Download & Install WP7 Tango 8773 ROM for HTC HD2

The legendary HTC HD2 just won’t die. Lot of developers are still supporting and developing ROM for HTC HD2. Here is the latest Windows Phone 7.5 Tango 8773 ROM for HTC HD2 from HD2O. It is a fully unlocked WP7 Tango 8773 ROM which has developer unlocked and keys to prevent relock. WP7 lovers, try WP7 Tango 8773 ROM on your HTC HD2 now.

WP7 Tango 8773 ROM for HTC HD2

As usual, I did not try this WP7 Tango 8773 ROM as well. Please visit XDA website for any question. And get more information there. HD2O WP7 Tango 8773 ROM installation is the same as previous WP7 ROM. You need to have SPL-2.08.HSPL, Radio 2.15 and DFT MAGLDR Bootloader v1.13. Just refer to my Windows Phone 7 7004 installation guide.

Installation guide – How to install Windows Phone 7 7004 on HTC HD2? (Video)

Download Windows Phone 7.5 Tango 8773 ROM for HTC HD2 here.


  1. i downloaded it,, its just like nokia dunia…but thing which is irritating is battery cosumption..

    this platform eats battery just like anything…

    jayce sir, can u plz tell me which is best android or windows in is bad for camera and gallery..but battery back up was good in android 4.0.3.. plz guide.


  2. Hello Jaice 🙂
    I have a problem with my hd2.
    I downloaded the radio, hspl and magldr from the links that you posted in your wm7 stepz.
    After doing Exactly what you said in the stepz . . .i did so.
    wm7 worked for like 3 weekz . . .but den suddenly . . The touch pad wasnt functioning . . . It costed 100 dollarz 2 repair . . . Bt i thought it was my fault some how . . . . . .i jst got it bck from repairz. . . . Den i tried flashing wm7 rom again . . . .bt after geting instalz . . . D touch pad again stoped working . . .i immediately flashed a wm 6.5 rom on it and my fone started functioning . . . . . .yesterday, i downloaded wm7 tango by hd2o from xda forum . . . . .and i used the same radio, hspl and magldr of wm7 since you said so . . . .i flashed the rom . .bt once again the touch isnt responding . . .i flashed it with a wm 6.5 rom and it was working well . . .
    Can you Please tel me the reason for this???
    I realy want the wm7 tango rom on my htc hd2
    Thankz! 🙂

  3. sory 4 d many mgses . . . . .
    Bt . . . Cn i give my hd2 to d service centre and tel dem to update my fone to windows 7 tango or windows 7.5 mango??? . . .(since all my efforts of flashing these roms . . Were unsuccessful)
    Wil d htc service centre do it?
    If dey wil do it . . . .would it b costly?

  4. Jayce, I have a quick question for you. I already have ics on my hd2, so what I want to know if I want to install wm mango can I just root the rom file (wm mango) into my hd2 and flash the rom the same way you do for ics.

  5. Jayce,
    Forgive my ignorance.
    When I download the Tango ROM, it comes as a .rar. If I unpack the .rar, there is a .zip plus other files, contents of .zip does not include any .cab files, so what to I put in WP7-Update-Cab-Sender directory / folder?

  6. …sorry, should have said I used your excellent instructions to put Mango on some time ago, working fine.

  7. hi jayce, installed the Windows Phone 7 7004 on HTC HD2? watching your video, and was installed successfully. then after using it for 2 days, got sick and wanted to upgrade to the WP7 TANGO. did everything u mentioned here, following your “Windows Phone 7 7004 on HTC HD2? (Video)”.

    After i run the DFT MAGLDR Bootloader v1.13 and when the fone boots up, doesnt give me an option to install the new wp7-tango-8773 & it boots WP7 7004 all over again. the fone keeps restarting. and i had to hold down VOL up and down to reset the fone to get back to the working WP7 7004.

    PLEASE HELP. how do i install the TANGO?

      • its the same like nokia lumia. except when u press the home button, it takes u to the call register page, when u press the call button it takes u to camera. and it eats up a lot of battery,

        the main problem is the volume is too low, ppl on the other side cant hear what im saying nor can i hear clearly what they r saying.

  8. Hi jayce.
    ive downloaded the rom and had it installed, but when the phone boots up, it says that the memory card is not working. i had the wp7 7004 installed previously before i tried and installed this ROM. tried using another memory card from my other phone and im still getting the same message. just would like to ask some help. thansk a lot…

  9. i’m sorry jayce, but how do i reset it? cause on the phone the options that i’m getting are emergency call and turn off, and would that mean that i need to reinstall it again after resetting it? sorry about this, thanks again

  10. i have a htc hd2. recently i unlocked gsm network in asia (bangladesh). can i install wm7 in this network? and how?

  11. hey i just had android 4.0.3 then i want to wp7 7004 nd i just put 8773 tango everythings fine except for one issue that the volume is very low….speacially while on a call…the 7004 build volume is fine…any idea where i can get a tweak for this?

  12. I am sick and tired of using WM6.5, a lot of newest apps not supported anymore but I love so much my HD2. I don’t want to let it go as my previous phone. I m also sick and tired of trying to install WP7 to my HD2, either I m dumb or not technical enough. Can you please share with me who can do this (upgrade to WP7 to my HD2) near Klang Valley? I don’t mind paying. Thanks.

    • I managed to install wp7.5 in my hd2. but it becomes no better than nokia 3100 old phone. can only call, sms, and can only view internet. cannot get market place, cannot view whats inside, cannot add apps…

      The phone said I need to activate, but when I do that, it said we cannot actiate your phone. I would say it is very fine with wp7 platform. Just activation issue.

      Then I reinstall wm6.5 back. unfortunately the RAM is so low because the magldr is there.

  13. does anyone have a problem with login to windows live in HTCHD2 Tangorom ? because i do.
    if anyone have solution to that

  14. Thank you so much for your post. I got it 100% worked and without ANY issues, none at all, just the battery drawning, which is normal for a smartphone as strong as HD2 (it took 2 hours to drain from 60% to 0, with screen activated 100% of the time and surfing on the internet, marketplace, taking photos, LED operation, etc.)

    For people who can’t get activation code, just start an on-line chat with Microsoft US support and explain that your “HD7” has been hard reseted and it asked for activation code. They’ll only ask for your cell number and give the code.

    Thank you so much!

  15. Jayce,

    How do i increase the in call volume, its set to max (10) but is still too quiet?
    I have Changed the reg key : HKCU/ControlPanel/Volume/MaxinCallUIVolume from 10 to 15, but It doesnt work…it just makes the increments smaller, but the max output is still the same. I went as high as 30 and its exactly the same. Can you help me please?

  16. dude is there a way to increase the volume. cause i call people i can barely hear what there saying plus am missing alot of call cause the volume so low ,man. please help dude

  17. This is for Errol you should reinstall wp7 7004 ,then look for storage unlock on google and install it via cab installer, which u can also find on Google. when its installed use it to unlock ur memory card. Then install easeus partition manager on ur computer . take of ur phone put ur memory card into ur card reader. if u dont have one put into another phone connect it to ur pc, start Easeus Partition Manger ,reformat ur memory card. Then install reinstall Tango . P.S Try installing a wp 6.5 original firware (RUU LEO 1 5 TMOUS )first let it run ,restart ur phone install Magloader then tango… everthing should work fine..

  18. Hi, Jayce… I also want to install WP7 Mango on my HTC HD2. I have downloaded all needed files but when i tried to press and hold down the volume down button and powered it on to start, it just opened normally, it didn’t load into “red, green, blue and white” screen bootloader. Is there any other way to start the installation? Your reply is highly appreciated.

  19. I want to update to WP7, does this update work,like can i be able to use the phone everyday, im posting from zambia, and there is no microsoft here, how else can i get the activation code/

  20. Heyy i booted my htc hd2 to windows 7.5 using the rom you gave… i hv dis problen that my battery only charges upto 85%.. The chrge doesnt increase after that even if kept pulged for hours..
    Please give me a solution for this..
    Thank you

  21. Thanks again for providing the information. I have a problem now with the HTC HD2 WP7 constantly freezing, and restarting. Reformatted the SD card but to no avail. Any suggestions? Take care.

    Now can’t power on, when going to power on its display still with showing `samsung gravity smart’
    how i can properly use my phone please help me.

  23. hiiiiii,
    i have htc hd2.
    I tried android 4.0.4, windows 7 & windows 7.8 of Nokia Lumia. In all the platforms i have same problem my phone got hanged many times after keeping it switched off for half an hour it started normally.
    Can you please suggest me a better rom of windows 8 and of android also


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