How to install Windows Phone 7 on HTC HD2? (Video)

HTC HD2 is going to be phone of the year 2011 again. It came with Windows Mobile 6.5 in year 2009 and running Android 2.2 Froyo on SD card on year 2010. Just got NAND Android treatment last month. And here come Windows Phone 7 on HTC HD2. Who dare to say that 5 buttons’ HTC HD2 cannot support Windows Phone 7 now?


  • HSPL3 ~ SPL-2.08.HSPL
  • Radio that support 576 RAM

Note – by installing MAGLDR, you cannot boot into Windows Mobile 6.5 anymore. And do backup your SD card data. Windows Phone 7 will create 2 partitions on SD card during installation. 200MB will be left for PC access, the rest for Windows Phone 7. If you don’t have HSPL3, please install it by follow the guide ~ How to Install HSPL3 on HTC HD2? (Video). And install radio ROM 2.15 with this guide ~ How to Install Custom Radio ROM on HTC HD2? (Video). Are you ready to turn your HTC HD2 into HTC HD7? Okay, let’s get started…

Step by Step Guide

  1. Press volume down button (don’t let go) and power on your phone.
  2. It will load into bootloader.
  3. You should get ‘Red, Green, Blue and White’ screen with SPL-2.08.HSPL.
  4. Connect USB cable from PC to phone.
  5. Open DFT_LEO70_RELEASE.rar with 7-Zip.
  6. Copy LEO70_ROM, MAGLDR112 folders and readme.txt to desktop.
  7. Enter MAGLDR112 folder.
  8. Right click on ROMUpdateUtility and select ‘Run as administrator’.
  9. Click ‘Yes’ if User Access Control prompt up.
  10. Follow onscreen instructions to install.
  11. Phone will be rebooted after installation finished.
  12. Disconnect USB cable from phone.
  13. Then hold power button and don’t let go.
  14. DFT MAGLDR Bootloader will be loaded.
  15. Use volume down button to go down to 5. USB Flasher.
  16. Then press call button to load USB Flasher mode.
  17. Connect USB cable from PC to phone.
  18. At PC, Enter LEO70_ROM folder.
  19. Right click on DWI and select ‘Run as administrator’.
  20. Click ‘Yes’ if User Access Control prompt up.
  21. Follow onscreen instructions to install.
  22. Disconnect USB cable from phone after installation finished.
  23. Follow onscreen instructions to setup Windows Phone 7 settings.
  24. That’s all.

Download LEO “Stock” NAND Windows Phone 7 ROM DFT_LEO70_RELEASE.rar here.

Bye bye Android 2.2 Froyo and hello Windows Phone 7…


  1. what I mean is that can we use windows 7 & android on the same time just like we use windows 6.5 while booting & then by launching android by the android launcher.

  2. Is this the version that does not allow Windows Live connections?

    I have read a few reviews and it looks as though pretty much all functionality is available.

    If I may ask, before I install the OS, what features of Windows Phone 7 are not available in this NAND release? In other words, what relies on a Windows Live connection and therefore will not work?

  3. How about a little credit for the news? Haha jk but I got it working perfectly love it except for the marketplace but I play Xbox alot so its not so bad and also the interface is incredible.

  4. hi jayce, i have read in the video that at the time of first booting ,it formats the sd card and utilizes it’s memory.
    let me know what if i remove the sd card and insert another sd card and reboot will it boot or not .
    else will it show the memory of the second sd card.

  5. above u said that we need to use another sd card for the android why is it so.
    why can’t we use the same sd card for the android just like we use in windows 6.5

    • well, as discussed before, you wont be able to but, you can make a backup (and should because it part.s and erases everything) or just have a seprate sd card for android but as of right now, no you cant dual or tri boot os’s yet.

  6. Hi Guys,

    I now tried to flash the wm7 on my T-mobile HD2. I see that there is a Error [262] Update Error. I have a question. Will this not work for T-Mobile HD2? If yes, then whats the other alternative or if this is just hapening with my phone….how can i fix this an upgrade my phone to windows 7. 🙁 🙁 🙁


  7. To be very clear, I have upgraded my T-mobilr HD2 with the ROM version 3.14.531.1 few months back. Please assist me on how to fix the Error 262 error and get Wm7 on my phone. Please Please. I have been waiting for this release for quite a sometime and this doesn;t seem to work 🙁

  8. Dear Jayce,

    Will all the apps in windows market place that work in win 6.5 work in Win 7 too?

    I do have some paid apps, TouchPro task manager, GRemote Pro, Panaromic Financial Calculator etc … do you think it will work in Win 7.

    I was preparing myself to go NAND Andorid and was going thru all your posts on that… and then bang here comes Win 7 ! now am confused…

    … shuld i wait for some time so Win 7 will be more perfected for HD2 and till that time play around with NAND android…?

    btw nice choice of backgroud music for the video…;) suits the mood… of the excitment to see Win 7 running on HD2!

    Thanks all your tips,


  9. Dear Jayce,

    You have done a good stuff. I am interested to migrate to WP7 as you described the WP7 is working well on HD2. Please tell me that whether my old apps of WM 6.5 will work on WP7 operating system or not?



  10. Hi Jayce,
    Thanks for the step by step instructions to install WP7 in HTC HD2. Its like a dream comes true for me. I need a help from you. Can you please tell me about “How to enable 3G data conn after installing WP7 in HTC HD2 ” . Currently I went to Settings -> Cellular -> then create a “New APN” and it works now. But is there a standard way to fix the 3G connection?

    • That’s should be the way. I am trying to find a permanent 3G connection only solution. I don’t want auto 2G / 3G connection. Too bad, still can’t find any…

    • Hi Jayce,
      Thank you for the quick response. I have 1 more doubt. When I connect the USB in my phone( WP7 in HTC HD2), my PC is not detecting the phone. How to see the data in the memory card or how to add some data for eg., songs in the memory card! Can you help me please!!!!

  11. Hi. I followed all the instructions and I installed the HSPL 3 and radio and MAGLDR 1.1 but when I click on DWI.eve I get an error message that states:

    An error has occurred
    Read below for more information

    Error Description: USB init failed
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (1198)

    Error Description: EnterBootloader missing
    Info: .\RSPL\BootLoader.cpp (176)

    Can you please help me out. I have no idea what to do from here.

  12. hi Jayce, would u make a camcorder review for HD2 running 720p ? by default HD2 in winmo limit to 640×480, while android was 800×480 , Im eagerly to see how the camcorder quality in WP7 :),

  13. please help didnt innstall all the way and now fone is stuck on dft screen and i cant change it i hold volume down and computer cant read it please help

  14. please help im freaking out fone stuck on dark force team im guesing didnt finish installing please reply i know its late but please some one

  15. im sorry im posting so much but when i download any rom i dont get a zip file i get RUU_Leo_HTC_WWE_1.66.405.2_Radio_Signed_15.30.50.0¶
    7U_2.06.51.07_Ship estension thing and im confused and scared

  16. i have htc hd2 t mobile usa i was installing windows 7 and download failed i try to restore back to windows 6.5 and the first time it was working almost then fail second time it says now it says not allow 0028002 please help and ignore most other my panic messages

  17. damn even the official one taking an hour on loading do i have to hold the volume down during load or am i doing sumthing wrong i followed all instructions

  18. Hi Jayce,

    I got everything installed and everything looks great. but I dont have any data connection. When I check Cellular under settings, it both the Data Connection and 3G are on.

  19. T-Mobile HD2 here. While running the ROMUpdateUtility, the phone and update see each other however, when the phone goes to the HTC boot screen, the progress stays a 0%, in the ROMupdate tool and phone. It eventually fails after 5 or so minutes.

    On battery eject and reboot, the phone boots into 6.5 fine.

    Any ideas?
    tks – Jeff

  20. Thank you Jayce, I understand now.

    I am currently running SPL-2.10. I will see if I can figure out how to downgrade.

    Thank you again!

  21. “rom code error please try again” computer notices the hd2 but when i try to update with official tmobile rom the hd2 loads to update scrren but stays on 0 percent and after 5 min i get error 626 on the computer and makes me try the update again leoimg.nbh didnt work any ideas

  22. Hello,

    I installed hspl3, installed magldr112. But when I restart my htc (and keep on pressing on the power button) all that happen is: nothing 🙂

    I keep on seeing the white HTC screen: that’s it.

    I tried to reinstall magldr112 already, but that did not help (I still can access bootloader screen).

    Thanks for your help!


  23. Hi,

    I called MS and got an activation key from them. After I enter the key (with my existing Zune liveID – I did not create a new Live ID, I used the one I already use on my Zune), I tries to install an app:

    I get this error message everytie:

    “Can’t get this info right now. Check back in a little while”


  24. Hi

    Getting stuck at the Go GO GO bit. It does that, then back to the white Htc logo screen then repeats the 1234 Go Go Go! bit again. Any idea??

    p.s your a big help 🙂

  25. Hi jay
    I’ve install magldr on my phone but is stuk on htc logo. I’ve pressed off button, nothing please, my phone is stuck on htc logo after magldr I dindn,t run like administrator. Now I can’t connect to xp with USB
    Help, thx

      • thank you koen.
        i’ve search on the net and on xp i’ve uncheck the usb connection in activesync. i’ve manage to connect with pc and to install rom 1.66, and then i realized that the radio is 2.06, not 2.15. my mistake.
        i will give another try.
        thank you very much for your support

      • I’ve managed to install wp7. I like it. Now i want to unlock but all the software is for vista or win7 and i have xp. Any help? Txphx

  26. I dl wp7 for my hd2 with no trouble the only issue I have is it is not reading my memory card and I do not know how to free any space do you know of any thing that can help

  27. Hi jayce…I dloaded the windows 7 setup for my hd2…but m not bale to install it…it gives some error…my ROM version is 3.14.720.3 and radio version is 2.15…

    I have heard that it requires HSPL 3… and need to downgrade the ROM as well..
    How do i go ahead?? Please help as m little new here…

  28. hi, I installed windows phone 7 and I didnt really like so i went back to 6.5. I am just wondering how can I return my memory card back to normal. I tried through the CMD but it wouldnt let me type anything when I had the memory card in the computer, can you pleae tell me if there are any other methods?

  29. cnt able to install win 7 on htc hd2
    first i install hspl
    radio 2.15
    then MAGLDR
    all above done
    bt when installing win 7
    then error come

    An error has occurred
    Read below for more information

    Error Description: USB init failed
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (1198)

    Error Description: EnterBootloader missing
    Info: .\RSPL\BootLoader.cpp (176)

    wat should i do now for either getting back the old win 6.5 or win 7
    tell me please
    i am having my htc hd2 bought from canada . ,wat should i do now sir please tell me .?

      • actually wen in load MAGDLR aftr that i was ready to install win 7 on my phone do 2 times nxt nxt den suddenly error com uP .. same error .. that i mentioned earlier

          • Yes Sir . i install everything by playing video side by side . of HSPL , RADIO , MAGLDR , WIN 7 , everything was ok till MAGLDR , wen strted downloading WIN& found the error ..

            a Ques .. cn i install WIN 7 aftr Radio .. is it compulsary to download MAGLDR .

            Revert me Back with my both the queries pLease ..

              • please tell me hspl , radio and magldr correct versions .
                so that i can get win 7 in my htc hd2 .
                is incorrect version of radio is the reason for that error ..?

                • HSPL3, radio 2.15 and MAGLDR 1.12 (or above). Below errors might caused by incorrect unzip of the ROM and did not run ROMUpdateUtility as administrator.

                  Error Description: USB init failed
                  Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (1198)

                  Error Description: EnterBootloader missing
                  Info: .\RSPL\BootLoader.cpp (176)

                    • I want to install Windows phone 7 on WinPhone 6.5 (HTC HD2)

                      My Current ROM Details are:
                      OS Version: 5.2.21913
                      Manila Version: 2.5.20181527
                      ROM Version: 3.14.720.3
                      Radio Version:
                      Red, Green, Blue and White’ screen with SPL-3.03.0000 XE
                      (Even after installing HSPL 4, it is showing the same)

                      I was successfully able to install HSPL 4.0 and MAGLDR 1.13

                      then tried to install Radio 2.15 (in Admin mode). Progress bar was there in 0% and didnt progress…. 🙁

                      Since my Current Radio Version is also 2.15, I tried to skip this step and install MAGLDR113, that also hanged at 0% (admin mode) and could not progress much

                      Please guide me the right software and location to download for my phone configuration and suggest me to complete the installation successfully.

                      I am from India, what else are required for me during the installation or after the installation (other than live id)…

    • actually in more detail after i have done the rom update utility my phone wont reboot, i can still connect it to the computer after that in the bootrom. Do this mean i have MAGLDR installed already and should i proceed with the next step?

      • dw fixed it and installed, thanks alot mate for this, i was annoyed with myself after i didnt wait for the htc hd7 but this has made it all better 🙂

  30. Hello, if i convert from android NAND to win7, will all my data in the phone, such as contacts, be erased? Or is there any way i can convert to win7 without compromising my data?

  31. So I finished with installing windows 7 on my HTC hd2 and having trouble setting it up with Zune…could you make guide on how to do so?

  32. Hi Jayce,

    In your opinion what is the best to use Andriod on HD2 or WM7 from all perspective, and if Andriod is better than WM7, can you send me the link to the Andriod ROM, I will change according to your opinion 🙂

    And by the way, many thanks for your updates and your efforts for making HD2 work for all OS, I really Appreciate it

  33. Hi, I installed wm7 on my HD2 and I have problem with SD card… My card is full of music and picture but in mobile I have nothing. Can u help me? And another question, what do you think is better, wm7 or android 2.2?? Thanks a lot

  34. I was Just wondering if there is anyway to reset wp7 . Like erase all my info off the phone … And if I could just do it through the phone itself

  35. Hi,

    MS just released an update for WM7 (Feb Update). I have installed WM7 on my HD2 and today I tried to install the new update, but at the end zune gave me an error message saying that my phone registry settings are wrong and therefore it cant install the updates.



  36. Hi there friends! I’m using now the windows phone7 and my HTC HD2 is couple of time faster than before with my old windows mobile 6.5.5,but there are several little problems. The first one problem is; This rom is not avaible into dutch language. And the second is; When I used my cable for active sync to update my phone than computer said; Update not posible because he gives a false code,and the third problem is; I cannot use Xbox Live games play,and I don’t know how to do to download because it’s not even posible!

    Greetz, Bertus

  37. Jayce,

    Can you help me about this, I am trying to install the Arabic language to the Android 2.2 (HD2), it always show the letters separated and the alignment is from left to right instead of right to left, do you have any solution for that?


      • Hi again,

        Sorry for my questions, but I am new to Android and it’s development area, I used to develop and do whatever I want on Windows Mobile and can’t do anything on the Android, I got the way on how to correct the Arabic language, it is requesting to run root explorer which I already installed, but whenever I am running the Root Explorer it says that I won’t be able to use it since the permission for the su is not granted and I can’t allow it, can you please guide me how to give permission to that application or any other application on su since I noticed it is already there with this ROM.

        Can you also provide me a link to the best SDK for this version that works perfectly on HD2


  38. Hi i installed everything exactly as it was described in the Prerequisites and then installed W7 as instructed and everything went without a hitch.

    The problem i have now is that the phone will switch on and it gives me around 30 seconds of life and then reboots itself. It doesn’t seem to matter what i do (play with it or leave it alone) it will just keep going round and round in a reboot cycle.

    Has anyone come across this problem and how do you fix it?

    Please help.

  39. hi

    i am trying to install win 7 in my hd2, but i have some problem

    when i install ROMUPDATEUTILITY.exe there is no problem with installation of ROMUPDATEUTILITY.exe but when moble restarted i hold the power button but it stuck on HTC screne. i repeat it several time but every time same error accured.
    plz help me i want to use win 7 on my hd2….

  40. hi guys hope some can help, i have the HD2 from O2, i followed the steps and installed the prerequistes as instructed, after i hadsuccessfully install the MAGLDR 1.13 i rebooted with my finger left on the power button but my phone freezes on the o2 boot screen.

  41. Hi Jayce,
    What´s the better Android Distribution ???
    Wha´ts you recommend for HTC HD2… ???
    I wanna a SO that be beauty and fully graphics effects, what´s the better ???

    What´s your favorite ??

    Thank you Friend…..
    I follow you everyday….

    i wanna your idea…


  42. i have a HTC Desire HD right now. can i change this Android phone into WP7 platform?
    would the Android system still running on it after the platform was changing?

    • Hi Arif,
      i Installed WP 7 at my HTC and i like the interface and graphics, but i dislike the engine of how install applications becouse need activation code and i stay in Brazil and here don´t has WP7,
      So android is more flexible than WP 7, and i can´t run the update of february at my phone……

  43. Hey I have a t-mobile phone with a 2.10 hspl. I know that the u.s. is different then the others out there but is there a link or something that could provide me with the right steps to install WP7?

  44. I just finished installing windows 7 onto my hd2, but now I am unable to use either of my sd cards for music or movie storage. is there a way around this to use my sd cards while using the windows 7 rom?

      • I downloaded the Zune software, but now when I try to transfer music or any type of file its saying there isnt enough space. I tried putting in a different sd card, but the card wouldnt get detected to increase the memory. Any idea’s??

          • I used a 2gb SD card while installing WP7, which left me with no space. Then i tried using a 16gb SD card after the install was complete, but it wouldnt be detected.

  45. hey jayce, thanks for your help about the magldr. now i want to ask about something. well,i installed nandroid on my hd2, and so i want to install wp7 also. if i install this, how about the nandroid i have?? is it still there or do i have to install the nandroid again??

  46. You rock. Thanks for writing this. I had initially planned to move from WinMob6.5 to Android, but after hours of fiddling around I gave up. This article worked, I checked my pre-requisites and it took 10-15minutes and it was all done. WinMob7 = win!
    Thanks again.

  47. Hello Jay,

    I have tried the same step, however, it is getting stuck @ 0% and then 262 error. This mobile is locked. Is there any way that I can install Win 7?

  48. sry….now iinstall wp7 is work…but i wan back to nandroid i follow all instruction…..Error Description: USB init failed
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (723) cant connet…something wrong???

  49. jayce…. i tired to romove to wan back DFT_android.. i follow all instruction..5.usb flash..then connet usb to pc…then click DAF.exe but connetion( usb error) like i tell u b4 up post there…how joyce…?pls answer

  50. Hi bro iv installed wp7 on hd2 but when i save any thing on it it says no memory
    And when i take a pic it says no memory and olso when i save contacts its the same is there any thing to get rid of it

  51. The memory eshu is dobe just done my phone to factory setting and now it cool but now u now how to active ur market place and xbox live give me an adia witch is safe and esay but it should work in bahrain

  52. well i done the wp7 and now it says theres ana update so can i do it via zune or no and whats about the nudo or nodo update for hd2 plz tell me fast because im soo cunfiusd

  53. i’ve tried to install magldr 113 and it gives me error 262 connection
    and when i’ve tried to install win phone 7 on it it gives me this:
    “An error has occurred
    Read below for more information

    Error Description: USB init failed
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (1198)”
    i already have a win ph7 on it but i want to install a new one
    i have:
    a hd2 europe, not tmous with 1024
    PB81100 HX-BC
    SPL-2.08. HSPL 8G XE
    i’ve installed the one from cotulla
    and magldr 112 on it
    So the problem is i can’t install a new magldr and neither a new win ph 7 on it. What can a do? pls reply

  54. thx for the advice jayce…it was a problem regarding the pc not the phone, cuz i’ve rein stalled the windows on the pc and it worked:D
    PS: keep on the good work 😉

  55. Hi Jayce,

    Just installed WM& and wanted to try to sync Outlook with it.
    My Vista computer can’t find a driver for the phone.
    Any ideas how I can fix this?


  56. hey jayce. im having problem here. i was updating my radio to it all went well until 96% then it said error. then i have to do the steps to reflash it. but then when i wanted to switch on my phone, it didnt and it cant switch on. help me…

  57. hey jaycee thnx for ur help dude…

    i have installed everything on the last step, whn i had to install andriod the file dint work and gave me this mesg:

    Readme.txt for this release is missing

    and on the next page it said:

    An error has occurred
    Read below for more information

    Error Description: Config load failed.
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (725)

    Error Description: CONFIG: can’t open config file
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (304)

    now i cant even start my phone, trying to look for andriod or windows 7 file bt aint getting any plz help coz i have installed everything jus on the last step…

  58. pls upload
    •HSPL3 ~ SPL-2.08.HSPL
    •Radio that support 576 RAM
    on an other uploading site like megaupload or so because i cant download them with mcafee site advisor
    pls reply

  59. thnx jayce for ur preivious help i have windows 7 on my phone now, bt there is another problem… everytime i try to install apps from market place this msg pops up:

    cant get this info check back in a little while

    i googled it for solution bt no ans… i cant dwnld ne apps.. my phone is hd2… please help.. thnx.. tc..

  60. hey bro whn i was doing the last step of leo70_rom and whn i i selected usb flasher mode …. some error came its said

    Error Description: USB init failed
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (1198)

    Error Description: EnterBootloader missing
    Info: .\RSPL\BootLoader.cpp (176)”
    now the phone starts and stops at DFT what to do plss help fast ….

  61. now when i start my phone it comes 123456…. go go go thn the symbol DFT and its stucks there … pls tell me how to go back to usb flash mode

  62. hey thnx alot brother.. did the last step also … now a new problem….. after every thing is something and whn it says to restart the phone .. i did tht and then tht windows phone symbole came thn phone shuts down ….and whn we start it again happens tht …. what to do ?

  63. whn its ahow the windows phone symbol thn its should load right …. but my phone doesnt load its power goes off… and thn whn we start it start frm again and again this happens .. happens every time …

  64. its had started and got to know the battery was low and .. and have a problem with battery ….. and brother i appreciate your help thank you very much brother … 🙂 if there is any problem after i get a new battery i’ll inform you ok man :).. and bro can you add me on facebook … whats your fb username..???

  65. Hi Jaycee,
    Great Instructions! however, ive encontered a problem when Im trying to update rom utility…it gives me an “error 208”. Does that mean that my utility is up to date?



      • Thanks for the prompt reply. While Im trying to perfomr the first step, ROM Updtae Utility, I get this:

        ERROR [208]: FILE OPEN
        The Update Utility can not open the requested file. Please check you Update utility.

        Do you know what could be causing this error that does not allow me to do the update? Your how-to videos are awesome. Thanks for the help.


          • I looked up the error code and you are right, it said something about re-dowloaling the file and attempting it again however, i didnt have any luck. I did run it as an administrator though. I will try it again and let you know if I was successful.

            Thank you very much for your prompr replies. I have never gotten help so fast from anyone online, including forums. I appreciate your help. Take care.


  66. Hi,
    I rly need help.
    I installed wp 7 on my htc hd 2, use it for a while and then it crashed .
    When I was turning phone on there was written ….. fatal error .
    Now it won’t start, even when charging the orange led is off.
    Sorry for my English .

  67. glad i follow thru your steps and installed win7, works greats, run smooth, only problem is when i try to do an update it wont also update and when i try to download apps tells me cant connect or some type of error, oh while typing this phone restarted twice and now it wont even turn on had to take out battery, do you know what causing that?

    also do you have a link where i can install the newest andriod instead of win7?

  68. hi jaycee wanna thank you for your help so far.Please i installed widows7 on my hd2 with my sd card inserted.when it booted,i could not see it on the phone and when i inserted in a usb,it shows memory card is 16gb.what do i do.

  69. Hi jaycee,my Hd2 shuts down unexpectedly of recent.i have installed a the roms available,and i have even gone back to the one that came with the phone but still it does the same thing.Please what can i do?

  70. Hi Jayce,
    I recently installed WP7 over android on my HD2 but without the sdcard in..when I place the sd card in, and connected usb to computer, it doesnt get found.
    Is there a way to ‘move’ WP7 to the sd memory rather than phone memory.. I was considering going back to android ROM then re installing windows?

    Ps I saw your reviving thread, is this what I should try?

    Many thanks,

  71. Hy…i’ve installed yuki’s mango 7720 back to the future version of mango on my hd2 and now i want to come back to android again but i can’t unlock the sd card. The sd formater 3.0 doesen’t find any devices when i select mass storage. When i was using win ph 7 not mango it worked. What could i do?

  72. Hi Jayce forgive this perhaps way behind time question but I have at my disposal a HTC HD2 cell and want to instal W7 instead of the 6.5 currently running! What do I need begining with stage 1 please until I have all there is for the work to commence? Also the SD card, what is the best memory advantage and speed to go for? Does it matter if the cell as the android op sys to be changed to W7 as opposed win 6.5, is the installation different or require differentprogram or software?? If you could lay it out for me in laymans terms and where I can get ALL the necessary files will be much appreciated! Once done I will state my findings, OH I have read some of the comments etc – but unless I get itfrom stage one, I am a little lost? If you want my email directly that may help you please ask? Thanks for your hardwork and efforts.

  73. my HD2 is still running on window 6.5 professional. Just want to upgrade to win 7. is the win 7 stable or still sometime ‘hang’ ? Pls adv and how to do to ensure there is no ‘hang’ after installation of the win 7 on the hd2 ?

  74. I have downloaded w7 on my htc hd2 but i cant connect it to my computer, or access my files i wanted to put music and pix on my phone. Dont know what the problem is, please help.

  75. Jayce! ur reputation preceeds u and this is why i would like to seek ur help this moment. pls i would like to make my HTC HD2 T8585 , which currently has WM6.5, a dual boot by installing an android OS with it. kindly assist me with the step-by-step procedures. my device configs are as follow:

    os version: 5.2.21869(21869.5.0.82)
    manila version: 2.5.19211619.0
    rom version: 1.48.405.2(71294)WWE
    radio version: 2.05.51_2
    flash size: 512mb
    protocol version:
    spl: 2.08.hspl

    so, ur reply will be higly respected and appreciated. Many thanks.

  76. Hi thanks very much for the android rom . About DFT LEO70 rom is every think working like marketplace & also can we be able to sync contacts from Microsoft Outlook, if not any other way get contacts from outlook to HD2 with WP7. I am flashing WP7 rom for the first time is this rom DFT LEO70 perfect (as i am contacting you on 23-09-2011) or any other if there please give me link to download. And also going back to Windows 6.5 is same from android like flashing a windows 6.5 rom.

  77. Have installed Leo on my HTC-HD2 but am unable to get W7 to recognise it?? Have tried Motrola usb drivers for the SVC E500 that it thinks it is but with no joy

    Any advice?????


  78. hello Jayce,
    thank you for the support, as per the instruction i have installed windows-7 on my htc hd2 everything worked well but i have no idea how to take snaps and store things on my sd card unlike android everything is so user freindly can u help me with more info
    thank you

  79. Hi J!
    Followed your instuctions and installed Windows 7 on my HD2 and it worked out fine.
    Just a “minor” problem! When I reboot the phone and get asked to enter code for the SIM-card the numeric keypad on the screen doesn’t work. ;o(

  80. Hey Jayce, I have a question. I have successfully installed wp7 on my hd2 and I am able to use internet, windows live services, etc. However, there is a big problem with my memory space. Htere is virtually no space available to do anything else. for example, after a couple text conversations, the phone alerts me about a low memory on the device. When connected to zune on my computer the phone shows 0.0MB available of free space. I’m wondering if there if anyone knows what to do here.

    Also, when in the marketplace, i try to install an application, like youtube or facebook, it informs me that the application info is not available for download.


  81. yeah i done that and it brings me on the the 3 coloured screen but i want to get on to the other bootloader from which i can install windows 7 because when i turn my phone on it goes to the htc logo and it stays there even tho i hold the power button like it says to do on step 13, i have done all the other steps sucessfully but this one isnt working,

  82. hi jayce, im having problems with win 7 mobile after installation phone reboots i get black screen with htc logo on and that is as far as it goes tried hard reset and soft reset, battery pull also checked radio and hspl3 versions and all are correct….please help

  83. I tried to install WP7 on my hd2. I ve done all the installations as they should. when the phone restarted I got the following message: Booting WPH, WPH load, 1EFatal hit 1.
    Please help, what should I do???

  84. thx for the stuff.. im having a data connection problem though. after the installation wasnt able to use the web, email or anything that requires data services without wifi.. any ideas?? thx again!

  85. Hello Jayce,

    How can I install Windows 7.5 (aka Mango) on my HTC HD2. Currently I have Windows Mobile 6.5. where can I get the latest bootloader and WP 7.5 to install it.

    Plus how to enable Xbox Live after installation?

    Thanks a lot!

  86. Download LEO “Stock” NAND Windows Phone 7 ROM DFT_LEO70_RELEASE.rar here……when I click here it goes to something else I completed all the steps all I need is this part how do I get the download?

  87. Hello Jayce! I like your post and quick replies, will be glad if u reply me soon,

    Im having problem using MagLDR….
    im using MAGLDR113_DAF,

    I downloaded it from another site, it had windows7 leo, and other stuff, I installed HSPL, and Radio etc….

    when i install rom update utility from MAGLDR folder, it completes at 100% and then black screen and my phone reboots, i disconnect usb and hold power button but nothing happens. it gets stucked at boot screen of O2/HTC welcome and nothing happens

    Please help me out

  88. hi. I have instaled wp7.5 on my htc hd2 but now I instaled wp6.5 back but now my memory card is not working…. can someone help me??? when i put it in my notebook hi dont recognize it ( my phone also ) thx….. p.s sorry for my bad englisch…..

  89. Hey jayce ooi u should put up a new tutorial for the wp7 mango, i tried the yukimod one wp7 very unstable, all they said is the forum is to change the class of the sd card to class 4 or 6… luckily i didn’t change it coz now i using hd20/ dft mango. very very good and stable . plus this rom already hacked no nid to cab like yuki. About the registration code or activation code , u can get from here , click on General Inquiries about Microsoft Products and Services or Genuine Advantage Questions to activate online chat with staff, just type out ur problem lke htc hd7 activation code needed to access window live acc. the staff probabbly will generate a new code for u, coz i alrd activate two of my hd2, cheer~

  90. Hi Jayce,

    I managed to follow the following steps

    Now, the phone is on the start up page. Displays an “O2 Welcome” logo and nothing seems to be happening after that.

    Any ideas?

    • Press volume down button (don’t let go) and power on your phone.
      It will load into bootloader.
      You should get ‘Red, Green, Blue and White’ screen with SPL-2.08.HSPL.
      Connect USB cable from PC to phone.
      Open DFT_LEO70_RELEASE.rar with 7-Zip.
      Copy LEO70_ROM, MAGLDR112 folders and readme.txt to desktop.
      Enter MAGLDR112 folder.
      Right click on ROMUpdateUtility and select ‘Run as administrator’.
      Click ‘Yes’ if User Access Control prompt up.
      Follow onscreen instructions to install.
      Phone will be rebooted after installation finished.

        • I think its useless to install WP7 on HD2, because its not as good as it works on HD7.
          calling Green button will turn on ur Camera, and then another stupid thing is u cant connect to pc using mASS storage and u cant even use memory card with it, no songs even if u connect it using zune software, u cant copy songs. because it shows memory full, best option is Android froyo one like desire hd 🙂

          • No idea what your talking about here ZNYQ. But the functionability is fine. Sounds to me like your card isn’t compatible with WP7 thats why you have a storage issue. I would advise looking over Xbmod And Yuki’s Back to the Future Wp7 ROM. Its by far the most stable and updateable via Zune to Mango 7740.
            WP7 stopped mass storage and now use Zune to add files. If you select the right Country on the install to what country your Zune is the connectivity is fine.

            Running WP7 on my HD2. It’s fine. Bar you need to hack your registry for A fix to the battery level indicator. And the camera on Call button was removed and can be set to anythin you like.

  91. Press volume down button (don’t let go) and power on your phone.
    It will load into bootloader.
    You should get ‘Red, Green, Blue and White’ screen with SPL-2.10.HSPL.
    Connect USB cable from PC to phone.
    but my phone doesnot shows usb in bootloader

  92. Hi Jayce, I’ve followed your instructions until the point number 13 sucesfully, but then i’ve forgotten to hold the power (13. Then hold power button and don’t let go.) so the original boot loader run. When i saw my mistake, i’ve restarted the device but the option to load your bood loader was no more available and now my phone stacks in HTC screen without any other option to boot or start the previous room. What can i do?
    regards, Ashraf

      • Hi and thanks for your fast anwser, I’ve tried several times powering and holding for more than 5 min the power button and device doesn’t go after the first screen “white background and HTC green logo”.

        When device stays with this screen, only chance to swith it off or restart is removing battery. There is some other buttons combination to reset device or to load some previous configuration. If i connect the handy by usb, windows doesn’t find it.

        regards and thanks in advanced,

          • Yes, SPL-2.08 HSPL was properly installed and with same feedback as in the video.

            For radio i’ve used 1.66 as u wrote on the text:

            You should have this SPL version unless you are using the latest 3.14 ROM with SPL
            3.03.0000. No worry, just downgrade your Windows Mobile ROM from v3.14 to v1.66 …

            I had before rom version 3.14 with SPL 3..3 and i’ve downgraded to v. 1.66

            What should I do now?

  93. Hi, i’ve tried to install 2.15 but when i start my device, i don’t get the 4 colors screen as in your video, just white screen with green logo “htc” so when i run the radio 2.15 software, it can’t find my device (connecting previously usb cable between device and laptop) getting in radio software the following error:
    Error [260] connection, the update utility cannot connect to your pda/phone…..

    how can i get the 4 colours screen to install the radio 2.15 as you said in your previous msg?

  94. Jayce.. I know you don’t use Windows Phone much on HD2 but only test…. Just wondering if you or anyone knows if the wired-headset issue (basically cannot call when wired headset connected) has any fixes..

    Is the Headset OK on calls in android? Mango?

  95. Dear Jayce,

    I have using HTC HD2, How can I install Windows 7.5 (aka Mango) on my HTC HD2. Currently I have Windows Mobile 6.5. where can I get the latest bootloader and WP 7.5 to install it. if i change it after. it is possible to return it back to original version to windows 6.5? Please kindly help me.

    Thanks and regards,

  96. hello jayce,
    After installing windows7 on HTC HD2 works near perfectly but I have problem with data connection internet cant connect it through roaming ( data roaming options) but yes it connect through Wi-Fi.
    Any resolution ??
    beast regards from Adi Finland

  97. hi jayce!

    question, there are some posts in you tube that show the htc weather service. how can i add that function? thanks much!

  98. thanx for reply 🙂

    and how ro find correct ROM device ( i hav 2.05xxxx radio)
    and what are the steps after installing HSPL AND RADIO.
    plz plz joyce tell me step by step guaid plz

  99. hi jayce
    thanx 4 ur support i sucessfully installed wp7 [ HD2O_WP7_1.25_LEO71_7740]
    at the time of installation i had put 8GB sdcard [class4 ] in my hd2 after installation it display only 200mb partition in computer also i use the mini partition tool and it display 1partition of 2000mb
    2 partition of 1.5 GB ….. plz tell me what happn to sdcard and can i use that 1.5 GB partition for data storage

    and can i install another wp7 rom if yes then what should i have to do….


  100. Thanx jayce

    Jayce when my phone boots the boot screen displays ” UNLOCKED PHONE” instead of WINDOWS PHONE.

    What should I have to do for boot screen


    • Hmm… You should be able to load it like my video. Try to reinstall WP7 ROM again. If still cannot, install back your previous WP7 ROM that work for you.

  101. First I installed the
    I got the unlocked phone bootscreen
    That’s why I installed another is version
    7.10.8107.79 and again I got same boot screen

  102. Hi Joyce
    I download latest miui rom from their website for my hd2 and followed the flashing rom step as they mentioned in their I used 2gb sdcard followed steps
    I skip the steps for installing

    HSPL,MDGLR..etc bcoz I already done these for wp7
    and filled remaining step like installing custom recovery after installing recovery
    I choose option “install zip from sdcard” but its give me error that sdcard not found
    But in PC it display all files ….
    So what is wrong with installation becoz it said sdcard not found by pc display all files in sdcard
    Plz help me

  103. hi joyce
    I want to install wp7 and latest miui rom.on HD2
    in which the miui rom would be in sdcard…. so is it possible to dual boot wp7 and latest miui rom

  104. Dear
    After installation of MAGLDR when my set reboot its same white screen with green color htc. nothing else still stuck there, what to do? i tried many time but same.

  105. hi! i clicked on the link to download DFT Leo but i kept being redirected to a paid download site. can you give me other links with free downloads so i can upgrade my hd2 to win7. thanks.

    btw.. your site is very helpful. thanks a lot for all the tips and tutorials. more power! 😀

  106. Hi, many many thanx for providing the link again even slow but good. finally i have installed the Windows 7 Rom on my HD2. one thing i want to know, when i press the call button of my HD2 camera starts work. is there any way to change this button to default? Once again thanks for a wonderful Rom.

    Have a great day

  107. hi jayce! is there any difference in sd card storage capacity if the same wp7 rom installed on a)512 leo and b)1024 leo using a 4gb sd card in both cases? as the second one has twice the rom, does it mean it will occupy less storage from sd card?

  108. I can’t emphasise you enough that how much I really appreciate all yur help Jayce!

    and I am more than happy to pay what you deserve for these INCREDIBLE things you are doing for all the mobile users!

    Please send me your email ID on my gmail ID – or call me at 215-391-1584, Spring House, PA, United States.


  109. when you are installing wp7 do you restore it back to htc hd2 or leave it as it because i have gingerbread installed right now and for the sd card i have photos and music on there when im istalling this process does it wipe all of those stuff out or do you suggest to take it off before installing and also my sim card?

  110. Please help!!

    I am putting windows phone 7 onto my htc hd2 and am on the last step where i install windows phone 7. An error is coming up when I open the DWI.exe file saying

    Readme.txt for this release is missing.

    And when I click next is says

    An error has occurred
    Read below for more information

    Error Description: USB init failed
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (1198)

    Error Description: EnterBootloader missing
    Info: .\RSPL\BootLoader.cpp (176)

    I am now stuck here in the Magldr saying

    USB Flasher mode
    Wait USB…USB

  111. hi,
    i am trying to update my HTC HD2 WP 6.5 to WP7
    but when i connect my phone with the pc ,
    the pc does not connect to it, i mean in the white row there is serial written but when you plug it in then it says USB in that white row,
    so please tell me how to solve this problem
    thanks in advance

  112. while installing MAGLDR111 it sayserror 260. my device cannot connect to pc.
    am using htc hd2 (win 6.5)

    pls help me in this issue

  113. and when i went to the market and install app he asked me to sign in but then he asked me about to call customer service to get the code!!! which customer service???

  114. hi joyce, i just download the hspl3 that you are linked in your site. when i need to unzipeed it, it countains a lot of virus and i cannot install il, please help me.

  115. hi Jayce
    i have installed NexusHD2-ICS-CM9-HWA_V2.7_NativeSD, having problem with going on internet, what i wanna say is
    that device is overheating when i go on internet, so how can i solve it?
    tank you

  116. sir is there other way to install win7 without using magldr? or maybe android? .. i want to permanently change my rom.. i have a problem with my call button i think its broken thats why i cant use magldr.. thx..

  117. i am not able download any from marketplace asking for live id when i enter shows error activation required contact call center please help me out.

  118. currently running windows 7 on htc hd2 however i cant install any software and i live in Jamaica. how do go about getting a code

  119. During DWI installation, it worked fine until it reached flashing 4th partition it stopped and show following errors:
    An error has occurred
    Read below for more information

    Error Description: send d000ff partition data failed
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (1279)

    Error Description: block send fail
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (962)

    Error Description: Block is after end.
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (704)

    I did change several external cards but without success.
    I have seen the video the flashing partitions upto 7th before reset to start phone.

    Thanks for your help and advice.

    (This is a repeated message that I posted on “How to fix USB init failed RSPL\RSPL.cpp (723) on NAND Android installation?”. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.)

  120. On the loading screen when it says updating ROM Image on your PDA Phone my doesnt actually do anything… HELP, Really want this 🙁

  121. when i try to right click with 7 zip and then try to open archive it says that i cant open file______ as archive any idea?

  122. Why the internet is not working when i try to connect it with my sim’s internet?

    Please help me
    It shows an error msg when i try to open internet
    “Service unavailable right now. Check back in a little while.”

    Please help me


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