How to Install NAND Android on HTC HD2 with ClockworkMod Recovery? (Video)

[pull_quote_center]Updated ~ Please follow the latest video guide – How to Install CWM NAND Android on HTC HD2? (Video) to install NAND Android ROM[/pull_quote_center]

Install NAND Android on HTC HD2 with ClockworkMod Recovery is the 2nd method to have NAND Android on HTC HD2. And this can be done by using SD card only without PC. Just download the zip ROM to your SD card and you are ready to go. In addition, you can backup and restore ROM using Nandroid. Or you can try the 1st method through DFT MAGLDR Bootloader which requires PC with USB connection.


  • HSPL3 ~ SPL-2.08.HSPL
  • Radio that support 576 RAM
  • DFT MAGLDR Bootloader
  • ClockworkMod Recovery

Having NAND Android on HTC HD2 is not a simple task like ABC. But it is not mission impossible too. Just follow these guides to get all the prerequisites installed. Please install HSPL3 by follow the guide ~ How to Install HSPL3 on HTC HD2? (Video). How to Install Custom Radio ROM on HTC HD2? (Video) to install radio ROM 2.15. Then, install DFT MAGLDR Bootloader with this guide ~ How to Install MAGLDR on HTC HD2? (Video). Finally, How to Install ClockworkMod Recovery on HTC HD2? (Video) to install ClockworkMod Recovery. Wow… Lot of steps but worth it. Trust me…

Note – Skip copy .data folder if you are using other Android ROM. Just copy the Android ROM zip file to SD card will do.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Power on your phone and don’t let go power button.
  2. DFT MAGLDR Bootloader will be loaded.
  3. Use volume down button to go down to 3. USB MassStg.
  4. Then press call button to enter USB Mass Storage mode.
  5. Connect USB cable from PC to phone.
  6. At PC, open Removable Disk (SD card storage).
  7. Open JawsMIUIrec1.0.7z with 7-Zip.
  8. Copy .data folder and to SD card root level.
  9. There should be config and data files in .data folder.
  10. Then disconnect USB cable from phone.
  11. Press power button to go back.
  12. Use volume up button to go up to 1. PowerDown.
  13. Then press call button.
  14. Power on phone and don’t let go power button.
  15. DFT MAGLDR Bootloader will be loaded.
  16. Press call button to load 1. Boot AD SD.
  17. ClockworkMod Recovery will be loaded then.
  18. Use volume down button to go down to ‘install zip from sdcard’.
  19. Then press call button.
  20. Use volume down button to go down to ‘choose zip from sdcard’.
  21. Then press call button.
  22. You should see
  23. Then press call button to select it.
  24. Use volume down button to go down to ‘Yes –’.
  25. Press call button and installation will be started.
  26. When you see ‘Install from sdcard complete’, press power button.
  27. Press call button to select ‘reboot system now’.
  28. Phone will be rebooted and enter NAND Android automatically.
  29. Follow onscreen instructions to setup Android settings.
  30. That’s all.

Download Jaws-MIUI base on MIUI 18-12 [Kernel: prj0.3] NAND ZIP ROM + DATA.IMG here.


  1. i have two ques regarding this .
    Q1. will this solve the calling conflict as i here that if i install this i cant able to here other people voice when i m on phone .?

    Q2. if i want to re-install my windows 6.5 will it be possible to get back my default windows Rom and software if i un-install the this clockwordmod recovery ?

    as its graphics looks stunning and i love my i dont want to lose that please ans the ques so that i’ll be satisfied with my queries

    sorry i wrote un-install in place of re-install . please send ans to these ques not for the above one ..

  2. sir i cant able to start my phone as my upgartion gives me error in btw cant able to start my phone as htc scrren with jUst ROM description on the bottom left what to know to get back my old ROM . plz reply fast as i am so worry about my phone ..

  3. Hi Jayce,

    Very informative guides you got here… thank you so much…

    I’m a newbie in installing Android for my HD2. I don’t even have any custom rom since I’m afraid to brick my TMOUS HD2.

    I’ve watched the video on installing NAND Android and it looks easier and I wanna try it.

    My phone is stock with only few games and apps including CHT 2.0. Here are the software info of my phone:
    OS Version: 5.2.21892 (21892.5.0.89)
    Manila Version: 2.5.20121412.2
    ROM version: 2.13.531.1 (90963) WWE
    Radio Version:

    Do you think I can install the directly the NAND android or I just have to install new version of radio? How about my apps like CHT 2.0? do I have to remove them? Is NAND Android can be easily uninstalled incase its not good for me or this ROM is really better than winmo that I would never consider to uninstall and go back to winmo…=)

    Thank you so much…

  4. Hello ! i wander if i can instal android on my HD2 W 6.5 dual sim , (is a clone M china ) I TRY to instal cookies tab but it not work can you be able to tell me it is because is not an original HTC?
    i see some videos on youtube and they have it done …. Thanks .

  5. Dear Jayce,

    Followed the steps above with HSPL3, ROM R .

    After the installation and reboot, the screen hangs at Go Go Go!.

    Mesg :
    Booting Android from NAND
    ANDROID LOAD at 118000000
    from NAND
    yaffs2 part is /boot
    Load zImage
    Load initrd.gz
    {KJ11808000:22D3FC [1J122000000:1B2089
    Load done!
    GO GO GO!

    Please advise. Thanks

  6. ROM

    I tried to reinstall the various components and attempt with NexusHD2-Froyo_V1.9G_NAND_signed as well… seems to hang there..

    The working version in my HTC is JDMS Ultimate NAND Android

    • Hehe… The ROM that I mean is Android ROM. So the error above is coming from exusHD2-Froyo_V1.9G_NAND_signed, right? Hmm… I don’t have issue with that ROM.

      Did you install ClockworkMod Recovery correctly? You need to repartition NAND memory with DAF. Anyway, did you manage to get Jaws-MIUI ROM working? It is easy to troubleshoot with the step by step. 😉

  7. Dear Jayce,

    The error reported above was after the installation of Jaws-MIUI ROM upon the restart of OS. I have tried with exusHD2-Froyo_V1.9G_NAND_signed as well and hangs on the HTC logo page upon restart. I even have used the option in ClockworkMod Recovery to “wipe data/factory reset” and “data cache partition”.

    Attempt the redo a few times the entire step from ClockworkMod Recovery installation still fails at the same point.

    Any suggestions? thanks 🙂

  8. Hi Jayce!! Thank you for sendin me the adroid update on hd2 and how to instal it!!! i want to ask you if is possible to instal it on HTC HD” DUAL SIM (MTK 6516 )Rom Version V01.00 Rom date Sept 10- 2010 Boot Version 2010-08-01 PCB version V01 Radion MODULE SER. Nº HT9BWNW00617 Revis. date 2010-08-01 MODEL ID 8585 MANUFACTURE HTC HADWARE CPU M. Qualcomm 8250B CPU1024 Hz RAM 576mb Nand size 1024 MB Data Bus 32 BIT LCD COLOR 65536 Rsolution 480×800 PROCEssador qualcomm8250B memoria 194.12 MB WID/ 6.5 SOFT: VERS. DUMA .10X.W10.20.P29 MAUI .009B.W10.16MP.V5,2010/06/07 RILDev MTK_2.2 …. i think that is all info. i can see on my phone . Maybe with that it is possible for you to know if is possible to the android update . THANK you

  9. Which init.gz and zImage are you using? These aren’t available in the 7zip file, thus i can’t get CWM to boot through your method.

  10. How to Install NAND Android on HTC HD2 with ClockworkMod Recovery …

    7 Jan 2011… is possible to instal it on HTC HD” DUAL SIM (MTK 6516 )Rom Version … HTC HADWARE CPU M. Qualcomm 8250B CPU1024 Hz RAM 576mb Nand size …

    Hello JAYCE !!! i guess you all ready find out !!!! i look on your site but i can not find nogthing about HTC HD2″ dual sim… my phone is like that one . se is possible to instal it??? please let me know were is it .THANKS

  11. well i am using htc hd2 t- mobile from us and After the installation and reboot, the screen hangs at Go Go Go!.

    Mesg :
    Booting Android from NAND
    ANDROID LOAD at 118000000
    from NAND
    yaffs2 part is /boot
    Load zImage
    Load initrd.gz
    {KJ11808000:282373 [1J122000000:31f61
    Load done!
    GO GO GO!

  12. cnt able to install win 7 on htc hd2
    first i install hspl
    radio 2.15
    then MAGLDR
    all above done
    bt when installing win 7
    then error come

    An error has occurred
    Read below for more information

    Error Description: USB init failed
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (1198)

    Error Description: EnterBootloader missing
    Info: .\RSPL\BootLoader.cpp (176)

    wat should i do now for either getting back the old win 6.5 or win 7
    tell me please

  13. hi

    I followed the above instruction to install JDMS Ultimate NAND Android Zip ROM JDMS v1.6.2 with ClockworkMod Recovery method. I am lost at step 8 and 9. the .data folder isn’t exist in this ROM. I downloaded the zip should I download data.img above?

  14. I am on step # 12 of this video and it is not doing anything when I select option 1. Boot AD SD. Any ideas? Did anyone experience this issue? Please help.

  15. # Phone will be rebooted and enter NAND Android automatically.
    # Follow onscreen instructions to setup Android settings.
    # That’s all.

    after i finish last step…cannot enter NAND Android…error NAND kernel open fail..what should i do?

  16. Hi jayce, ,I ve recently installed jdms ultimate nand android rom on my htc hd2 …..everything is working fine except facebook. I can’t update it or uninstall it. I want new version. Every time I download it installation fails plz help

  17. Hey, I am starting my phone and as I press the power button it does not go to the bootloader, it continues and turns on the phone regularly… can you help me with this please.

  18. Ok so I followed all the steps: Downloaded HSPL3, radio ROM 2.15, DFT MAGDLR, and ClockworkMod Recovery. Now I completed all the steps to install NAND Android and everything seemed to being going smooth, but when I rebooted my phone after step 26 it doesn’t enter NAND Android. Instead it goes the the black screen with htc in green, right before the white android screen, and then shuts down and reboots itself, and will just do so repeatedly.

    Do you have any suggestions on what to do? I was thinking about starting fresh, but how do I get rid of everything and get back to the factory WinMo 6.5 OS?

    Thanks for any help you can give.

  19. Is there any way that I could get rid of everything and restore my phone back to the its factory setup? Because I’ve kinda just messed around with stuff and more than likely have messed it all up and would like to try and start fresh.

  20. Hey Jayce,

    Everything was running fine on my HTC HD2 when the touch screen suddenly quit responding today. Have you had this problem or heard if this is an issue after installing Android on the phone?

  21. Hi,

    I just followed all your steps, and everything seemed 2 work. But now at the final step before loading Android it sais: NAND kernell open failed…

    how do i fix this? Now i can’t use my phone

  22. Jayce. If I want to try another nand android rom, what do i do? I’m already having a nand android on my hd2 now.

  23. hello,

    i have got question. My htc hd2 stuck at the end where it must boot android. i can see the green htc logo but it is not going further.

    do you know how to fix this problem.
    a didn`t got any errors while installing al the steps.


    • I have fixed it…

      a tip for other people.

      the steps must be careful carried out. if nessecery format sd card and repeat step 3(How to Install ClockworkMod Recovery on HTC HD2) and 4 (Install NAND Android on HTC HD2 ).

      good luck

  24. dear friends,
    i have installed wm 7 on htc hd2 but couldnt go back after following urs steps of flashing latest rom 3.14 nd phone reeboots to wm7 again which i want to remove .
    pls i need help

  25. I followed all of the instructions with all of the appropriate downloads..However my phone stops at the HTC Green logo screen and will not go any further…Is there a fix for this?

  26. hi,
    i did the below. all went well but it keeps booting into the clockmod. how can i make it boot into JawsMIUIrec1.0.7 rom ? do i need to erase something ? i tried also other roms and always after it completes the installation and i reboot it goes again to clockmod recovery….
    plz help
    i’m stuck


  27. hi , I followed the steps until it is finished but now when my phone start it is hang and freez in htc logo … i also installed and give me the same result … please help

        • NAND is not working for my htc hd2 … I try everything agin but still give me the first window with android logo and nothing more , i thought that may i dont wait to install the android in first load but still this time I wait for 5 minute and nothing happen just android logo … what should i do?

            • I dont know .. but when I watching video is not taking that all time and now I want to instal with magldr without ClockworkMod Recovery , because I didnt get to work

              • you thing for this type of buil I need to create an EXT3 partition with ClockworkMod Recovery then installing the rom … I also used
                [DAF] BOYPPC-SHIFTPDA GINGER V10 [26.MAR].rar
                and nether of thoes work for me

  28. i need my phone so i flashed WM 6.5 again. i will try without a rom another time. Can you please recommend a ROM?

  29. dear jayce,
    i have done everything n it look fine but during rebooting when it come to the HTC then it stuck n came bck from the begining again….

  30. Jayce, went through all steps, did everything just like videos and my phone keeps rebooting to the htc screen and starts over again it has been doing this for awhile…. What should I do???? thanx!!!

  31. Jayce, i flash my htc hd2 with the nand miui rom and it did not work properly and try to flash another flash and now the phone get stuck on aMAGLDR V1.11 BUILD: DEC 31 2010 05:30:51 BY COTULLA 2010, any help will be good, i have istalled the following:
    A: Install HSPL3
    B: Install radio ROM 2.15
    C: Install MAGLDR on HTC HD2
    D: ClockworkMod Recovery
    E: NAND Android on HTC HD2 with ClockWorkMod Recovery
    please im kind of new on this and i need help

    • ok thanks for reply, i already install HDONE CyanogenMod 6 and works perfect the only issue is the hot spot says active but no internet on my laptop, and the other issue is when i turn the phone off and power back on it get stuck on the boot menu and i have to choose boot ad sd and the it loads to the os fine can you help me please thanks in advance

  32. Hey i did every steps you told me, im at the part of clockwork recovery; which I installed jaws. But when my phone reboots it send me back to clockwork recovery. What should i do?

  33. Hello Jayce,

    With your help I have successfully Installed Android on my phone but I am having problem connecting to my WiFi network.

  34. Hey Jayce,

    I’m having a problem with my HD2, I already followed all the steps above but my phone is stuck at the black HTC welcome screen, Any suggestions?

    Thanks 😀

    • Do you have all prerequisites like in the video? Are you able to load ClockworkMod Recovery? If yes, try another Android ROM see.

  35. Why can’t I find the download when I click on the “here” button to download it. Website does not exit.

  36. hi how r u. i just upload android 2.2.1 on htc hd2. its all done. its working now but its problem is after some time phone is hang. can u plz tell me wht can i do.

  37. Thanks Man.

    This was the best install guide I found. Thanks for making the time and taking the effort.

    Note to others. On my first attempt the screen just stayed in a boot screen with htc written in green.

    I formated the SDcard then repeated Steps Clockworkmod and the final step. It works now but it took about 3 mintues for the Htc screen to pass and Andriod to boot up.


  38. question that i have when using clockmod recovery some versions hang up on third boot screen such as android icon or raddroid pic but other builds dont any suggestions

    • currently running boots and works but other such as & both hang up

  39. Hi Jayce, I followed every detail step above, when I doing it, there is no error message or whatsoever. But when I finished install zip from SD card like above, booting up the device..after go go go, the screen display green hTc logo just like your video. But sadly my device keep displaying it for hours, I think it freeze. your video show me that it takes no more than 5 minutes to load android from green hTc logo to android MIUI.

    please help Jayce, I did not sleep at night just for solve this out, I’ve already tried wipe user data and cache, and start over again (install zip from SD with CWM), but nothing helps 🙁

  40. (continues thread)
    Yes Jaycee..very confirmative : SPL-2.08.HSPL, and radio rom 2.15 and I installed everything in order. Maybe I guess i try out normal NAND android. the previous comment from “Roel says:
    February 26, 2011 at 7:48 pm” above, his problem exactly what i have right now, his problem already fix, but he didnt explain detail what kind of step he has done to solve this problem. 🙁

    • I finally succeded!!! what I do is :
      1. Format SD card
      2. move/copy two files that needed by MAGLDR to SD
      3. disconnect USB
      4. wipe all data and cache
      5. power down! (this is important to really clear all the system cache I guess)
      6. power on and turn on usb mode via MAGLDR
      7. copy android zip rom you like
      8. disconnect from usb
      9. powerdown! (this is important to really clear all the system cache I guess)
      10. turn on device and repeat the process like jaycee did on tutorial which is install rom via clockworkmod.
      11. reboot after succesful instalation
      12. voila, your android boot up less than 2 minute on first boot!!!

      btw Jaycee, If I want to change the rom version, do I have to delete/remove .data folder from SD card?

      • Congrats. 🙂

        That .data folder only needed by Jaws-MIUI ROM. Other Android ROMs don’t need it unless they say so. As usual, wipe data and cache before install new Android ROM.

  41. hmm another problem, why the battery indicator stop to charge when I charge the device. And when I re-plug the connector, the battery indicator starts to charge and turn on the led light, but in less than 5 minute the charging indicator become stop and also the led light and then it stop charge (FYI, I charge direct to the electricity socket not via usb PC charge). Is everyone here experiencing the same problem?

  42. hi jayce, its not working, it says ; kernel open failed.. what is the problem? please help, i already hard reset my phone.


            • hello jayce, finally i got the installation of nand android thanks, but my problem is, i cannot download anything in the market, i’ve install BOYPPC-SHIFTPDA in my phone it shows that baseband version w/c is diffrent as shown here. or maybe i have to re-install it…


              • Hmm… I am not sure about radio version will cause this issue or not. But are you able to connect to Internet? And what is the error message when fail to download apps from Android Market?

                • hi jayce, now i have downloaded mdj cyanogen 2.3.1 version. this is the only version that i’ve downloaded nicely but sometimes it always force closed some application like camera and gmail. for the new version i can install it but when opening it always force closed….


  43. I. Love. You. No, really. I was ready to break my damn Winmo6.5 HTC HD2. I really thought the phone was a piece of shit, and wasn’t convinced putting android on it was the right choice. After much hemming and hawing, I took the plunge. I decided on the straight to NAND option rather than running from SD (despite Gingerbread being out and the NAND version is Froyo). All I can say is HOW DID I WAIT 5 MONTHS WITH A NON-FLASH SUPPORTING WINDOWS MOBILE OS? I should have switched long ago. Needless to say, your instructions were well written and easy for a novice and occaisonal tweaker to follow. Although the process was a bit nerve wracking at some points (thought I bricked it until I read a website of what bricking really was), I was able to install everything. My magldr 1.13 didn’t load properly so I couldn’t use the usb function, bit I reverted to the loader screen, put on magldr 1.11, transferred the os zip file to SD, then reloader magldr 1.13 and then everything was good. A few times was confused as to which mode to use (ie usb mass storage vs usb flasher vs usb transfer on test pattern screen), but it really was an instance of not reading the details close enough. Took me all day (didn’t want to mess ot up so I took my time), BUT A THOUSAND TIMES WORTH IT! Shame on Microsoft for putting such a shitty, unsupported product out to market. I am no thoroughly enjoying my rooted device to nearly its fullest capacity on my 3G T-Mobile network. I love the Android market, too.

  44. Hi
    I have a HTC HD2 on Windows. Recently i tried installing Android on to it.
    Firstly i installed HSPL3 PKG
    Then i missed the second step which was to install the Radio Leo
    So idid the third step which wad to install MAGLDR113
    Now my phone wont turn on properly. It comes up with the O2 welcome screen and does not boot up properly.
    Any idea as to how i can get my phone back up and running?

  45. hi jayce ,,,,,,,i was using miui vanilla 1.4.15. ,,i tried to upgrade to 1.4.22 latest version via clockmod recovery ,,but stuck at bootloader on” booting Andriod from nand ”then i tried previous version but problem is same.. some time i stuck at black htc logo screen plz help ,,,, i also tried window mobile rom and again install bootloader ,,clockmod recovery then miuivanilla 1.4.15,,when it says installation from sdcard complete ,,i tried reboot system now but still stuck at bootloader again plz plz help

  46. i have installed nand on my hd2 but i cannot send or recieve photos through messaging. is there anything i can do?

  47. hi buddy ,,,,,i even cant install any ron via bootloader through usb flasher an error comes
    Happen error
    Read below for more information

    Error Description: USB init failed
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (723)

    also not able to install clockworkmod recovery through usb flasher ,,same problem
    plz suggest

  48. thanx a ton for ur suggestion ,,,,,,i tried and install clockmodrecovery but problem is still same ,,,,after it says installation from sdcard complete ,,i tried reboot system now ,but still stuck at black screen with green htc logo again plz help


  49. jayce, i have followed instructions up to step 16 and the phone is stuck at the go go go! screen. what can i do? have i bricked my phone is there a way to fix this?

      • v1.2. i was able to get past that screen now and load miui nand. as installed it from the zip it looks like it boots up fine but then stops at the black screen with the green htc and never goes past that. any help suggestions? thanks

  50. i tried doing this on my htc hd2 but it just says htc on the screen for forever after i select Boot AD SD. it sayss go go go and everything but right after its a black screen that says htc in green letters please help

  51. Jayce,

    Need your assistance as I was trying to load- How to install Android 2.3 Gingerbread on HTC HD2? on my HTC HD2 T-Mobile.

    Followed your laid out instructions.
    1. install HSPL3 HTC HD2- loaded ok.
    2. install radio ROM 2.15 – loaded ok
    3. install install DFT MAGLDR Bootloader – loaded ok
    4. This is where all went wrong- install ClockworkMod Recovery- all you see is- “stick together” the t-mobile flash, nothing else.

    I cannot access my HTC HD2 active sync and a hard mac has the same results. Got any ideas / recommendations? As I would really like to get Nand Android loaded on my mobile.

    In the mean while how and what can I do to flash my ROM again as it’s still stuck at “stick together” the t-mobile flash, nothing else”.

    I have master reset it my mobile and still receive the same message – HELP-!

    • Since you are coming from the wrong post. Are you following my NAND Android installation guide on your previous installation? Please double check the steps that you have done with this post. Anything different?

  52. Hey you!

    The MUIUI Rom works great… but… is there another rom wich can be installed as .zip form SD-Card? I tried it out, but it doesen’t work. :'(
    Do you have anohter rom? Or a download link?


  53. hey jayce, i have a fresh hd2 unlocked of tmobile usa. how can i install android in it pls guide me and would it be nice to permenantly put android on my device ?

    os version 5.2.21913 (21913.5.0.94)
    manila 2.5.20181424.0
    rom 3.14.531.1 (04666)

  54. hey jayce, after installing the nandroid.. it will always automatically boot to android right?? how can i get to the magldr menu again??

  55. hey jayce.. i did the hspl and flashed magldr…but i didnt had the android on sd card…. what should i do now my phone is now without system pls help me and guide me …. its a new phone and got spoiled…much appreciated.

    • Continue to install ClockworkMod Recovery then NAND Android. Just follow the step by step guide in the post. Refer to the video too.

  56. Hi jayce,

    my internal memory left around 92MB. i have already moved most downloaded applications to SD card but it will still use up some of my internal memory…any ways to solve this if i would like to install more applications?

  57. hi jayce,

    i had installed and follow the steps of the above JawsMIUIrec1.0.7z . I reboot it after zip from recovery. its restarted and keep showing loading screen (black background and the green htc words) its keep hanging in there with the htc words . may i know how can i solve it ?


  58. Hello Joyce,

    When I try to load the bootloader on my HTC HD2 as described on step 1 nothing happens and my windows 6.5 starts loading as normal.
    Is there any other way to do this besides holding down the power button? or perhaps, am I ommiting something?

    Thanks a lot in advance!!

  59. what up jayce?

    got a question…in successfully installed the software onto my HD2, but funny thing is that i wanted to go in and install swype onto my phone and the phone is not recognizing the sd card. phone works fine, evertything is running great but having that one issue. is this something u’ve heard of or is there anything you might know about this that could put me back on the right course? please help!

  60. Jayce – thank you so much for your support, ANDROID system is great.
    I had some issues installing it but at the end I did it, the only ISSUE now is the robot soud when making a call.

    Like I told you I installed all requirements but since I had issues, I did lots of things that I just do not know I mess with something.

    should I try to reinstall something? what is your recomendation?? thanks a lot!!!

  61. K i did all of the steps, i got it to say HTC in green at the end of the tutorial, but it just stays on HTC screen. Can you help me?

  62. i was able to install the MIUI rom successfully but i don`t like it so i try to use d TyphooN CyanogenMod 7 RC4 or the Driod but wit not luck. u said i should just copy it without extracting it and i did that but when i click on BOOT AD SD nothing happens .i formated my memory card and do it again but no luck.any help

  63. Hi Jayce,how to change the setting ,not to boot NAND Andriod automatically ? And is it ok that I put two different version of Droid into my SD card and select which version that I want to use? How about the data, will it affect the others?

  64. Hi Jayce, As u hav mentioned above the steps involved in installing a Android version en an HTC HD2.. I followed all the steps such as Downloaded HSPL3, radio ROM 2.15, DFT MAGDLR, and ClockworkMod Recovery and now everything seems smooth. I can use the Android version and there’s hardly any problem other than my WIFI is nt working-it shows WiFi error and my SD CArd is also not getting detected. But other than these two problems my Android is working vry smooth and another thing is that when I am trying to run Android frm an SD Card, then al the functions works absolutely smooth excpt my battery dosent get charge properly.. Now I am again bac to win6.5 but if there is any solution available for Wifi-error and non detection of SD Card then I wud lov to use the Android version again/

  65. hey jayce,

    i started the installation guide but got stuck at step 16 “Press call button to load 1. Boot AD SD.” when i press call, nothing happens or every once in a while ill get a little blip of what should come up..any suggestions? do i need the clockworkmod recovery? this is my first time running through all this and installing android on my phone so i was planning on trying the new HyperDroid CM7 you jus posted the other day

  66. Hey Jayce, I already installed an Android 2.2 with sense rom on my HD2, but I would like to try to use this Nand Android Clockwork Rom. Do I just turn off my phone and do the steps above? I know i have the HSPL and the Magldr. do i just partition the sd card and just run the USB Flasher and flash that rom?
    If you have a link to help me, please give me the link..
    Thanks for your effort.

  67. Hi Jayce Ooi,

    Thx a lot for the guide and especially the video made it all a lot less.
    I followed all the steps alas something has gone wrong. After step 28 the phone is locked on the “htc” in green start up image.. It doesn’t go on to the Android image… Do your know hat happened or am I a owner of a brand new brick instead of a nice Android phone…?

    – Michael

      • No not really… The WinMob 6.5 rom was in Danish, but I don’t think it’s the problem… I tried another NAND rom (JDMS Ultimate on HTC HD2) and it’s works just fine… Except for the minor detail that the Android Marked will not download apps, but I hope this will change after a couple of reboots.. 🙂

  68. im sorry, but i followed your tutroial a few months back and it worked perfectly, and then last night when my battery died I went to go recharge it and turn it on and all it does is loads and keeps going to the MIUI android screen repeatedly like it’s going to turn on but it dosent. im not sure what is happening, can u help please?

  69. hey thanks alot for the instructions. it’s great with video and step by step guide.
    I have got the HD2 on this android now.
    I like to know if the window system is still within my phone? if yes, how do I remove it because I got this message on my phone saying ‘phone storage space is getting low’.
    help pls.

    • No, Windows Mobile was replaced with NAND Android already. You can move your application to SD card manually, or try out Android ROM with A2SD+ support which install apps on SD card directly. This should solve low disk space issue.

  70. Jayce, how to install TyphooN_CM7_v3.2.1-MAGLDR NAND ROM? According to your steps, # Copy .data folder and to SD card root level.# There should be config and data files in .data folder. However, for Typhoon NAND, there is no data files in the zip file. Appreciate your reply and help. Thanks.

  71. jyceoo….which android rom is best suitible for htc hd2 …no force close …no bug…no booting problems no delays plzzzz telll me

  72. Jayce am using typhoon cyanogenmod 7 but sound is very low and camera also not good as windows 6.5 kindly help

  73. Hi jaycee, im going to install that rom but one confusion is in my mind that what would happen if my sd card goes format or i format it later, gingerbrd will booot normally??

  74. mine only shows the htc logo, the black and white thingy. but there is no progress. what should i do?

  75. I didn’t use Jaws-MIUI base, I used BOYPPC-SHIFTPDA DESIRE HD. I did exactly what you instructed, and I am stuck on the black screen that says “htc.” What do I do?

    • Please look at the installation guide at XDA website. I did not test it before. Note – Desire HD requires larger CWM partition like 400MB.

  76. Stuck on step 27, just loops and never gets to 28, help? please? I want/need this too work!!!!!!!!!!

  77. I am almost there!!! I am stuck on the last step 28, but reverts back to step 27. I keep rebooting, but same result every time. How can i get it to boot into android? Need help please, on day three of converting. Thanks! Henry

  78. OMG!!! Did the same thing as last night (last night like 100X’s!) and this time it worked!!!! Now to have some fun and figure this beyoch out! Thanks for the info!

  79. Okay some questions:
    1. Do I need to format the sdcard after installing Android? I am showing no memory on a 16g sd card.
    2. How do I sync outlook (my phone numbers in my PC) to Android?
    3. Is there a site that has beginner info on Android?

    Thanks again!

  80. Jayce, Thanks for your help! I am really enjoying my new resurrected Android phone! Wow, can’t believe I bought a Windows based phone…

  81. Jayce, can you please post a step by step guide on “UNINSTALLING MAGLDR AND NAND ANDROID” (FLASHING WINMO BACK TO NAND).


  82. Jayce, I’m back, the basic phone does not work (having a blast with everything else!). What do i need to do to get the phone to work, after all it is a phone, lol!

  83. I’m going to go with TyphooN CyanogenMod 7 (downloading now!), how do I install, Do i start over or is there a simple way to install? Thanks for all your help!

  84. help!!!

    when it on auto reboot it doesn’t enter NAND Android

    instead it just boot at DFT MAGLDR Bootloader

  85. Hi Jayce. do i have to click download the TyphooN CyanogenMod 7 v3.2.1 [Kernel: Tytung r10] NAND A2SD+ Zip ROM after i have done installed nand android as above?

  86. Hi, Jayce,
    My HTC HD2(Carrier Telstra) OS is Windows 6.5 but now I wish to install Android OS in SD card which will work Dual Boot system. I have downloaded Android OS 2.3.4 but it is not installed to SD card but same android OS which I downloaded my some friends who have HTC HD2(Carrier O2 & T-Mobile & OS W 6.5) they have installed this OS in SD card and it is perfectly working Dual Boot system. Here below some software Information :
    OS :5.2.21869 (21869.5.00.82)
    Manila Version : 2.5.20121431.1
    ROM version : 1.72.841.0 (82124)WWE
    Radio version :

    Please advice what is the problem & how can I installed Android OS.

    • Anything different between your friend phone and yours? So far that I know, you need at least WinMo ROM 3.14 or HSPL to run Android.

  87. I have instaled nexus one operating sistem and i want windows phone 6.5. Nexus sistem is on internal memory what should i do to recover windows mobile sistem or can it be restored?


  89. Hi Jayce,
    thank you very much for the ROM Version. Up 2 now, it works fine. There is only one thing. Before I used a different ROM (skink_Clean_Desire_v1.4_u)on my HTC HD2. I was able with the prog HTC Syn to synchronize with Outlook. Now HTC Syn does not find my phone. With the other ROM (skink_Clean_Desire_v1.4_) after I connected my phone via USB to my PC, I was able to select (just charging, SD Card …). Now, it doesn`t give me those options. It might be not in the right mode. Do you have any idea?

    Thanks for your answer in advance.

    regards Andy

      • Hi Jayce,

        yes that`s right.
        My ROM is not a HTC build. It`s NexusHD2-Gingerbread_V2.9_NAND__Android-2.3.5.

        So i guess, that`s the reason why HTC Syn is not working?! What would you recommend?

        regards Andy

        • Yes, NexusHD2 is not HTC build. So HTC Sync sure will not work. I did not use HTC build because they are slow compare to CM7 build. So can’t recommend.

  90. hI Jayce,

    Pls help me, i have follow the instruction install android with ClockWorkMode (TyphooN_CM7_v3.5.4-MAGLDR) installation was compled. but when i restart my phone it stop on GO GO GO! screen.

  91. Hi Jayce,

    Great site, thanks for the work.

    I’m about to complete this procedure for the fist time on an EU HD2 that is currently still running WinMo 6.5 with HTC ROM v3.14.405.2.

    I have some noob questions to try and avoid complications later:

    1. Some software has been updated since this was published so I’d like to check that I’m ok to use the latest versions and still follow the same procedure. These are the updates I have found, can you tell me if I need to do anything different/extra or can I just simply replace the versions in this guide with the latest versions?

    MAGLDR 1.13
    ClockworkMod Recovery v1.3

    2. In ClockworkMod v1.3, which partition size should I install and are there any different/extra steps I need to complete?

    3. I’d like to install a CyanogenMod ROM, could you link me to the latest one I can use (is it based on Gingerbread? Would you recommend?) and again would I need to do anything different/extra?

    4. Have I missed anything?!

    Thanks for all your help.

  92. I have recently installed a new rom, it installed successfully but when the phone is on it stays on for one minute then it shuts off by its self. when i turn it back on stays on the T-mobile stick together screen. Also When I take the battery out for like 10 minutes the phone boots up to windows but turns off after 1-2 minutes. Please help, I have tired Reinstalling the rom again but that does not help

  93. I have not been able to enter bootloader for 3 weeks since I installed a nand android. I am not sure what rom I have or HSPL or SPL. All my buttons work and I pushed them in every combination possible. I want to return to stock but without bootloader or Sync with computer (winmo) I am at a loss. Can you please help?

    I have a T Mobile HD2

  94. Hey Jayce, I totally love my Adroid HTC HD2, You totally rock!! But I activated the password option and now I can’t turn it off. How do you turn off the password? I want to be able to just use the slider. But there is no slider when the password option is on. What is the procedure to turn off this feature? Thanks!!

  95. hey guys~!
    i’m pretty new at this thing, my hd2 hasn’t ever been updated since i bought it in 2010,i wanted to know exactly where should i start from and how??! plz keep it simple if you are planing to help! 🙂
    rom version 1.66.405.2 (76641) WWE
    radio version
    model no hd2 T8585

  96. Nothing to say except that it is AWESOME
    but one Q:
    is it supporting arabic language, in the net browsers and messeges the arabic words appear letters and not complete words and in wrong directions
    second plz:
    can u tell me from where in this android can i connect to internet through mobile network (not WiFi)

  97. second issue
    the sound when i was talking in phone was fine
    but now suddenly the sound of the ring and people i talk u becomes as that of a robot
    any idea?

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