Download CoreDroid DHD NAND Android A2SD+ Zip ROM for HTC HD2

Hey Antonio, here is the NAND Android ROM that you want ~ CoreDroid DHD NAND Android A2SD+ Zip ROM for HTC HD2. It is HTC Desire HD build that uses ClockworkMod Recovery method and A2SD+ EXT3 partition on SD card for user data. It is based on Android 2.2.1 Froyo and using MDJ S10.4 OC Kernel. Most of all ~ it is heavily themed by xda-developer, Sergio76 himself.

CoreDroid DHD on HTC HD2

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I have CRC error when extracting the RAR file ~ Adobe Flash Player file is broken. Anyway, the installation is smooth by just follow the step by step readme guide in the RAR file. By the way, this ROM does not support EXT4 partition so make sure you have EXT3 partition else you will never ever load into the ROM. I tried…

SD card partition guide ~ How to create ext3 partition on SD card with ClockworkMod Recovery?

Installation guide ~ How to Install NAND Android on HTC HD2 with ClockworkMod Recovery? (Video)

Download CoreDroid DHD v1 [Kernel: MDJ S10.4 OC] NAND A2SD+ Zip ROM here.


  1. hi Jayce, do you give up energy rom wm6.5? If only use android in hd2, can any uilities not be used? such as camera, record video…?

  2. fuhh!!!!just finish installing this new Nand Rom..1st test wifi, 3g (internet) working, calling NO robotic i’m observing the battery usage..
    by using Current Widget..@ Standby i can get 7mA!!! that gud…hehehe.. but dont get to happy yet..

    next is the MMS, camera..ect..will feedback later…

    good rom…

    just a story here..just now while trying to installed this rom, i stucked at one step..and i got blur..dono wat to do..have a cup of coffee read some thread for ref..finally solve..
    Damn active sync..blocking my connections…!!! that the whole culprit all the while..

    reminder to Win xp user..untick the “allow usb connections” at Active Sync ,then u will get pass thru…haihhhh…..

  3. Hi Jayce,

    i got some problem here,

    i install it to my HD2 phone OK (celcom)..then i install it to my friend phone same model/rom (maxis) – OK, then my other friend same model/rom (celcom) NOT OK..i got error when installing the zip file….”installation aborted – CoreDroid DHD v1 NAND A2SD+ Zip (bad)”..i follow all the yr step..few SD card i try..same error occur..why..?..

    pls advise..for the time being my friend using the dual boot to access to Andorid..

      • HSPL3 – 2.08HSPL checked
        Radio – 2.15 Checked
        MAGLDR – 1.11
        partition – create @ 1024mb

        all the above already done. check and re-check…

        I reflash few time back to winmo and start again, still the same..

        i think the zip file is corrupted..because aborted while trying to installed ”installation aborted – CoreDroid DHD v1 NAND A2SD+ Zip (bad)”.

        maybe i try to re download again the ROM.. will feedback soon.

  4. Hey, Jayce. Been rocking your iPad recently?
    Well, I got a question about this one. It is a ROM-ZIP?
    Not a NAND?
    I am confused. Because I don’t understand anything about the rom type.

  5. The Rom is working perfect and is quiet fine.

    There is one small bug which I need help.

    Whenever I open YouTube or try to stream any video, it takes me out of the browser and I can’t watch videos on the browser.

    Plz help me out with this small bug.

  6. fuhh!!.. after 3 month using this very happy and satisfied with problem, no error..only sometime get the phone hang..maybe cause of my micro sd using Sandisk class 2, OO ya..! talking about SD, not recommended to use Kingston though..cause..last time i try, MAGLDR wont to boot to CWM..just stucked at Go!..Go!..Go!..

    all my fren i installed using this rom..they all satisfied with it also.

    jayce, last time i said i got problem intsalling to my fren phone..actually i miss one important step..that is to copy the initrd.gz & zImage, after i copy the zip file to the sd..hahaha..

    now okay already..

    thanks again..

    p/s : still thinking to try other rom..

  7. Hi Jayce, after few month using this rom. (very satisfied) but yesterday when i turn off the phone and on it back..this error pop up E.G ” THE APPLICATION FACEBOOK: (PROCESS COM.FACEBOOK.KATANA) HAS STOPPED UNEXPECTEDLY.PLEASE TRY AGAIN” this never happen before..few apps got efected..any idea what wrong..?

    any solution then to reinstall it again..?

      • hehehe..that the prob..just thinking to do so..but too late already..i think it got to do with the sd card lah…because all the apps that been intsalled to the SD’s..not showed in the screen. and if do..the error i’ve said above pop up when click..

        if i go to to Setting – Application – Manage Application – “On SD card” tab..all the file gone missing..hrmm..broken/spoil sd? what do u think?…

        but when connect to usb as disk storage, i can copy my valuable data there…lucky…thehehe

        p/s : Trying to download now..

  8. Fantastic ROM… I purchased a new HD2 (TMobile US) just so I can use the CoreDroid rom. Flashed the Froyo 2.2.1 version a week ago and totally amazed at the stability and speed. Everything on the phone works too. I even activated the phone sim card in CoreDroid!!! Thanks so much everyone involved.


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