Download NexusHD2-Froyo NAND Android Zip ROM for HTC HD2

Android 2.2.2 Froyo anyone? NexusHD2-Froyo NAND Android is loaded with the latest Froyo (FRG83G) and is based on stock Nexus One which is fast and clean. And using Tytung r2 oldcam Kernel (supports CIFS UTF-8, Wi-Fi MAC address, Yaffs, Ext2/3/4) based on hastarin r8.6 oldcam. The good news ~ this is ClockworkMod Recovery ROM. You can flash it while on the road. But one thing that come short, it should supports SD-EXT but I can’t find my applications in EXT partition on SD card. Bug?

NexusHD2-Froyo on HTC HD2

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Yeah… 720p MP4 video playback is working on this release. Love it… By the way, let me know if you manage to get EXT partition working on this ROM.

Installation guide ~ How to Install NAND Android on HTC HD2 with ClockworkMod Recovery? (Video)

Download NexusHD2-Froyo v1.9G [Kernel: Tytung r2 oldcam] NAND ROM here.


  1. Hello Jayce,

    i’m (ab)using your site daily. many many thanks for this!

    i’ve got one main question though. a lot of the rom doesn’t work on my HD2. It will install by usb or sd, no problem there.
    the point is that most rom get stuck while loading the first time.

    could it be that i’m using a wrong rom version, one that doesn’t support all android roms?

    i’m using a energy rom (stock) before i cooked it with android.

    hoping you could help me out so i can try more clockwork recovery or usb style roms.


      • Hope everything went well in the big move?

        Well, I’m using the following programs

        *Energy.Leo.28244.Sense2.5.NLD.Dec.20 Windows ROM
        *Radio Leo

        Before Clockwork I had the same problem with some ROM installs by USB cable
        The DFT_LEO_NAND_Android ROM works perfect, but JDMS Ultimate, gauner1986 hd-fi nand and most other roms didn’t get pass the splash screen (depending on ROM type)

        Since I’m using Clockwork I’ve got the same problem. Raidroid_HD_HD2_v1.1 and JawsMIUIrec1.0 are working, but the last one isn’t that stylish.
        The same splash screen trouble appears with MDJs_CyanogenMod7_v.1.6_NAND, NexusHD2-Froyo_V1.9G_NAND_signed and jdms-ud3.0

        Is this normal? Did I do something wrong? Or am I being paranoid by Android?

        greetz Yor

        • Each ROM uses different flash.cfg setting. And some ROM might use EXT partition on SD card. Do refer to XDA for more detail. Or if you find any ROM that I tested and you can’t install, let me know. πŸ˜‰

  2. Hi Jayce, I’ve finally got the nandroid build working after redown loading all files and starting from scratch. Everything is working fine but, and there’s always a but, lol. Q, Downloading apps from android market only seems to download to main memory not to SD card. Now the phone memory is full and can’t download anymore πŸ™

    • Move them to SD card manually at Settings – Applications – Manage applications. Select the application that you want to move then click on ‘Move to SD card’.

      Or install NAND Android with A2SD+ support. πŸ˜‰

  3. would u please support me with the working nand rom to be on internal memory for HTC HD2 to be starting and close as andriod ,, support arabic as well

  4. hi jay,i have htc,hd2 n m using it in pakistan.mp4 isnt running on it,i m new to dis set, i think yestersay some file has been deleted by me aftr that m facing dis problem,plz help me

  5. hi jayce,

    i downloaded above rom and flashed it to my htc hd2.
    it works and i liked it, here a few questions abot the rom,

    1. i think battery life is shorter in this rom compared to dft’s nand desire rom. if so, how we can improve battery drainage? do u suggest any apk to save battery for this rom?

    2. i’ve made 2048 mb ext3, now i am installing apks but it reduces my internal memory,
    i also installed, but it did not changed the place of installation.
    i also ran “mode install location” app and chose “external” but nothing changed. 2048 mb a2sd capacity is there but i cannot use it, i’ve still been reducing my internal memory (just 40 mb left) please help me…

    thanks for suggestions,

  6. i have htc hd2 i download android 2.2 software number 2.29.405.5… wifi is working but network internet is not working..although i have data service activated by network provider.

    what to do?


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