How to install update zip on Nexus 4 with CWM?

Yeah… It’s time to colour up your Google Nexus 4. Yes, install custom modification to speed up performance, improve user experience, overclock, undervolt and a lot more… Besides, you can also change the way of Nexus 4 by installing custom theme and boot animation too. Sound good, right? Yes, but always make a Nandroid backup Nexus 4 with CWM first before try out any custom modification. Else your Nexus 4 might end up in bootloop.

Install custom mod on LG Nexus 4

How to install update zip on Nexus 4 with CWM?

  1. Copy the update zip file that you plan to install into Nexus 4 internal storage (sdcard).
  2. Boot into Nexus 4 CWM.
  3. Select install zip from sdcard.
  4. Select choose zip from sdcard.
  5. Select 0/ (other number if multiusers).
  6. Select your update zip file.
  7. Select Yes – Install your update zip file.
  8. Select +++++Go Back+++++ when finished.
  9. Finally, select reboot system now.
  10. That’s it.

Enjoy your new installed mod on Google Nexus 4.


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