Download old bootloader for Samsung Galaxy S3

Just flashed XXELLA firmware and bootloader on Samsung Galaxy S III but don’t like it? It will show red exclamation mark and counter = 1 during boot if you have custom kernel or custom recovery like CWM. Well, you can always install back old bootloader like Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich XXALEF bootloader back. But you might face sudden death issue again which suspected to be solved in this latest XXELLA firmware and bootloader. Anyway, the choice is yours…

I9300XXALE8 Bootloader in Android System Info

How to install old bootloader on Samsung Galaxy S3?
The old bootloader installation process is the same as firmware installation using Odin. You can put the old bootloader tar file on either PDA or BOOTLOADER section. Then flash it. Do visit XDA website if you need more information.

Installation guide – How to install firmware on Samsung Galaxy S3 with Odin? (Video)

Download old bootloader for Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 (ICS XXALEF) here.


  1. Dear Jaycee,

    i do read that new bootloader may cause difficulties in binary count but now i wonder those modified developer roms do include bootloader or not ? and is that means if they didnt include then old will remain or new bootloader need to flash by odin seperately regardless of how ?

  2. Are sure about flashing this old bootloader will replace the XELLA one? Because on XDA thread, they say you need to flash an ICS rom, then update by OTA to JB. This OTA contains the JB bootloader, which reportedly would “break” the XELLA bootloader. Hence you flash this old bootloader, which would “break” the JB one. Thanks in advanced!

  3. A question, please Jayce.
    When you update from ICS to other JB by OTA or Odin PC (not XXELLA), is your bootloader modified? Because many friends of mine who are at Jelly Bean have ICS bootloader, it seems to be ICS because Android Systems Info on bootloader says LG2, LE6, LF3, which are ICS pda.

  4. Hi,

    I am in stock LLC (4.1.2) with bootloader version is I9300XXELLC. This is the new bootloader right?

    Before this official OTA update, I was in stock LK1 (4.1.1). This would have had the old bootloader right? Is there a way to check which bootloader I would have been in LK1 and how to revert to that?


  5. hi ,i have question my decice is s3 gt-i9300 1.5 gb ram n 1.5 gh cpu 16 gb memory i have on downloading mode says on product name :1747m current biniary:custom system:custom and a red writing says : warranty bit :1 bootloader rp swrev:2 what should i do to get rid of it so i can instal firmware cause it like blooking mefrom instale for example 4.3 jeally bean please reply thanx

  6. hi. my s4 hardbricked i cracked my bootloader by installing inlock apps. after my device dead. no charge,no recogize in pc,no download mode??? plz help me to fix ths??


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