How to install update zip on Galaxy S4 with CWM? (Video)

Most of the custom modifications for Android devices are installed through recovery like ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM) or Team Win Recovery Project Recovery (TWRP). Same apply to Samsung Galaxy S4. Therefore, here is the guide to install update zip with CWM. Yes, most of the mod files are in zip format (instead of tar which uses Odin software). For example, custom kernel, theme, boot animation, variety of mods and ROM are few of them. Oh, before I forget. DO remember to make a Galaxy S4 CWM Nandroid backup before install any custom stuffs. Or you might semi brick your Galaxy S4 and need to start over again with clean firmware. Therefore, a Nandroid backup will save your day (if anything bad happen)…

How to install update zip on Samsung Galaxy S4 with CWM?

  1. Boot into Galaxy S4 CWM Recovery Mode.
  2. Select Install Zip.
  3. Then select Choose zip from sdcard.
  4. Go to 0 folder.
  5. Select the update zip file ( in my case).
  6. Confirm by select Yes – Install update zip file.
  7. After installation finished, select Go Back.
  8. Then select Reboot System Now.
  9. That’s it.

Enjoy the newly install enhancement on your Galaxy S4. Like mine, BeatsEQ was installed properly. Yeah…