Download & Install FoxHound Sniper Wolf ICS ROM for Samsung Galaxy S2

Want to enjoy Samsung Galaxy S III S Voice and TouchWiz UX Launcher? Then you need to try FoxHound Sniper Wolf ICS ROM for Samsung Galaxy S II. FoxHound Sniper Wolf ICS ROM is based on latest official Samsung Galaxy S2 XWLPD firmware (Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich). It is deodexed, zipaligned and optimized. Using Siyah Kernel and added lot of AOSP goodies like Google Gallery, calculator… It also has customizable Quick Panel where you can toggle Wi-Fi, data, Bluetooth and other functions…

FoxHound Sniper Wolf ICS ROM for Samsung Galaxy S2

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Samsung Galaxy S3 TouchWiz UX Launcher
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Yes, more and more SGS2 ROM added with Samsung Galaxy S3 goodies. Samsung Galaxy S3 S Voice is working properly in this ROM. No ‘network error’ issue here. And I believe most of Samsung Galaxy S3 software goodies will be ported to SGS2 sooner or later…

Installation guide ~ How to install firmware on Samsung Galaxy S2 with ClockworkMod Recovery? (Video)

Download FoxHound Sniper Wolf LPD Android 4.0 ICS ROM for Samsung Galaxy S2 here.


  1. jayce: when i connect my sgs2 with samsung kies , new firmware is available… like this

    Current firmware version : PDA: KL3/ PHONE : KL1 / CSC:KL2(GLB)
    Latest firmware version : PDA :LP7/ PHONE : LP7 / CSC: LP7(GLB)

    Any effect when i upg8 my sgs2 with that latest firmware?????

  2. Installed this morning and can agree with the stability of the rom. Its also nice to see Samsung Apps, and other Samsung stock applications available in this rom. Over all the rom is fast and stable. SO far S voice is not working for me (crashes)..

    Just some initial observations/TouchWiz UX Launcher ->

    1. SMS look and feel, white over white hmmm, with the fix its better but highlighted text in dark blue isnt that great, not sure if there any other way to change to some easier to see colors.

    2. Notification number for unread SMS and Emails as with the stock rom

    3. In the app list, doesnt auto sort as compared to Apex Launcher

    4. Menu Key in Home page, doesnt give a quick key to add widgets or wall paper?

    5. Some news widgets seem to take up more space then they should.. (Maybe i need to download them again)

    6. Notification quick keys to turn off wifi , data etc.. is a plus here

    7. Noise cancellation and recording in call (wow) are in this rom!

    8. Hotmail… you cant change to include your name! Yahoo and Gmail are fine…

    well i will use this rom more and comment if there are anything else

    • After about 1 day + of use..

      1. Its very stable.. So far Touchwiz launcher crashed 1 time over 2 days, 1 or 2 live wall paper dont work as well (dont count S voice which didnt work), but most software didnt have an issue.

      2. Happy to use Samsung Kies, Samsung Apps and other samsung features available in this rom.

      3. Battery life in my view is draining faster than GB 2.3.6 stock rom + 10 % more. But i will still kiv as perhaps it needs some settling down..or perhaps when it moves to the new ICS4.0.4 rom it will be better

      4. Wifi sometimes seem slow to kick in even though one is in range of saved network. Need to disable and re-enable wifi to work.

  3. hi , i just installed this version on my s2 , but there is on thing that is bothering me really bad , if the fact the on the text messages , my background is black and then there is the text box on white with white letters!? so mades impossible to ready any text …. i try to change for white background to see if change anything but dont even change for white!? any help!?

  4. Hi, I have an issue when start up, the message “Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped.” pop up. Some time will say “Unfortunately, the android keyboard has stopped.” …

    Any advice…?

  5. Great ROM. Sometimes can be laggy some times not. The benchmark scores are not steady depending on the lag, got no idea why this happening. Overall though, good rom. Great battery life and 5×5 app drawer, gives me 72 hours with a 2000mAH batt on medium usage. Important goodies inside too. I give this 8/10.

  6. I updated firmware using Odin and now my GT-I9100 is not getting locked and when I press and hold power button it goes off immediately power menu it not coming? Could you please help me to solve this problem. I re-installed firmware few times but same effect.


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