Download Samsung Android USB Driver for Windows

Want to transfer file between your Samsung Galaxy smartphone and Windows PC? You will need Samsung Android USB Driver for Windows then. Besides, you need that too if you plan to use Odin3 to root your Galaxy devices like Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Galaxy Note 5. Or install firmware on them. Well, your Windows should have these required USB drivers if you already install Samsung Kies. Else you can download Samsung USB Driver and install it directly. In short, these USB drivers mean for developers who developing on Windows and want to connect Samsung Android device to development environment over USB. But end users can use it also to enhance our Galaxy devices with Odin3…

Personally, I recommend user to install Samsung Kies which will install these USB drivers for you too. It is a useful tool to transfer music, contacts and photos. Make backup and restore of your important data and settings. Finally, update to latest firmware and sync wirelessly from your Galaxy phone or tablet. Else you can always download the standalone package of Samsung USB Driver here.


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