G-Sensor freeze issue fixed for Android HTC HD2

Finally, I found an Android build for HTC HD2 that free from g-sensor freeze issue. Thanks to all the developers who make it happens. I don’t need to ask ‘How to fix g-sensor freeze issue on Android HTC HD2?’ from now on. Playing games on Android HTC HD2 will be same as actual Android phone out there. Yeah…

MDJ FroYo Sense Revolution v.1.6 [kernel: MDJ S3.1]

MDJ S4 Kernel

MDJ S4 [OC-UV-HAVS-SMARTASS] Kernel has g-sensor fixed patch. So I upgraded MDJ FroYo Sense Revolution v.1.6 [kernel: MDJ S3.1] with it. And I did not face any g-sensor freeze issue at all in Hungry Shark. Try it yourself…

Download MDJ FroYo Sense Revolution v.1.6 ROM here.

Download MDJ S4 [OC-UV-HAVS-SMARTASS] Kernel here.


  1. I just test this rom. The camera still is no good. only 4M resolustion. and at night the pic is geen light only….. if try 720p on camcorder, the hd2 will be freezed. G- sensor still is not better than that of evo matted. voicemail notificatin is work on this rom…..

  2. Hi jayce,

    can u use WebSharing on this MDJ FroYo Sense Revolution v.1.6 [kernel: MDJ S3.1] build?
    After installation, the i got problem to browse my HD2 from PC. if u doesnt have issue, reply back. thanx!!!

    • WebSharing? Do you mean Wi-Fi Hotspot? Yes, I faced issue. My PC wireless cannot detect the AP.

      I don’t have issue to browse it by using ‘Disk drive’ method.

      • WebSharing apps is browse our HD2 drive from PC. it will give specific IP address and port to access our HD2. u will need to connected to wireless access. I got issue with this apps. Cannot browse HD2 drive…….

  3. tested it, fast and good battery. only 5mA.
    however, the apn is not auto, need to do manual.
    mattc leo 1.8 apn is auto-detect.
    Do you know what causes this auto-apn? Is it the ROM or the kernel?

  4. Hi, Jayce

    I have tried this with so many builds, but G-sensor still can’t work as expectation.

    How could it be? Does memory card cause the problem?

  5. hi Jayce,

    Download MDJ S4 [OC-UV-HAVS-SMARTASS] Kernel here.

    this link is broken.

    i need a “kernel: MDJ S3.1”


      • So I’ve had this problem ever since Android was ported the HD2.

        Whenever I am in Android, auto rotate does not work for me.

        I’ve tried in WM 6.5 and in WP7 and auto rotate works perfectly in both.

        I’ve used Task29 and then installing a fresh Android ROM but to no avail. Both SD and NAND builds will not rotate.

        I have the auto rotate setting checked so that’s not the problem. If anyone has any suggestion/solution please let me know and thanks in advance.

  6. HI! I have freezing issues with my htc hd2 running android and I want to know how can I chance to MDJ FroYo Sense Revolution v.1.6 is there any tutorial??? please help me πŸ™

  7. Is there any way for me to install Mdeejay FroYo Sense Clean ROM??? i know it is a sd cart rom…I wonder if I can install it as a nand rom. If so, How can it do it?
    I am using jdms now


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