Download OnLive apk for Android

Play console-class games on Android tablet or phone? Yes, you can do so with OnLive cloud gaming technology. With OnLive, gamers have instant access to console-class games, running on OnLive’s powerful servers in the cloud, and streaming video to your tablet or phone. Sound great? Yup, but too bad that OnLive is available in North America and UK for the moment. Coming to Europe and Asia soon. I tried OnLive in Malaysia with TM Streamyx 4 Mbps (the fastest Internet connection that I can get at my place). Received ‘Network Quality Problem ~ Your connection to the Internet is not sufficient to provide good video quality’. Err… I need to wait until Q3 2012 in order to enjoy faster 25 Mbps UniFi Internet connection at my place. Maybe I can enjoy OnLive cloud gaming then…

OnLive cloud gaming

Download OnLive at Android Market here or apk here.



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