Download XunLei Thunder 5 no ads (ad free) version

Download XunLei Thunder 5 no ads (ad free) version? There are some XunLei Thunder 5 ad free versions out there that mod by Ayu and HeHeHunter. Are you using one of them? My friend, CW remind me that I need to be careful when using this mod XunLei Thunder 5 no ads version. They might include spy ware or something harmful that not suppose in there. Anyway, I am not using anyone of them. But I still want to have ads free XunLei Thunder 5 version. What should I do? Create one for yourself…

My very own XunLei Thunder 5 no ads (ad free) version

It is not hard to mod XunLei Thunder 5 to be an ads free XunLei Thunder 5 version. You just need to modify 2 files, UserConfig.ini at C:\Program Files\Thunder Network\Thunder\Profiles and gui.cfg at C:\Program Files\Thunder Network\Thunder\Program.

Things to change…

UserConfig.ini – Change Pane1_Hide=0 to Pane1_Hide=1 at [Splitter_1].


gui.cfg – Remove all the links at those highlight in red. And change this file attributes to Read-only.

LastModifyTime=Mon, 29 Dec 2008 02:34:39 GMT

Well, that’s all. Enjoy your own ads free XunLei Thunder 5. 😉


  1. hi jayce,

    want to ask u how come my xunlei is so slow..”normal” speed is about <10kbs highest can only go up to like 20-30kbs nia…whats the problem?
    is it something wrong with the xunlei setting / firewall etc?

  2. @KK: I did not change any setting on Xunlei or Windows firewall. I can get maximum speed of 60K with 512K Streamyx. The download speed is depend on the sharing of that file.

  3. Hi, I hv previously installed Xunlei5 and would like to hv this eng version as my pc can’t read chinese characters. BUT I am not familiar with the changing of config. so I thot of just removing the current version and install your version, to my horror I can’t remove the program from my pc when I use the Add or remove prog” function. Pls help………… Thanks in advance

  4. Jayce dear, my apologies for not being clearer. I hv installed xunlei5 fr, as it’s in chinese and my notebook doesn’t read all the chinese characters when I opened xunlei, it’s a tad inconvenient so I wld like to hv ur version with eng language. As I am not IT savvy enough to understand how to change the user config., I think the easy way out for me wld be to remove the exisiting xunlei5? and dl your version? Pardon me if I am wrong.

    In my dire effort to remove the prog using “Add or remove prog” which failed, I hv manually deleted some files in the Thunder Network folder, except for those .dll file who stick like superglue to the folder! Errr… I think I am neither here nor there and hv to “die die” get rid of this xunlei5 copy now and dl once again fr

    Oops! did I give u a bad headache already? sorry…….. Thanks dear if you can help.

  5. Hı Jayce, Thanks for your reply. My laptop is infected with Trojan and I hv not been usıng ıt for quıte a whıle. Because of this I hv yet to remove the Xunlei 5. Wonder ıf you can handle another pc prob of mıne. (Ooops). Whenever I turn on the laptop, a dıalogue box whıch reads somethıng lıke thıs ‘DOS 5 Fıle Compare Utılıty. Data Executıon Preventıon has stopped the computer from runnıng due to :
    Error Msgs:
    – C:DOCUME~1\SONY\LOCALS~1\Temp\WERc755.dır00\userınıt.exe.mdmp
    – C:DOCUME~1\SONY\LOCALS~1\Temp\WERc755.dır00\appcompat.txt

    I can’t see my startup menu nor the usual desktop shortcuts, just that error message. I can use the laptop to access some functıons wıth Task Manager though. I hv done System Restore (F8 functıon) and the problem stıll stays. (sob, sob).

    I am sorry that I use thıs space to ask for your professıonal advıce as I don’t know how else can I do ıt. Thanks dear for bearıng wıth me.

  6. Thank you a lot for the useful information about removing ads and also the English Language Pack. You really made my day! 🙂

  7. Hi Jayce i have been using Xunlei since the last time i read you’re site, but recently i’ve been getting a error msg not sure what the cause is and now i can’t seem to download files like i could b4.

    i usually just copy the links and thunder/xunlei would auto pop up and ask what to do with the file but now i can’t even manually input it into the d/l opt, without getting the msg you’ve have enter a legitimate site which is illegal pls re-enter when its just a link to a file for a movie/anime i want to d/l.

    Is there anyway of fixing this cause the en patch on you’re site does not translate what the error msg is saying so i have know idea what i can do to fix the problem

  8. Hello Jayce! Thanks for the wonderful explanations about xunlie! Great and helpful for newbies:) There`s one thing I can`t understand – how to download ed2k links… I`ve never had emule installed, do I need it? I try to drag and drop the link in the list, but nothing happens. So I open file->new and try to load the link manually but it says something red in Chinese about the url… I installed Thunder5.2.0.207 because in some forums I found opinions about how 5.8 and up are too slow on vista. Is it too old?
    I would appreciate any ideas:)


  9. Hey Jayce,
    I downloaded Xunlei n made it ad free thanx to you…works great n download speeds are faster…
    some of the stuff on the interface still is part chinese tho n a lot are like ????, ??, ??? or !!!..wish it was all legible…anyways its still good
    Thanx a ton for the good work

  10. i need help here.
    i have the xun lei software…
    when i click the link to download, it go the xun lei software but the drama/movie cannot be downloaded.
    i can download it at my house but not in my campus(using Cisco system)..
    Can anyone help me solve this problem?

  11. hi i tried the alter the gui.cfg but i cannot open the files,it needs some programme? what programme shd i use to open the gui.cfg in order to change the setting?

  12. trying every version in xp sp 2 and windows 7 u sp1 dual core 2 gb ram and mtnl 1mb unlimited plan speed is as it is in utorent same as xunlie at any higher seed also and port forward too!!!

  13. I was wondering why I can’t download files with Xunlei or 115 UDown at all? 🙁 They show a download speed of 0 kb/s…


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