The last digit always ended with a digit( posted list)… not my case !!! it ends with a letter !!!

    I already try to update via samsung account but there is a problem with Internet connection


  9. Where can I get CWM Manager application?? Its not on market or appbrain. I flashed a diffrent rom and CWM is missing. Also is CF root compatable with Rom Manager??

  10. in the top left corner of Odin saying ID:COM with Com being a port and this text should be written in yellow as shown in the vid. but don’t have that and i can’t root my device. could you please help

  11. Hi jayce, first thank you for everything you help me alot with my sg2.

    my question is im using JPKF3 right now and i will upgrade to JPKG5, so which root to use JP_XSG_KG5 OR XX_OXA_KG5? and what the different between them


  12. hi Jayce, my galaxy s2 kernel version is kernel version is ,can i used according with your posted list ??

  13. Hey my kernel is #20
    I flashed Litening ROM with its kernel. So which one should I download? And if anything goes wrong, how do I revert back to stock firmware?

    Thanks in advance!! Your webite is awesome! And are you a Singaporean?

  14. hey jayce

    First, I rooted my samsung using JPKG5, but decided to change it to XXKG5 by just overwriting it using Odin. Is that OK?
    Also, I flash zImage of XXKG5 and the following messages appear on the screen,

    — Copying media files…
    Successfully copied media files.


    — Updating application…
    Successfully updated application.

    — Applying Multi-CSC…
    Installing Multi-CSC
    Can’t access to ‘/system/csc/DCM/system/’.
    Successfully applied multi-CSC.

    Is this normal? Why I can’t backup my device using CWM? When I’m trying to backup the same message appears. Please help. Thanks!

  15. Hi Jayce,

    I’ve just bought Samsung galaxy s2. When I check the Kernel version for the first time, it says:

    well, just like the photo above. Does that mean my phone is rooted? But I have not done any rooting. =O

    I bought this phone from original Samsung distributor.
    Please solve my problem.

    Thank you!

  16. hey jayce,

    i return my kernel version to OMKG5 by installing it using Odin, do I need to flash the stock kernel XXKG5 or i dont need to do it anymore? and also, can i upgrade it to XXKH3? is this the latest firmware? thanks!

  17. i am from India i have a sgs2 with kernal i9100xwf3-cl276555
    dell 101 #2

    which kernal i need to download

    i am new to android….thanks in advance

  18. Hi

    I did not succeeded to install CF Root wit Odin on my Samsung Galaxy S2

    The process stuck of faze named Zimering

    My full kernel version is


    Pleas advice

  19. Hi my kernel is UHKE1 (chile) which modified kernel should I use, If there is no one, what is the latest firmware so I can flash it in my phone.
    many thanks.

  20. Hi, i’ve got a XWKF1, same as your! I’ve downloaded the XW_OJW_KF1 file like you did and used odin3 but it keeps on failing. Any reason why?

      • hey it’s alright I’ve got it sorted out!

        it was a serial com port not being recognised or something like that. I read some forums and i changed USB port and restarted my computer and it works fine now!

        Thanks so much for the help and the quick reply!

  21. My Kernel version is se.infra@SEI-22 # 2 with DZKI1, which CF-root i shall use?I just updated my s2 to the latest firmware with Kies today.

  22. I have:
    Kernel Version #2
    BaseBand I9100XXKI1

    What kernel version would I download?

  23. I have S2 with these information :
    Baseband version: I9100XXKG5
    Kernel version:

    so I am supposed to use CF-Root-SGS2_XX_OXA_KH1-v4.1-CWM4 , right ??
    or should I use another one ??

    • It worked correctly without any problem 😀 but another question about the binary counter , what is it and is it necessary to reset it ,, I used your guide to remove the yellow triangle and also worked correctly. so now just asking about the binary counter.

  24. @Jose Luis: Install official firmware will remove yellow triangle. You can upgrade through Samsung Kies if you are using official firmware now. Else Odin or CWM is the only to install firmware.

  25. at my download mode screen, this message appear… didn’t understand it … what do you think guys?, i think i wanna try to master reset… but when i look at this message on screen download mode… its bugging me.. HELPP ME…

    # Manual Mode #
    –Applying Multi-CSC,,,
    Installing Multi-CSC
    Copied the packages
    Copied the power on/off animation files.
    Copied the files in etc folder.
    Applied the CSC-Code “XME”.
    Successfully Applied multi-CSC.

    for your information my current software version is

    Baseband: I9100GDZK11
    kernel version: #2
    Android: GINGERBREAD.DZK11

    … AND I just updating from I9100GDZK4, only via wifi download update: Setting > About Phone > Software Update … no Odin or others third party involved
    all the process run smoothly without interruption.. and successfully update

    .. the biggest problem is.. nothing seems change from previous version.. and plus got problem to connect via USB to pc…

    Help me… pleaseee…

  26. erm.. i used lightning rom to root.. and now i cant see which kernel version i am in.. it says ninpo@titan #20 … so which kernel should i use to remove the yellow triangle?

  27. Hi Jayce,

    I have a stock firmware DXKI2. Understand that there isnt any CF-root for KI2. What do you recommend i should do to get my samsung galaxy S2 rooted?


  28. Hi Jayce,

    looks like I9100DXKI2 has a bug. My wifi won’t work.. It’s been working for 3 days but it suddenly stopped working and my MAC address shows it’s unavailable. Any suggestions on what my problem is?

  29. jayce, am a newbie to the android operating system.
    my kernel version is XWKDD with a DXKI2 gingerbread build
    been following the instructions and can’t seem to root the phone, it always hangs halfway at during the superoneclick process. please help!
    which CF root should i use?

  30. Hi

    Just upgraded my phone via Kies, and have the following;



    Kernel se.infra@SEP-78 #2

    Can’t figure out which CF to use… looking for a ZS KI3 one – can only see XX KI3 and XS KG*


  31. my samsung s2 is in kernel version se.infra@SEI-30#2 , or refer to baseband version I9100GDZKH4 ?which should be i download, pls advice, thanks

  32. Hello Jayce,
    I guess I used an incorrect kernel, need your advise, thanks…

    Here is the information..
    Baseband version: I9100XXKI4
    Kernel version: se.infra@SEP-62#2
    Build number: GINGERBREAD.ZSKI3


  33. Hey Jayce,

    Great tutorial !!

    I have question bout the kernel version,

    Baseband version : I9100GDZKI1
    Kernel Version :

    What version should i download it ?


  34. For those people that keep asking which Rom they need, the following information will help;

    The K stands for the year – K is 2011
    The next letter stands for the month – eg – G is July (7th letter of the alphabet)
    The third part is the number, and is the release number.

    For example, my one was KI3
    KI3 = 2011 September Release 3.

    The first letters are the location ones

    So I had ZSKI3, meaning I had a Hong Kong Rom, September 2011 release

    I rooted to XXKI3, so changed the country, but kept the release version. As I understand it this is the ‘KI3’ is most important bit, but i am not an expert and stand to be corrected on that

    Hong Kong/Taiwan roms (ZS) are compatible with all international versions

    CE—> Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands
    DC—> Thailand
    DD—> India
    DX—> Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam
    DZ—> Malaysia, Singapore
    JA—> South Africa
    JC—> Algeria, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, Tunisia
    JP—> Arabic, Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Morocco, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria
    JV—> Tunisia, Turkey
    UG—> North America
    UH—> Latin America, The Caribbean
    XE—> Bulgaria, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine
    XX—> Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, United Kingdom
    XW—> Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Nordic, Spain, United Kingdom
    ZC—> China, Hong Kong
    ZH—> Hong Kong
    ZS—> China, Hong Kong
    ZT—> Taiwan

    • hey man my kernel version is

      which insecure kernel do you think would be the most appropriate/enhance performance the most?

  35. hi i know some one already aked this.
    what comptible root should i get. i have dxki2?? tnx im planing to root my phone had only for a week. hope you can helo me. dont want to mess up

  36. got it already got to use nearest.. so that would be.. ce_xen_ki2!? right?? what will happen if i use ki3 on the list .. just wondering?

    btw. good job for the guides help me understand a lot

  37. Hey JAYCE

    my kernel version is

    which insecure kernel do you think would be the most appropriate/enhance performance the most?

  38. i downloaded the CE_XEN_KI2 kernel however when i unzip it, it shows up as a zimage file. is this the same thing as a .tar file to load onto using the cf root method?

  39. Hi Jayce,

    I’ve recently using Odin to load the Litening Rom into my SGS2 from original XWKF1, now the infor as below –

    Baseband – I9100XXKH3
    Kernel Ver – #20
    Build Number – Lite’ning Rom v6.1 XXKH3

    How do I install the ClockworkMod (CWM) in order to try other Roms?


  40. Good day to you Jayce! I hope your doing fine! I would just like to ask if I am encountering Force Closes in running my applications does that mean that something is wrong with the configuration of my samsung galaxy s2 or the combo of my chosen rom & kernel does not match. Should I reflash or do a hard reset? Please guide me to what should I do with my celfone. Is doing a hard reset many times bricks the phone? If you don’t mind me asking what is your chosen rom and kernel for your samsung galaxy s2. I am having a hard time finding the right and stable firmware and kernel to use for my celfone. I hope you can help me. Thanks in advance! God Bless!

  41. Hi. I messed up my phone a lot, i’m a noob in this, so i tested and learned a lot with many risks. Now i got at a point in wich i don’t know what to do. Okay, so i want to get rid of the yellow triangle, BUT…My sg2 says the folowing:
    Android vers. 2.3.3
    Baseband vers i9100xxke7
    Kernel vers.
    Build nr. gingerbread.xwkf3

    As you can see none of them match, i got a mix of ke7 xdd and kf3, wich cf root i use??

  42. Thanks for you attention. I’ve just downgraded from ki4 because i had some usb problems :)), i strugled for two days to get rid of ki4 cause my pc would not regognize my sg2 in download mode, sayd “unknown device” or “the usb device malfuntioned”. Finaly it worked and installed another firmware (kdd), but after posting my question to you i installed kf3 and works just fine, i followed your video. By the way, that’s how it all started, i was following your video and my pc would’s see the phone :).
    Another question, if i’m not bugging you, a week ago i have no ideea what i did, but my phone booted to the language screen with the green android, it says to choose language anf tap the green guy, i tapped it but nothing happened, rebooted restarted and nothing, i assumed it was blank so then i installed a random firmware and it worked. How can i do that again? remove EVERYTHING from it and reinstall all fresh. i have a vague ideea that my firmware is all f**ed up, works fine though. Ihate the ideea that all is messed up inside (i think) And…does xxk14 have some compatibility issues or something? cause i bet all new stuff has it’s bugs and i prefer something older. Like, shoul i get the 2.3.4 or 2.3.5 or stivk to 2.3.3?
    Huh! That was a lot 🙂

    • Did you wipe data and cache with CWM when install new firmware? This will make your phone to have a fresh start.

      I have been using XXKI4 custom firmware. No issue so far. And performance is great too.

  43. I’ve wiped data and cache but in recovery mode default of the phone, i read in a lot of places abot CWM but i haven’t quite undertood this. So i gues i haven’t done it with CWM. Still learning

  44. WooHoo! Done, succesfully installed CWM. One problem, i forgot what i was trying to do in the first place :))) after so much searching on forums got my mind messed up, now i need a recovery :)) Thanks for the help Jayce, you’re the best!!!

  45. One more noobie question. I did a fresh flash, all brand new, my kernel and brand (gingerbread) are xwki4 but my baseband is xxki1. Is that good? Everywhere i look on forums they all match, mine doesn’t. What have i done wrong?

  46. I wiped everything, davlik cache, data, batery stats – everything…and yeah, i think it’s custom, dont’t remember where i got it from, followed some links fom here though

  47. Hi Jayce,

    i try to find CF-root for my SGS2, but not find the same one..
    this is mine :
    -Android Version : 2.3.6
    -BaseBand Version : I9100GDZKJ2
    -Kernel Version : se.infra@SEI-30 #2

    seem dif from anyone here.. :((

    if you need more info, pls state down.TQ

  48. Guys mine version is I9100XWKF4-CL280512 root@dell151#2 which kernel I should use from these ones because KF4 is maching but XW not I am litle bit confused please help.

  49. Hi, does it matter if my kernel version doesn’t tally with my baseband version? My kernel version is DXKH2 whereas my baseband version is DXKH1, so I should use the one for DXKH2 which is XX_OXA_KH1 right?

  50. hi Jayce,

    I tried to read most of it above but I think I didn’t find mine. I have rooted several times but always lost wifi. I am in China and have a Galaxy S2.
    Kernelversion:; se.infra@SEI-26#2. Gingerbread ZCKJ1.
    Do you have an idea how to root this one and also keep WIFI??

  51. hi jayce

    i root my samsung gs2 and install lighting rom6.1 to the phone but now i cant sms chinese word .is there any idea to text chinese for root user

    thank u

  52. bro, its asks for username nd password veneva i try to download d req kernal type…
    m new to dis nd got sgs2 ysterday…plz answr…regards

  53. Hi. Jayce if I want to install the latest firmware like XWKK2 2.3.6 by using Odin. Then did I still need to Root my phone or install clockworkmod before it ?

  54. Hey Jayce..i rooted with CF KDD..not my fone stucked at start up screen..if im not mistaken it was previously installed with kernel KE2..but all links found for KE2 were having file corrupted issue..can you please help?

  55. hi
    I’m from Europe
    I’d like to root my samsung galaxy model GT-19100
    my baseband version ist I9100BUKG1
    my kernel version root@DELL102 #2

    which from yours would be the right for me?


    • I am also not sure. You can try XX_OXA_KG2 if you want. Or you can install other region firmware and apply CF-Root then. Eg, XWKK2 firmware and XW_XEN_KK2 CF-Root.

  56. hi jayce;
    im using xw-kk2 official rom and want to install xw-kk5 2.3.6 deodexed
    for install from ClockworkMod Recovery mode i should use XW_XEN_KK2 CF-Root?

  57. Hi Jayce! Small come-back. i have the 2.3.5 XKI4. As normal as it should be, my phone gets hot durring diverse activities, using intensly CPU and Graphics (Ex: portal game). I read on xda i think, not sure, that KIx has that issue, gets hot fast. They suggest using other firmwares. You know anything about this? Any idea? Is it true? I know it’s normal to get hot, but… it’s hoter than usual

    • Nope, I have no issue on XXKI4 firmware. It does get warm when play 3D games. But still consider normal to me when compare to other firmwares that I have used.

  58. Hi, Please help me I’m ready to root now, and I have version

    Kernel Version:

    Which version from the 3 that contain KG2 should I use ?

      • Hi, thanks so much for your response, I just updated with official Samsung firmware, using Kies, and now I’m runing…:

        Kernel Version:

        so i guess I can use “”
        since this is the only one containing KJ3 ?

  59. hi i already have cf root ke2 but i want to update to a newer version because i read that, theres a new cmw vs 5 and mine its vs 3 so wich kernel do i shuld download.

    my android version is 2.3.6

    base band xxKI4

    kernel version xwKE2

    revolution ROM

  60. Hello again! I see two methods of rootin (there may be more) but… using CF-Root and Superoneclick wich requires an insecure kernel. I i use cfroot i don’t have to do the superoneclick, right? Or am i rooting wrong, using cfroot. Does it even matter wich way i root it? Your method worked great till now, superoneclick is…some clicks extra 🙂

  61. my kernel version is can i use this CF-Root XW_XEF_KJ2 cause i didnt find any CF-Root that match both JP and KJ2


  62. Dear Joyce, Greetings & Thanks for your time & support you provide to the World..
    As few months ago I had tried your instructions by installing MIUI on HTC HD2… it worked well… so this time I went to upgrade my Galaxy s2 with ” GT-I9100_XEN_I9100XWKK2_I9100XENKJ1_I9100XXKI4\GT-I9100_XEN_I9100XWKK2_I9100XENKJ1_I9100XXKI4.tar.md5″… but it failed after several times trying again & again…now my mobile is totally dead with the black screen… I use oden 3.v1.85.. as reffered by you… it fails almost after 80 % of progress.. at the end it says.. All threads completed ( Successful = 0/ failed 1 ) …
    Unfortunately I did not copy the Kernel information of my mobile as well so I could install some other version… as MIUI for which I need to install some other thing.. can you kindly advice ?

  63. Hello

    Thanks for the guide. However my Kernel is a BVKG2 (from orange France). Can you tell me which one I should use or if I should use another solution?


  64. Thanks for your reply. Is there any risk attached to the operation (i mean fatal risk, like bricking) or is there just possible lost of data?


  65. Hi Jayce, Im new to Samsung Galaxy S2 just bought it 3 weeks ago, I just did the root on my phone with XWKG3 and it worked fine came with the superuser and CWM apps like you said. The reason Im doing this root is because I wanna remove bloatware from OPTUS not sure on how to go about doing this? Any help would be much appreciated. I tried using Root Explorer App before but it doesn’t allow me to delete Optus stuff.

    Thanks in advance

  66. Hi Jayce,
    I read from top to bottom regarding the Download CF-Root for Samsung Galaxy S2 thread.

    And notice this 2 question you answered in different ways which is the same firmware as mine.

    Zeno says:
    JPKF3 upgrade to JPKG5

    Jayce says:
    Should be JP_XSG_KG5.

    hesam says:
    Which kernel is for jpkf3-cl303619root@dell101

    Jayce says:
    You can try XW_CLK_KF3 (at your own risk). That’s the nearest to yours. If anything bad happen, revert back to stock firmware.

    My SGS2 Info:
    Model Number: GT-I9100
    Baseband Version: I9100XXKF2
    Kernel Version: #2
    Build Number: GingerBread.JPKF3

    My question now:
    1. What is the nearest CF-Root Firmware for my SGS2 Model?
    2. Can I upgrade also from JPKF3 to JPKG5?

    In your personal opinion and knowledge which is the best way for me?

    Regards on your very helpful website.

  67. Okay.

    I try to download the Official I9100 Firmware from

    The filename is GT-I9100_XSG_I9100JPKF3_I9100XXKF1_I9100OJPKF2

    It’s near to to JP_XSG_KG5 only the JPKF3 is different, but still I don’t know which path I will take if I upgrade to JP_XSG_KG5 or use the nearest XW_CLK_KF3?

    If you have my SGS2, what path you will take? 🙂 I just want to hear from the expert


  68. Can I add another question:

    How can I know my SGS2 Info regarding this:


    Is there a option from the Phone to see this information?

  69. Hi Jayce,

    I have
    baseband I9100XXKF1

    Do you know where I can find Insecure/Original Kernels?

    many thanks,

  70. Hi Jayce – tremendous thing you have here my friend!!! Got 3 days reading several posts.

    this is mine: – i9100o UHKI6 – CL614783 se.infra@SEi – 45 # 2.

    band base i9100UHKG4

    Gingerbread 2.3.5 (after run original update from 2.3.4)

    So, this is the deal.

    1. what CWM can I install?
    2. Considering Litening 6.1 – will it be good to proceed after the proper CWM installing?

    thanks a lot – all of your knoweledge is greatly appreciated Greetings from Costa Rica.

  71. Hey, erm when i download the “CE_XEN_KI2” and i unzip, the file inside is zImage. How do i change the file to .tar? Help me please! Much appreciated.

  72. Hello again! I may have a stupid question, but i must know… I know that doing a hard reset will delete almost all user files on my sgs2 like “//mnt/sdcard/” and reset y settings of the firmware. Can i delete ALL files from my sgs2? Imean all from “//…” all from root directory. Just asking…What i acctualy want to know is if i delete all will i be able to go into download mode for flashing a new firmware after that? The reason for this is that i tested a lot of firmwares and custom roms and tiny bits and pieces still remain “hidden” thus i want to erase EVERYTHING! Gonna do it too…

  73. Thanks, i erased everything i could from the root folder with a root explorer. It worked perfectly. I mean now i have a faulty system with lots of force close errors even after factory defaults, but now i can flash a new firmware

  74. Hi dude. i want to root my samsung galaxy s2. Its on orange UK. The kernel version is

    My build number is


    what files do i need to download to root my fone.

    many thanks dale

  75. Hi,

    Just wonder what is the difference between my kernel

    Kernel Version:

    and the CF you are provide above


    Can I use this


  76. Thanks Jayce.
    One more question. Is there a way I can recover deleted photos on my sgs2 without rooting the phone?
    If not, would you know how could I recover these once i root my phone

  77. Jayce..thanks again. i plugged in the sgs2 to the pc after enabling the usb debugging option but i cannot seem to access the drive. is there a trick i am missing

  78. i am a beginner do not know anything please help how to start i am using mac and the details of my s2 is as follows:
    android version: 2.3.3
    baseband version: I9100DDKE4
    kernel version:
    build number : GINGER BREAD.XWKF3


  79. Thank U

    I Install the version from XDA Webstie

    But when I tried to run Back and Restore I get an erro can’t mount SDCard

    Pleas advice

  80. Hello, so this is my first time rooting. I’ve looked through your list of CF- Root’s, but I couldn’t find a specific Root that would exactly match my SGS2. Kernel Version is I9100MUGKG2
    I’d appreciate it if you could help me find a specific root. Thanks!

  81. I rooted with the method and I have ROM Manager on my phone which has a Clockwork Mod Recovery option that I tried using, E:”Failed to verify whole-file signature” it hangs on the same message.

    Please advise

  82. HI Jayce,
    I just bought Samsung Galaxy S2 and My
    Android Version is 2.3.6
    Base band Version is I9100DXKL1
    Kernel Version is
    root@DELL 137 # 2
    Build Number is GINGERBREAD DXKL3

    So What I need to Download and How I can root my Phone.
    I want to Root my phone because to add some language font to read in Facebook and other application which I currently not able to read. ( I can see some continues square symbols instead of fonts )

    Any Other solution to add Fonts in SGS2 phone ??

    Thanks in advance.

  83. my kernel version is JPKJ2, i didn’t find any suitable CF root in this list can u provide my CF root…..i’m expecting your help…..please reply….

  84. sorry for being brand new with this, but I’m following the directions posted but my s2 model #is sgh-T989, kernel, build #gbread.uvkl1. now I’ve downloaded a zip package but I’m reading more into your work and realizing i may have the wrong package due to my kernel info, also when i had clicked on odin3 1.85exe i get a cross over your time is up buy or register sign, is there anyway to bypass this or do i unfortunately have to resort to craigslist instead of being able to learn something new?

  85. Halloo…….may i ask u somethings^^
    my Galaxy s2
    Baseband veersion is = I9100GDZKL3

    Kernel Version is =

    Build Number is = GINGERBREAD.DZKL3

    So i need to choose which 1 to root my S2 ya….
    THANK You^^

  86. hey jayce my version is 2.3.6 so send me link to download cf root if imei will not flash after installing it

  87. hey man. i want to root my phone but i only have xwki4 insecure but i need the original xwki4 and i dont find it anywhere. think u can help? thanx in advance.

  88. Hi
    Could u please provide me the links for downloading nearest kernel insecure and secure kernel both

  89. Hi Jayce
    I think i should have used your site first as i now think i have a brick. I bought a galaxy s2 but it had a password in it and was advised to update software, this i did. But now all i get is a keyboard with confirm password and i have used a few trying. I cant get into phone to see kernel etc, so i am looking for your help in solving this. The software was installed through odin and it passed all ok. I am very new to all this and although i am 65 i like to try and keep up, i installed software Gingerbread XWKDD 2.3.3, and EXT4.pit, maybe i needed to clear the cache so the password box would have gone, but i cant get past this password thing.
    Any help you can offer would be appreciated, but please bear inmind it takes a while to sink in, hoping you can solve my brick problem.
    Many Thanks

  90. Hi my wifes SGS2 has a Kernel Version

    Following your guild I can see she needs the root for XWKE7.


    however just wondering what the XEU means or why its there?

    A noob question but I have a GNex and this is the first time I have tried to root her phone.

  91. Hi Jayce,
    Seeing if I can bend the guidelines a little here
    I have an I9100TDOKH1, makes sense to use XX_OXA_KH1-v4.1-CWM4
    But can I use XW_XEU_KH4-v5.0-CWM5 ?
    This will give me CWM5 instead of v4.1

  92. I am from Croatia (VIP network) and have been eager to root my Galaxy S2. Thank you ALL for your input!

    I did it and it works 20% faster, no kidding! Besides, I also unlocked it from my stupid provider and thus it is sim-free now 🙂

    Thank you all once again for your help but mostly to Jayce!!!!!!

  93. Hi Jayce, I’m using a t-mobil sgs2 model sgh-t989 and in the kernel version field I just see numbers like and not any more, no letters, couse of it I don’t know what CF-Root to get. As you know I need this to install CWM. Can you help me with this?

  94. Hi Jayce, I now run CM9, but no CWM. There is ROM Manager v5.0.0.6 is that the equivalent to take/restore backups? (I took a CWM backup of my stock ROM before flashing the latest CM9) could I use this ROM manager to make new backups, or restore my stock ROM?

  95. Prompt, at me Samsung I9100 Galaxy S2 II

    Version Android: 2.3.6
    The insertion version: I9100XXLP6
    The kernel version: +
    gm@ubuntu #282
    Assemblage number: GINGERBREAD.XILA2
    ROM version: Turkbry Rom Gingerbtrad v32

    What CF-Root to download?

  96. Hi, I bought a second hand galaxy s2 at a car boot, looks like it could be a lost or stolen one, as it is network blocked by the ime. It’s there anything that can be done, or have I just got expensive brick.

  97. I have a version of cwm v5.0.2.7 rouge recovery. Its not working the same as what you do in the video. I get to the install zip, but it runs for a sec and aborts. I want to download what you are using but i can not find my kernal. I’m on sprint and my kernal is
    Nothing even looks close or am I just blind?

  98. hey dude please help me to find the following

    i9100 jpkg5 stock kernel
    i9100 jpkg5 root kernel
    official GB 2.3.3 firmware
    when i checked it s only available in
    that site is down since long days …..please give me a solution ….

    thanx in advance

  99. Hi! thanks for you work.

    My question:

    my kernel is: #2

    what version cant use for UHLB2?