Download warez in Samsung Apps?

I don’t visit Samsung Apps usually. However, I do visit Samsung Apps once in a while for freebie. Wow… I found out that Air Attack HD, Riptide GP, Samurai II, Roboto, Sprinkle and other games are available to download for free. Android Market has 10 apps at $0.10 for 10 days. Samsung is giving out free. Hopefully, they are not trial / demo version like Gameloft Games.

Warez in Samsung Apps?

More warez?
Modified Riptide GP

After I saw Riptide GP startup logo in the middle… Huh? Korean company develops Riptide GP? Hmm… Look like warez to me because Riptide GP does not have trial / demo version. Anyway, if they are warez, they will be gone in no time.


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