Download darkstone SuperRAM FroYo Android ROM for HTC HD2

Yeah… Our Android HTC HD2 superhero, darkstone is back to business. And he brought us a new gift ~ darkstone SuperRAM FroYo Android ROM. What makes it special? The entire Android OS file system is stored in RAM before it is booted. For your information, RAM is faster than NAND and SD Card. So this build will be super fast. For me, booting from Windows Mobile 6.5 to Android 2.2 Froyo took 47 seconds only…

darkstone SuperRAM FroYo on HTC HD2

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Based on darkstone, this build is working on HTC HD2 Stock ROM 3.14.405.2 + radio Not sure that he is using HardSPL3 or not. I have no problem to load it with the old method ~ How to install Android 2.2 Froyo on HTC HD2?

By the way, I changed haret-pre-0.5.3-20101210_203955-INDEX_15.exe to haret.exe so that single click Android launcher will work. And this build is not perfect but looking forward for other chefs like MDJ to come out better build like HTC Sense builds…

Thanks to darkstone for this wonderful SuperRAM method. It is really fast compare to normal SD card Android build which took 2 minutes to boot.

Download darkstone SuperRAM FroYo v1 [kernel: hastarin r8.5.3 Custom] ROM here.

Update ~ v1.2 beta was released. It is faster than before and fixed some bugs. Download darkstone SuperRAM FroYo v1.2 [kernel: hastarin r8.5.4 eb_oldcam] ROM here.

Update ~ v1.5 was released. Fixed – data corruption, app compatibility increased, SIM contacts fix, camera app force close on settings, Wi-Fi tethering and unable to remove LauncherPro. Download darkstone SuperRAM FroYo v1.5 [kernel: Hastarin r8.6 eb_oldcam custom] ROM here. Try the latest one.


  1. Hi jayce, love your site. spent hours on it yesterday, researching and downloading and installing droid on my hd2. It was stock ram original the way TMOUS shipped it originally. Android boots and runs (kills the battery in about 2 hours) but i can deal with that for now. But my biggest problem is after restarting the phone back to windows, sense doesnt load. sometimes it will load in to windows partially and i get a message saying tap to launch sense which does nothing and when i goto to start menu anything i try to launch says i dont have permission or its not signed.
    Any ideas on this?

      • It started when i downgraded from 2.10 to the nessecary 2.08.its basically renedered my phone useless. should i just attemp a hard reset?

        • HI Jayce,
          Can i just reinstall sense with a version that will still work with Droid so that i dont have to go through the install again? If so, which version and if you could provide a link i would really appreciate it.
          Many Thanks

      • hi jayce i ve sucessfully download android on htc hd2 and i also install it on my bro htc hd2 but when i turn wifi on both device one is not working and i turn mine on off its working that i want both device to work wifi plzzz help my bro also needs android but if we wana use wifi on both devices soo u dont need to turn ones wifi off plzzzz help jayce what should i do my bro really needs android by the way thanks for every help πŸ™‚ plzz tell me about this problem why cant we both use wifi on same time on both devices ;(

  2. Hi Jayce,
    I do have another question:
    Do you know how to show ” owner information or notes” on lock screen or home screen?
    My old phone wm6.1 can show those info ( owner info. and notes) on lock screen and home screen…..
    Thanks for your help

  3. Thanks jayce,
    Have you had any issues with gps on this build. Everything works fine so far but the gps. Just get a message in navigation saying searching for gps. It is enabled. BTW this build is a huge improvement with the battery life. 6 hours straight with many downloads from market and the battery is still at close to 40%. Might be better then win mobile.

  4. Hi Jayce,
    i have already testet another roms on my hd 2.. But this one doesnΒ΄t work for me.. after starting of haret.exe is no reaction anymore. just black screen (looks like booting ,for more than 20 min) i have to restart it. i have done everything. any suggestions?

  5. heey jayce… how do you personalize your build… i mean change the icons of the programs… the start application change to “HTC”… turn the google widget in black… and the taskbar aswell in black?

    how do you do that???

    thanks πŸ˜€

  6. OMG! I’ve tried 5 or 6 other ROMS on my HD2 looking for the panacea.
    They either had slow response times in response to screen touch, or the music stuttered, or the camera shutter lag took too long.

    Just loaded darkstone’s SuperRAM last night, and WOW, is this ROM FAST!!!
    Thanks darkstone. You’ve raised the bar by which all other ROMS will be measured.
    And thanks Jayce for such an incredible resource!

  7. Hi Jayce,

    have u try the 1.5 version? i got 3g prob. the connection cannot be connected. do u have the same issue? need some advice pls…… πŸ™‚

    Thank You

  8. for me JDMS 1.6.2 is the best …
    i haved tried out 7-8 rom recently …most of them have lock screen lack issue & some of them got battery drain issue…
    so JDMS 1.6.2 is the best SD rom.

  9. how can i stop my data connection from falling off .First its pretty fast but after like 2 minutes just doesnt work at all .also random music playing.

  10. Hi Tayce,
    Awesome work! I Have installed it on my HD2 and cant believe how much faster it works compared to my Windows 6.5. All works, except it does not get internet. It does connect to the Android market place, but no internet (Hmmm). Any settings I need to adjust? Also, when I boot back up to Windows 6.5, it erases all emails from all accounts and does not download them. I had to do a hard reset to fix. Any suggestions. Thanks.


  11. Hi Jayce,
    (sorry for mispelling you name in the last email, lol)

    So, I was able to figure out the problem…u were right, i knew Android did not touch anything on Windows Mobile, so I kept wondering why my emails were being erased and would not download. So its tirns out that the only thing that Android DID mess up was the clock and date. Because of this, the emails were not downloading correctly. Once I set up the correct date and time, I all worked out.

    I did not have to tweak the internet connections though…for some reason, I uninstalled and re-installed android and the internet connection just worked. Anyway, great work and THANKS VERY MUCH for your help and replies!


  12. i installed this to my stock hd2 no rom changes or anything and there is no robot voices or any thing it has great battery life unlike all the other sd builds .I have been runnin it constantly for the last 2 weeks and still no problems .This is by far the best build yet ,its like a brand new android phone i love it ,thank you darkstone

  13. hey i have the 1.5 rom but i have a problem the 3g data connection is not working at all, does anyone know how to enable the 3g? please help

  14. Hey Jayce! I have installed Darkstone SuperRAM froyo. Works almost perfect.. but when i called someone i just hear a robot voice… How can i fix this.. thanks

      • Sorry, I was not precise. On the screenshot of “darkstone SuperRAM FroYo on HTC HD2” there are 5 black widgets on the top for volume, bluetooth, wireless etc. I wonder how they are called so that I could install them on my “darkstone SuperRAM FroYo” – since my installation hasn’t got it out of the box.

        BTW: darkstone SuperRAM FroYo WORKS also just fine with Energy ROM, and Radio 2.15.50. Still testing but all connections are working (edge etc.), bluetooth, wi-fi, radioFM etc. Still testing GPS. SuperRAM is extremely fast πŸ™‚ So far I love it!

        Jayce – keep up good work! Thanks.

  15. Hey, Jayce. I have an issue with this. My camera and facebook doesn’t work, it just force closed.
    I am using the updated one. v.15. Any idea?

  16. my problem is i have loaded all the files on the root of my partioned SD i run CLRAD then HARET it starts to loads then frezzes or just restarts . i has never loaded in to droid and i have tried different builds. what am i doing wrong

  17. Hi jayce,

    I’m tents to upgrading to the darkstone superram as your suggestion, unfortunately I’ve failed to boot my hd2 as it appear ‘the file cannot be opened. Either it is not signed with a trusted certificate,or one of its components cannot be found.’ when i tap into CLRCAD on my HD2 after copy the android file to my SD card. I’m also tried MDJ gingerbread 2.3,and i’ve also facing the same prob.
    my current ver was 3.14.
    Is there any solution for me as i’m intents to get away from windows software that i’m using right now.

  18. Hi Jayce,
    I’m trying out this version, but I’m having issues with my ringtone.

    I went to settings/sound/ringtone and the only option I have is Silent, I press that and then when I go back in I can’t undo?

    The same with notification.

    Can you please tell me how to fix this? how can I add and set my ringtones.

    Thank you.

  19. Hi Jayce,
    Having 6.5 windows is the worst thing happen to HD2…But thanks to you and your work!

    I installed darkstone superRAM froyo 1.5 on my hd2 but facing a couple of issues..
    1) battery gets dried up very fast and
    2) Sometimes face robotic voice..
    3) Everytime i restart it boots back into windows..

    For point no. 3, i was trying to get some permanent solution by installing Nand android…But since i have v3.14 HD2 ROM, i need to downgrade it as mentioned in your posts..I tried the link you had given..but since i have bought the phone from india, on entering the S/N no. in the htc site, it says that its not suitable for my device… Please assist on how can i downgrade the get Nand Andriod…

    Is the a simple exe setup developed which can directly install NAND Android on v3.14 HD2 ROM:) ??

  20. Hi jayce.
    you saved me big. i just love your website. i have been experimenting with different roms on my hd2 but mostly through sd card. i have not tried nand. i also tested the above mentioned rom and its extremely fast. can you help me with these few questions

    1) is there a perfect gingerbread rom with sense(any) or without sense that i can boot from sd card as i have not discovered any . except for american android but it really heats up my device and battery drain is terrible

    2) which is the best build gingerbread , stable and perfectly working boot through nand.

    2) what is the zip – rom type and how is it different from the nand and sd boot in terms of performance and battery .

  21. hi,
    i hve a question i have an htc hd2 i want android on it how will i be able to do this i havent tried nothing on it cuz i want the first time to be good and not mess up so plz i need help,
    and wich version will do the best job?

  22. Hey Jayce,

    Do you have any other websites as is down? I really want this rom but if there is no other website is there another rom i can use without using this website?

  23. Dear sir
    this is vinoth from i have htc t3333 windows mobilei need to change the windows to android can u help tme ……………..


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