How to install Windows Phone 7 7004 on HTC HD2? (Video)

Windows Phone 7 Mango is available on HTC HD2. As per requested, here is the step by step video tutorial to install Windows Phone 7 7004 build XBmod-Yuki ROM on HTC HD2. It is almost like the previous guide to install WP7 but with updated components. This is the foundation ROM to upgrade to Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. As usual, you need to install several components first before installing WP7 7004 ROM.


  • SPL-2.08.HSPL
  • Radio that support 576 MB RAM
  • DFT MAGLDR Bootloader v1.13

Note – Do backup your SD card data. Windows Phone 7 will delete everything and lock your SD card. You can’t access it anymore at PC (not detected at all). No worry, you still can unlock and use it afterward with this guide ~ How to unlock & revive SD card after install Windows Phone 7? However, some reported that they failed to recover their locked SD card. Do take note…

Do take your time to study these guides. Then install them one by one.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Power on your phone and don’t let go power button.
  2. DFT MAGLDR Bootloader will be loaded.
  3. Go to 10. Services.
  4. Go to 4. UseLast24NAND.
  5. Press Call button for YES.
  6. Go to 5. USB Flasher.
  7. Connect USB cable from PC to phone.
  8. You should see Wait USB…USB.
  9. At PC, enter HD2_Updatable_XBmod_Yuki_v2_native folder.
  10. Right click on DWI.exe and select ‘Run as administrator’.
  11. Click ‘Yes’ if User Access Control prompt up.
  12. Follow onscreen instructions to install.
  13. Phone will be rebooted after installation finished.
  14. Disconnect USB cable from phone.
  15. Follow onscreen instructions to setup Windows Phone 7 settings (time zone, date & time).
  16. That’s all.

Download Windows Phone 7 build 7004 XBmod-Yuki ROM v2 for HTC HD2 here.

Congratulation. You have successfully installed WP7 build 7004 on HTC HD2. Follow this guide to continue to upgrade it to Windows Phone 7.5 Mango ~ How to install Windows Phone 7.5 Mango 7720 on HTC HD2? (Video)


  1. hi
    thanks for the tutorial
    is there any extra step to be taken if my hd2 already had android installed?
    (yes i am using the same tutorial on nand android found here :))

      • trying to get windows 7 on my HTC HD2 us Tmobile:
        Step by Step Guide

        Power on your phone and don’t let go power button.
        DFT MAGLDR Bootloader will be loaded.
        Go to 10. Services.
        Go to 4. UseLast24NAND.
        Press Call button for YES.
        Go to 5. USB Flasher.
        Connect USB cable from PC to phone.
        You should see Wait USB…USB.
        At PC, enter HD2_Updatable_XBmod_Yuki_v2_native folder.
        Right click on DWI.exe and select ‘Run as administrator’.
        Click ‘Yes’ if User Access Control prompt up.
        Follow onscreen instructions to install.
        Phone will be rebooted after installation finished.
        Disconnect USB cable from phone.
        Follow onscreen instructions to setup Windows Phone 7 settings (time zone, date & time).
        That’s all.
        Download Windows Phone 7 build 7004 XBmod-Yuki ROM v2 for HTC HD2

        I cant get it to do step 2: DFT MAGLDR Bootloader will be loaded also when I try to run the dwi i get this error:
        An error has occurred
        Read below for more information

        Error Description: USB init failed
        Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (1198)

        Error Description: EnterBootloader missing
        Info: .\RSPL\BootLoader.cpp (176)


  3. i kinda have a problem. i installed this but i want to go back to android. my sd card 2 (where i put cwm backups) restored my android and i cant read sd card 1( what i use). i tried to format sd card and sd ext on android recovery. it cant read the sd card for some reason. even my computer cant read . thanks in advance

  4. plz help me getting this error

    An error has occurred
    Read below for more information

    Error Description: send partition data failed
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (1283)

    Error Description:
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (1085)

  5. Sorry for the trouble, since yesterday im trying to update here but failed everytime.
    I figure out my mistake after watching ur vid, its ok now and im running WP7. Thanks

  6. hey
    i completed the whole process and the phone showed error saying “error accesing storage please” so i tried restarting it by re inserting memory card. and now nothing works it only shows the progress bar. any idea ? thanks in advance

  7. Jayce,

    When I had Zune on with my internet connection on and connected my 7004 version, it autoupdated to from Zune to 7392 (it gave me 3 seconds to cancel). When I tried WP7 Cab Updater, I received “System cannot find the path specified” and “Error: No update files”. Can I unlock my SD card and start over with a 7004 flash?

  8. Hi to insatall Windows Phone 7 7004 build XBmod-Yuki ROM on HTC HD2 what size (Gb) storage card is required. After insatllation can i use new storage card.

  9. Hi after installing wp7 7004 can i use a new sd card or will i have to use the same sd card during the installation, as unlocking sd card i am unable.

  10. Hello, thankyou for your guide, I’m having a problem loading up the boot screen as the first step, I keep on hold of the power button and it the phone just loads as it does when I turn it on!

  11. Great work Jayce,

    My only concern is the camera quality which is extremly degraded after using this ROM. in Stock ROM it was super fine quality but now its just OK quality not even fine. can you tell me why is that and if i upgrade to 7.5 mango will it be better ?

    • WP7 is not developed for HTC HD2 officially. So not all the components are optimized for it. I did not test camera quality on both 7004 and 7720. So I don’t have any idea. Sorry…

  12. hi jayce i follow your blogs and your website with much interest…..i mailed u yesterday from this website..ipost a comment here again today to please help me out…. i flashed wind 7 7004 yuki v 2.0(updatable 7.5 mango) in my htc hd2….. but when my mobile restarts it freezes in the windows 7 home….but once i soft reset from MAGDLR it worked…i used it for about 5-6 hrs the i saw that as my battery was low i tried charging it but it did not charge and orange-green light flashed so i had to switch off and switch on my mobile again to see if it charges now…but now it again froze in the windows homescreen..i even tried soft resetting it…but it did not help….now i tried reflashing the windows …it showd error regarding cannot make partition in my phone freezes whr it appears “htc quietly brilliant”…please help…i shal owe you…my hd2 is very dear…dnt tel me its bricked…plz….

  13. jayce i tried reinstalling it..i directly did the steps mentioned above…the instalation stopped halfway and displayed an error on my pc…it was regardin some partition error…is it because of the sd card…..and also please tell me how to reinstall must we start installation from hspl…or just instal the win 7 yuki v2 directly

  14. Jayce, thanks for the great tutorial. How do I contact Microsoft to get activation code in the US? When I hit contact support on my phone it does not show a telephone number. Any help would be greatlt appreciated.

  15. Hi
    i got the rom now running on my HD2, but it keeps rebooting and boots magldr v1.13, auto. select whp, loud the welcome screen and boot again, help.

  16. hmm jayce i guess nobody has a solution for it……in that link…..i guess i need to go back to winmo 6.5….please tell me how do i set up the official rom … with this condition or do i give it to the service centre now for repair…my sd card also seems to go undetected…..i am not able to access it from the usb mastrg menu in MAGLDR…
    i heard that if u load the official ROM ….all the MAGLDR gets deleted automatically…how do i do that….

  17. HI when i install windows phone 7 in my hd2 , i try 4 random rom and this , installation ok but when phone restart stay at logo plug in to computer and zune says c101002E error ? what i can do ?? help

  18. Jayce i think this guide or the other that was updating to 7.5 have problem… Cause I can’t use my sd card anymore it’s broken now and I see that Mark, Vishwas… Reviving guide is not working for us cause I CANT find my card there… Better write on guide that this can broke your sd card (bye bye my sd card )

  19. I dunno… I was installing update then my mobile rebooted and i wanted install the WP7-7004-7720-Patch but my phone after reboot freezed on the pin code, so I can’t check if it work. When I discard sd card it was working fine… So i think this mean that sd card broked… I think better to write windows 7 without sd card

    • Hey, mine did after I was updating via Zune. It also freezes on the pin code or at the startup of wp7 when I connect the non-active simcard. So every time I reinstall the WP7 7004 the phone works perfectly. After a reboot, htc sense (me thinks) stops working.. how?

      • jayce as i told u …. my phone freezes as soon as it restarts….i dont wasnt happening til day before yesterday….now everytime i restart i need to reflash wp7 to make it work…
        Now when i tried installing the SD card unlock through the cab you know the phone restarts to complete the installation….so now when my phone restarts it freezes and i am not able to goto device storage option in wp7 and select unlock……i dont know why my phone freezes after it restarts…

  20. hola Jayce, estoy instalando el wp7 y se queda en la pantalla HTC QUIETLY BRILLIANT, quisiera saber cuanto tarda en iniciar el wp7?

    necesito tu ayuda amigo.

  21. amigo, he realizado la instalacion varias veces y no logra iniciar.
    la he instalado con la micro sd y no inicia
    la he instalado sin la micro sd y no inicia
    lo instalo con hspl 3 y no inicia
    lo instalo con hspl 4 y no inicia…

    no se que hacer

    dame una ayuda.

  22. Hey Jayce, I have a question. I have successfully installed wp7 on my hd2 and I am able to use internet, windows live services, etc. However, there is a big problem with my memory space. Htere is virtually no space available to do anything else. for example, after a couple text conversations, the phone alerts me about a low memory on the device. When connected to zune on my computer the phone shows 0.0MB available of free space. I’m wondering if there if anyone knows what to do here.

    Also, when in the marketplace, i try to install an application, like youtube or facebook, it informs me that the application info is not available for download.


  23. Completed process successfully to Mango, SD card was in during process.
    Followed steps to unlock card and create FAT32 partition, now HD2 says ‘Storage card not working’
    ‘Your storage card has changed, is damaged or is non-compliant.’……

    Only options on screen are to turn off or make emergency call.

    Have done reset using red button by sd slot, and using MAGLDR reset, restarted with / without card, same screen which I can not get past. Please HELP.

  24. I thought I had to, but I was also considering a dual boot.
    Am re-installing from original …Yuki.., then doing 7720-Patch with no card installed.
    Can I then just insert a new sd card and reset / reboot HD?

  25. Also, when I ran the .bat file, it gave an error message for CHOICE not being a command, so I edited the file to goto S option directly, which worked fine.

  26. hola amigo, el proceso de instalar el mango me daño la micro sd, y no me sirve, he intentado arreglarla con el tutorial pro no he podido, tienes algun video tutorial de como arreglar la micro sd?.. o podrias hacer una tutorial en video ?…
    mil gracias.

  27. Jayce,

    Need your help to solve the following error encountered during installation. It just hanged. Thanks. Paul

    An error has occurred
    Read below for more information

    Error Description: send d000ff partition data failed
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (1279)

    Error Description:
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (956)

  28. Hi Jayce,

    I’m trying to install this WP7 on my HD2. I did everything from the very beginning regarding your tutorials. I’ve got 2.08 HSPL, radio and maldr1.13… all operations are completed with success, but the WP7 i stuck on HTC quietly brilliant screen. I’ve tried to reinstall it several times but nothing gets better. Do you have any ideas for this situation?

    To clarify I’ve tried it on 2 computers – with Vista and W7

    • the same situation is with mine. After few tries MAGLDR is rebooting all the time. I don’t know completly why, because now even this quietly brilliant screen does not appear.

      Jayce maybe now you have any ideas?

      What do you think about comming back to WM6.5 with 3.03 HSPL an than trying again?

      • After making hundreds of HRs, installing everything from the very begining… nothing has changed!

        After installing all components I get:

        Booting WPH
        WPH LOAD
        GO GO GO!

        bum! htc logo appears, and it disappear after one second…

        Booting WPH… again and again…

        Installing Official ROM goes without any problem.

        IMHO there’s some issue with MAGLDR… any ideas?

  29. I was searching through some forums, xda and polish pdaclub including…

    Such issues can happen if we are using ‘wrong’ sdcard. In most cases the best one for this wp7 is Sundisc class 4. Does anyone of you have such sdcard and check it? I’m using some no-name card 8gb also class 4, but as you can see the system cannot load.

    Please give us a sign if this info helped you.


  30. I have noticed that I have serious problem…

    After coming back to official rom, there is problem with making phone calls.
    When I try to call anyone there is terible bzzzz against beep in the speaker! The phone is stuck after pressing ‘red’ button :/ Do you know what can be wrong!?

    I came back to 3.03HSPL

  31. I hav installed android on htc hd2 . Now I want to install Windows mobile 7 mango , when I connect htc to my pc it hang on wait usb,,,,,,
    I think its not showing connected via usb please guide me what to do

  32. A few questions:

    Do I need to do anything with the SD card (Like format or remove) when I do this? (I know I have to back up what I want to keep)

    After I am done will I need to do something to make the SD card accessible in WP7? (I may be thinking of instructions for an older ROM I read)

    Will I have HTC Sense on the phone when I am done installing this ROM?
    Or is it something I can download or get from the Marketplace?

    Thanks. Excited to try it.

  33. Hello Jayce,

    Firstly let me say thanks for all the information you have produced it made installing WP7 very simple and runs perfectly on my HD2. I have access to everything after calling Microsoft and getting my access code.

    Initially I tried a 16gb Duracell SD but this has issues so I gave up with that and tried a Sandisk 2gb card which was perfect!!

    I have a piece of imformation that might interest others, the HTC HD7 WP come pre installed with the Sandisk 16gb SD class 4 so I have bought one for my HD2.

    Obviously the SD runs hand in hand with the HD2 and if removed wont start(well it wont for me) As I have bought the 16gb Sandisk class 4 card I would like to copy the information from my 2gb to my new 16gb but the card is locked of course, I don’t want to mess my installation up but I would like to copy it over without issue, I know I can unlock the 2gb card but will this affect my information installed?

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thanks again Jayce

    kind regards

    Glen Chamberlain

      • Hello Jayce,

        Tried the to unlock) using WP7-Update-Cab-Sender but I get this message:

        ERROR: The installed version of ZuneWMDU (4.8.2345.0) doesn’t match the tool version (4.8.2134.0)

        I was wondering if there is a work round for this maybe duping/rewriting the

        Is this because my WP7 updated? and if so what can I do?

        regards Glen 🙂

    • HI JAYCE..

      With the above mentiond MOD, I see that sometimes, the phones gets hanged and there is no response to any of the HW buttons. Even restarting phone by removing the battery, does not solve the issue. The phone still appears to be stuck/hanged.

      Need your help on the above, Thanks

  34. hi, how open HD2_Updatable_XBmod_Yuki_v2_native folder. i don’t know how and my phone is already deleted everything, pliz help me. thx

  35. I have follow all those step listed… but on the end part…

    My HD2 stuck on the HTC logo(with 4 colorful round icon)screen… have wait for few hour but the window phone 7 screen still didnt appear…!!!


  36. i have try twice already… still stuck on step 4…

    is there any way to make the thing move on further to WP 7 or change the OS to android or back to original OS 6.5…?

    Any advice…?

  37. I got below error message, any advise?

    ╠══════» Updating device

    UpdateWP version 4.8.2345.0

    Applying updates to device
    Id: \\?\usb#vid_045e&pid_0710#a96f73b5-be33-6bd5-f5a6-5801799eb787#
    SN: b5736fa9 – 33bed56b – f5a65801 – 799eb787
    Name: HD2
    KITLName: QSD8XXX02852871
    Manufacturer: HTC
    ModelId: 1
    Model: HD2
    Version: 09.00.09000.00-00000

    Error: ??????? HRESULT: 0x801812C0
    Call stack:
    ? wm7update.Program.UpdateDevice(IDeviceInfo deviceInfo, List`1 updates, Upda
    teType type)
    ? wm7update.Program.Main(String[] args)

    ╚══════» Done
    Press any key to continue . . .

  38. I have followed all the instruction and I have completely flash wp7 on my t mobile hd2, but there is a problem with it. My HD2 reboot itself and i can’t used my touchscreen. I’m using 8gb sandisc class 4 while flashing wp7 on it. what do I need to do?

  39. joy after i’ve installed wp7 on my HTC HD2 it works but when i restart the device then it keep restarting on and on, what shoul i do?

  40. Hey I have a little problem
    when I reboot my device I can´t do anything in the lockscreen, so I cant use my phone
    is there any solution?

  41. Hai Jayce..

    I have installed Windows Phone 7 7004 on my HD2, but when I want to restart my phone, it fail to reload to Windows Phone after MGLDR display..and it will happen repeatedly . The phone will restart itself but cannot open windows phone..Can you explain to me why its happen..??

  42. HI Jayce,

    I had a HTC HD2 in German Langugae, just today updated to the 3.14 RUU. Now i want to have Englis OS on it.. What do you suggest? When in switch on the phone with Volume down button
    It shows SPL 3.03.0000. I really want English.. Want to try this before going to Android. Pls guide me for the same.

  43. HI,
    Insalled the WP7 Twilight.. Seems like its working smooth. I faced some problem with drivers but was able to figure it out and install.. worked like charm!!!

    Now i am planning to INstall Android on my SD card!! Jayce.. let me a know which Android Version to install, which should have all the HTC sense features, WIFI and everything should work properly..

  44. Hi,

    I have a problem after following all the steps.
    Everything went fine just that in the end I get:
    There is a storage error
    your storage card seems to have changed we need you to use the card that came with the phone. Please turn off your phone and make sure your card is properly inserted in the slot. ugh please help.

    What can I do. Someone else said that fixed the issue but didn’t say how.
    My storage card is a kingston 4GB and its true, is not the original that came with the phone.

  45. Hi! I am a noob (As in i have never done stuff like this before) and i bought an hd2 just to try this but when i clicked on the link to download the ROM nothing happened. The link doesn’t seem to be working. Do u know any other sources to download the rom from? Anything would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  46. Hi Jayce,
    Your method and guide given above worked perfectly.

    I wanted to ask is Windows Phone 7 build 7004 XBmod-Yuki ROM v2 this already jailbroken?
    because I wanted to DL apps on pc and install on my hd2 instead of doing the whole activation thing. Could you please advise me

  47. Hey Jayce,
    Umm…I currently have the wm6.5 on my hd2…can I just flash wp7 with that or do I need to flash another wm6.5 rom? Im just incredibly confused! Thanks.

  48. Hi, Please help! I followed the guide but the download to the rom is unavailable. I have all the pre-requisites complete and now cannot do anything without the DWI.exe file.

  49. please if anybody has downloaded Windows Phone 7 build 7004 XBmod-Yuki ROM v2 for HTC HD2 before was closed to contact me and send it to me 🙂

  50. Hi Jayce,…the link for the Windows Phone 7 build 7004 XBmod-Yuki ROM v2 for HTC HD2 that you put over here is not working for me…
    Is there any way to get WP 7 build 7004.

  51. Hello Jayce,

    Currently running my HD2 with the original release of WP7, planning on updating immediately to the unlocked 87 tango release series. I was informed on that page that you just follow the original instructions. My only issue is the download link for is now dead and completely unfindable elsewhere on the net. Is this update still needed? If so are you aware of any other download links for it.


  52. When I try to install the radio and the ROM utility I get an error message 240 cannot open file, check update utility

  53. hi there! i was just wondering if a 2GB sd card will suffice for only WP7 and both android and WP7? may i know the minimum requirement for these two cases? thanks in advance.

  54. Man, can you reupload the link for “Windows Phone 7 build 7004 XBmod-Yuki ROM v2 for HTC HD2” because the link’s for “Hotfile” & “DepositFiles” is down:)

  55. Hey Jayce,
    I have a problem in the ROM i downloaded coz when i run the DWI after i click on ‘next’ once then it appears ‘error.: readme.txt missing’
    I installed it still but its not rebooting… when i try to reboot the htc logo keeps on coming and going.
    Thanks in advance.

  56. The Tango rom is in a different format, .rar with no .cab files, from 7704 rom, please can you direct me to the appropriate section of your excellent instructions to deal with this format, obviously not CAB-sender.

  57. the link file of
    Windows Phone 7 build 7004 XBmod-Yuki ROM v2 for HTC HD2
    is not working, cant download the ROM.
    is therre any other link for it?

  58. the link file of Windows Phone 7 build 7004 XBmod-Yuki ROM v2 for HTC HD2
    is not working, cant download the ROM.
    is therre any other link for it? plesae help me to another link……. iam waiting for your link….please….

  59. there is no video for Install DFT UltraFruit Windows Phone 7.5 Mango 7740 ROM for HTC
    HD2. so please update installing process video.

  60. hi jayce
    i installed Pdaimetejam rom WP 7.5 tango7.10.8773.68…… everything is fine but i have a problem with battery charging.. i am not able to charge battery properly.. for sometime the battery gets charged and then it stops getting charged and then the battery gets over fastly. please tell me the solution for this problem

  61. helppppppppp plsssss it occurs while formating partion 4

    An error has occurred
    Read below for more information

    Error Description: send d000ff partition data failed
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (1279)

    Error Description: block send fail
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (962)

    Error Description: flash write failed.
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (710)

  62. Hi i have a big problem i have flashed my htc hd2 and now the windows phone software is destroyed in web so i have no chance to use the hd2.

  63. The file (link) was also removed …

    Download Windows Phone 7 build 7004 XBmod-Yuki ROM v2 for HTC HD2.

  64. Guys,
    I would like to thank you for your hard work on that. I was planning to dump my HTC but now that I have update it to WPH 7.5 I will keep it.
    Thanks a lot again.

  65. Hi, 🙂
    I cant download the file… :'( i already did all the steps to install this but i cant download the wphone 7 file from that link . Please help me can u give me another link PLEASE!!!!!1
    thanks , GOOD WORK

  66. This may be a silly question, but my phone doesn’t have an SD card in it, never has, (I bought it second hand).
    Now, I have a brand new one, kingston micro sd, that I could put in it. I guess it must need one in it to install mango? But if it never came with one am I going to be able to get past this “insert original sd card” people have mentioned?

    I suppose I don’t really understand the purpose of the sd card, other than to get itself encrypted at the end. Do I have to do anything with it, or just insert the blank card.

    Thank you for your patience.

    • SD card acts as part of internal storage for WP7. You can install WP7 without it but can’t put much apps or files later.

      Just put SD card in before WP7 installation.

  67. HelloHi I was following every step, to install windows phone 7, but the latter has already been removed.

    Install one by one of the following

    How to Install HSPL4 on HTC HD2? (Video)
    How to Install Custom Radio v2.15 ROM on HTC HD2? (Video)
    How to Install MAGLDR v1.13 on HTC HD2? (Video)

    and now I have MAGLDR installed, but I can not download Windows Phone 7 build 7004 XBmod-Yuki ROM v2 for HTC HD2

    Now I can do …… I need help!

  68. Firstly everything work nicely. but then after i restart my phone, screen stuck and cannot do anything, any solution for this?

  69. I installed Windows 7.5 Mango for Leo on my HTC HD 2, when I turned it on it started up showed the DFT logo, then windows mobile logo, after that it says that my SD is not recognised please reset the Phone and I tried to Hard rest it but it still brings up the message and stops there…. please help how can I recover my phone or downgrade t to the customary 6.5.

  70. hi can you help me,,,i done all the things but when a turn it on its stuck at a black screen only the
    aMAGDLR V1.13
    Build: Feb 1 2011 03:46:07
    by Cotulla 2011


  71. Hi Jayce,
    I follow your instruction to instaal WP7 on HTC HD2 (I use T-Mobile)
    But there’s something problem :
    1. When I upgrade radio 2.15, its only stay on 96% at process, after it error massage shown
    2. When I finish install MGLDR 1.13, phone was restart but menu to install via usb didn’t show

    *note :
    – I was using HSPL 2.08
    – My phone’s condition only can enter to bootloader mode (tri-color)

    Any suggestion for my problems?


  72. I successfully installed WP7 on my HD2 after following your steps. Now it doesn’t let me login to windows marketplace. It says it needs an activation code. What to do?

  73. i have done 2 steps radio flash and hspl installation but during windows downloading i got illivid file what is that from where i will get windows please tell me my phone is know completely flashed

  74. i have completely installed windows 7 on my device but while opening market place i am getting error “service unavilable right now check back in a little while”…..

  75. Thanks, thanks, thanks.
    I was desperate because I could not install Android, I had a lot of errors, and the last hope was install windows. The official rom not let install.
    But this rom was the final solution.
    Now I go to try it.

  76. hi jayce….how are you today ?
    all right … but i have a problem with marcketplace…i can not connect into windows live ID ( connexion est echoué )…
    the same problem with internet explorer , i can not open it ?
    help me please 🙁

  77. i have a problem after installing it…
    it’s rebooting on it’s own all the time.It shows me this screen “HTC brilliant” and then it’s rebooting again and again,what’s wrong?

  78. i use Andriod 4.2 NADA all from SD card. can i remove SD card and insert new one and install W 7.8 and use both by switching SD cards ?

  79. Hello . I wonder if anyone could Tell me where to download a stock rom to WP7.5 FOR HTC Eternity PI39100 and process How to install in my phone. I will be grateful much For Help. ( Sorry for my poor english ) My email is

  80. When i enter on DWI i see this
    An error has occurred
    Read below for more information

    Error Description: USB init failed
    Info: .RSPLRSPL.cpp (1198)

    Error Description: EnterBootloader missing
    Info: .RSPLBootLoader.cpp (176)

    any ideea?


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