Enable Beats Audio on Galaxy S4

Beats Audio is no longer exclusive for HTC devices only (for quite some time). Yes, you can install Beats Audio Equalizer on Samsung Galaxy S4 too. Does Beats Audio really enhance overall Galaxy S4 sound quality? Well, that’s depending on each personal taste. I am not an audiophile. So far, it does sound better to me. You can tweak headset, phone speaker and Bluetooth sound quality. Increase bass boost, enable virtual room effect, set equalizer that you prefer…

Beats Audio on Samsung Galaxy S4

How to enable Beats Audio on Galaxy S4?

  1. Installed Beats Audio.
  2. After that, go to Settings.
  3. Select My device tab.
  4. Go to Sound.
  5. Then select Music effect.
  6. Finally, select BeatsEQ.
  7. That’s it.

BeatsEQ is the application that handles all the configuration. Just play around with it to get the optimum sound on your Galaxy S4. Enjoy…

Installation guide – How to install update zip on Galaxy S4 with CWM? (Video)

Download Beats Audio for Galaxy S4 here.


  1. Hi Jayce,

    My music player become no sound (is playing) after install Beats Audio, restore back to Music FX also the same. Any solution ? But used My Files go to the music file, it play with sound.


  2. Hey Jayce ,
    I am using the adam custom kernal, the tar/odin version.Is there a way for me to install and use beast audio besides CWM recovery,APK perhaps?

  3. Hi jayce…I want to ask something regarding the speakers of galaxy s4 …..whenever I play sound I fell a buzz or a type of cracking which I don’t experience on my s2.Is this the same on ur s4 or is this my s4 only?


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