Download CF-Root for Samsung Galaxy S2

Thanks to XDA Developer, Chainfire (Donate him) for his CF-Root for Samsung Galaxy S II. Basically, CF-Root is a modified kernel based original firmware kernel by adding root to it. Besides, it also adds BusyBox, Superuser, ClockworkMod recovery and CWM Manager. It is one of the ways to root Samsung Galaxy S2.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Kernel Version

There is a lot of official Samsung Galaxy S2 firmware such as KE2, KE7, KE8, KF1, KF2, KF3, KF4, KG1, KG2, KG3, KG6, KH1, KH3, KH4, KI3 and KI4. You cannot simply use anyone of them. So which CF-Root should I use? Find the closest one that matches your Samsung Galaxy S2 kernel version. To check your kernel version ~ go to Settings – About phone. For example, my SGS2 kernel version is root@DELL106 #2. Look for KF1 first, then XW. Therefore, XW_OJV_KF1 is the CF-Root that matches my current kernel. Make sure that you download the correct one for your SGS2.

Download CF-Root for Samsung Galaxy S2
XW_XEU_KE2 – here
XW_XEU_KE7 – here
XW_ODD_KE8 – here
XW_OJV_KF1 – here
XX_OXA_KF2 – here
XW_CLK_KF3 – here
ZS_OZS_KF4 – here
XX_OXA_KG1 – here
XW_MOT_KG1 – here
JP_XSG_KG2 – here
XX_OXA_KG2 – here
ZS_OZS_KG2 – here
XX_OXA_KG3 – here
JP_XSG_KG5 – here
XX_OXA_KG5 – here
XX_OXA_KG6 – here
UH_MUL_KG7 – here
XX_OXA_KH1 – here
XX_OXA_KH3 – here
XW_XEU_KH4 – here
XW_NEE_KI4 – here
XX_OXA_KI3 – here
CE_XEN_KI2 – here
XW_NEE_KI8 – here
XX_XEO_KI4 – here
XW_LUX_KJ1 – here
XW_XEF_KJ2 – here
XW_XEU_KH4 – here
XW_XEN_KJ3 – here
XW_XEN_KK2 – here
XW_OXA_KK5 – here
XW_INU_KL1 – here
DX_THL_KL3 – here
XI_ITV_LA2 – here
XW_OXA_LA4 – here
XX_XEO_LPQ – here
DX_XTC_LP7 – here
XW_O2U_LP3 – here
XX_OXA_LPS – here
XW_XEN_LP7 – here
BU_VOD_LPC – here
XW_XSA_LP8 – here
XW_KPN_LP9 – here
DX_SIN_LP9 – here
XX_NEE_LPD – here
XW_OXX_LPE – here
XW_OXI_LPF – here
XX_OXA_LPW – here
XW_NEE_LPG – here
UH_UVC_LPK – here
XW_DBT_LPI – here
XX_OXA_LQ5 – here
XW_NEE_LPO – here
XW_NEE_LPT – here
XW_XEZ_LPU – here
XX_XEO_LQB – here