Download CustomRUU for HTC HD2

In order to have Android 2.2 Froyo on HTC HD2, we need to flash to newer radio ROM like Leo_RADIO_2.12.50.02_2 that I am using right now. Custom Windows Mobile ROM requires latest radio ROM in order to work too. Same apply to custom Android 2.2 Froyo ROM. CustomRUU for HTC HD2 is the tool that uses to flash the radio ROM. It will perform ‘task 32’ instead of a ‘task 28’ after flashing an .nbh. And it will not format device if just flash a radio or a splash screen.

Download CustomRUU for HTC HD2 here.


  1. Hi Jayce,

    It stucks again for me bcoz i dunno where do i get the .nbh file to drop in the same folder. Moreover, our device info will be maintain after update with this..?? (Quite blur after i saw the video from youtube cuz it show all the info have been clear after flash it)… :P…Thanks & U R the great!!

  2. hi Jayce,

    Thanks for all the great stuff… but need yr advice.
    am a little confused.

    I have a Singapore HD2,
    OS 5.2.21869
    Manila 2.5.19211619.0
    ROM 1.66.707.1 (76641) WWE

    I have downloaded
    2. HardSPL3
    3. mattcfroyo1.5
    4. Radio 2.12

    I have turned off my security password, and screen brightness to 100%.

    Which should i install first? Can you give me the steps?
    Also, which are the steps using activesync?

  3. Hi MM,

    I bought my HD2 in SHanghai CHina, nut because of the ROM i can’t read the chinese SMS sent to me. If i download the ROM 1.66.707.1 (76641) WWE the one you use, can you have your mobile in English and receive some SMS in chinese for exemple?

    Please let me know, i started to download this ROM, but i want to be sure first.
    Thanks for your help,


  4. I have TmoUS HD2 with radio
    Is Leo_RADIO_2.12.50.02_2 radio good for TmoUS? I don’t want to brick my phone.
    I saw Leo_RADIO_2.14.50.02** is available at XDA-develpers forum.
    Should use the newest one or stick with


  5. hy bruv ,
    i downloaded custom RUU,hspl3,and radio 2.12………..and mattcleo froyo 1.8
    installation of hspl3 went alright….but when i tried to install radio 2.12 with customRUU…it gave me error 262……… what shud i do now???????????
    pleeeeeeez help…..thanx a loooooot

  6. Dear Jaycee,

    I have a small issue with the Wifi on my HTC HD2. It connects to the Wifi (both at office and home) but when i try to browse or use any application like weather it dosent work… an error message comes up.

    I have flashed Customer ROM, same as yours, and have installed Android.. working quite well. Wifi works fine in adoroid, no problems !

    any ideas, how it can be solved?

    Thanks in advance,


  7. I am stuck at USB Flasher mode
    Wait USB….USB

    I think I missed the radio_rom step. I have the hspl installed and can’t do anything with my phone. I have even tried to work through the SD card with no success.

  8. Hey Jayce
    Thanks for the posts. I am using a HD2 with win 6.5. I want to have a dual boot between win65 and Android. can you guide me on the procedure for the same? will your process enable me to dual boot?

  9. Hey Jayce, I followed steps from the xda page as to install android on my hd2.

    1.Connect your phone via USB to the PC and wait for any drivers to install.

    2.Task29: Navigate to the Task29 folder and right-click on task29.exe and “Run as administrator”. Your phone will reboot to the initial flash screen. You will have to reset to Bootloader.

    3.Wait for your PC to update the drivers again.

    4.MAGLDR: Navigate to the MAGDLR folder and right-click on ROMUpdateUtility.exe and “Run as administrator”. Your phone will reboot to a new boot screen.

    5.Wait for your PC to update the drivers again.

    6.You should be booted to the new MAGLDR screen and see a series of options. Use your volume rocker to highlight “USB Flash” and press the green call button to select it.

    7.Wait for your PC to update the drivers again.

    8.ROM: Navigate to your new ROM folder and right-click DAF.exe and “Run as administrator”.

    I am at step 6 and hit a snag. When I hit usb flasher nothing happens. I’m hoping I just need to plug my sd card into a card reader and put the rom on it but I am super new to this and would appreciate any advice you could offer me!


  10. thank u veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy much i really appreciate wat u have done for me all though i did physically myself lol but thanks alot for teaching me

  11. Hi Jayce,
    I’ve been running Android desire nand rom on my hd2 .I had issues with lost signal or no signal at all.
    I’ve been flashing diffrent radios to see witch one works the best but today i tried flashing 2-07-51 radio and when the process was finished my phone just turned off completely and now i can’t getit to start again..not even in bootloader mode..What can i do to turn it back on..I made sure the battery was at 80% when i tried to flash the radio so it’s not a dead bat issue..

      • I have the USA version and i guess the radio rom that i used was for the HTC HD2.
        Idownloaded the readio rom from XDA and these were suppose to be radios for hd2..They never mentioned that there were dif radios for the 2 versions of HD2.
        Is there anyway for me to fix this problem?

        Thanks Jayce

  12. Hi,

    i’m having trouble finding Rom version 1.66.707 anywhere. I currently am running 3.14 and unable to upgrade the software to Win 7 or Mango.

  13. Hi i have t-mobile(usa) htc hd2 windows phone and im tired .I want to convert this to android please help me .tell me the easy way .


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