How to solve failed to boot into Android HTC HD2 issue?

“Help, I have green HTC logo while booting into Android for hours. I cannot boot into Android. Waited for more than 1 hour and it just hang there…” I notice that some people failed to load Android on their HTC HD2 even thought they have done all the prerequisites like Flash HardSPL3 on HTC HD2 and Flash any HTC HD2 Radio ROM Leo_RADIO 2.08 onward. So how to solve failed to boot into Android HTC HD2 issue?


I discovered that the issue was caused by wrong android folder location or startup.txt setting. Android for HTC HD2 must be installed at SD card root level. So your Android folder should be looked like SD card\Android (CLRCAD.exe and haret.exe files are located at SD card\Android\CLRCAD.exe and SD card\Android\haret.exe). Then, open up startup.txt in Android folder. You should find something like set cmdline “rel_path=Android” That’s the path to load Android from Windows Mobile. You will get HTC logo for a very very long time if the path is not set correctly.

Hope this will clear thing up.


  1. I had a similar problem when trying to load MDeeJay_Froyo_Sense_v._2_3_clean. When I did searches for help, I saw alot of instructions on how to install 2.2. I followed thos instructions, hardspl, no radio because I’m in U.S. then installed 2.2 and was surprised that it came up just fine (no HTC logo hang). I played around a little with it and experienced the screen freezing problem. I then copied the installed the MDeeJay_Froyo_Sense_v._2_3_clean version into the android folder as Jayce describes. Then started it up as per directions I (clearcad followed by Haret) and everything ran fine. No android logo hanging for hours, no screen freezing. Only issue is battery life….

  2. i’ve change it, it still have the same problem.
    normally how long u guys wait for the loading screen? the htc logo

    did i do it correctly?
    i use my laptop to edit that start up file.
    it’s a txt format is it?
    or need to change format?

  3. When I boot the MDJ FroYo HD v4.1 [Kernel: MDJ S7.3HD] ROM it sometimes can take a very long time any idea why? but now it just seems to work…very weird…what is the best android build currently out/rom out? (noob)

    • First boot requires around 10 minutes. After that, around 1 minute… Best Android build depends on each person needs. I am using Mdeejay eVo Sense Matted now. πŸ˜‰

  4. I have the same problem, i have put the android folder onto the sd card and chagned the startup.txt to \sdcard\Android … but i just see the black screen with some very small white text and the last line is jumping to kernel (custom) and then nothing happens … it has been on there for about 20 minutes … what to do ?

  5. I boot to android on my htc hd2, but it really slow I wait the install for 2hours ( the install still work “and it is first time”) still not finish right now…… And another android 2.3.3( from I stuck at green htc logo and black background……

  6. jayce pls help me.. my htc hd2 stuck up on the magldr v1.13 boot menu.. when i choose “boot ad sd” it says.. “sd kernel open failed” ..what shall i do? ..pls reply..tnx..

  7. i installed magldr on my phone.. but i cant install cwm now to my hd2 because it cant transfer from pc to phone..hmmm… my problem now is just how to recover from the startup.. how to use the small red button?

  8. i made a mistake i downloaded ur prerequisites and installed them first before putting the android files on the sd card could u please help me to go back to windows 6.5 please

  9. i never get to install the 4.0 ics rom i installed the radio,magldr and the hspl i never rooted anything to the sd card that is why it is saying sd kernel open fail.i am stuck in magldr screen can i just use the the boot loader to go back to 6.5.can i use the that flashes from 7 to 6.5 plz let me know

  10. Hi Jayce, I need you help, please.
    I got Jelly Bean v4 beta on my HD2 into my SD and I use Android Launcher v4. In my SD card I have Android folder and inside are this folders: kernel, META-INF, sdcard, system and install file. When I use Android Launcher I got this errors, he can’t find clrcad, haret and startup.txt (modified), because they are in SD card/Android/sdcard/NativeSD so I copy the 3 file into SD card/Android folder and I launch Android with Android Launcher, no luck, another files missing; zImage and initrd.rar. I find them into kernel/bootsd so I copy the 2 file into SD card/Android folder with the others files which I copied before. After all this I launch again Android with Android Launcher and it starts with Linux but he stuck with HTC logo for hours. What I do wrong? Do I use the wrong version of android? Please help.

      • I will try and I will let you know but I will prefer use Android Launcher, easy way, I also downloaded Mdeejay eVo Sense v.2.3 Revolution and this ROM have all different setups into the folder Android. I have this Folders: Android, data_512, data_1024, inside data_512 I have data IMG file and also into data_1024, What is data_512 and data_1024? Do I have to put this folders into my SDcard? Do I need them both? Anyway I copied the 3 folders into my SDcard and into Android folder I have this folders; AndroidApps, media and this files: CLRCAD, haret, initrd, rootfs, startup.txt (completely different setups inside from your links), system.ext2, ts-calibration, zImage. So I do not move any file or folder and I launch Android with Android Launcher, same way, starts Linux, later HTC logo, but here the loading go further, after 2 minuts show up the ANDROID splash screen but he stuck on it for hours!
        What do you suggest to do? I think I will use Mdeejay.

          • You should know if you opened a blog about this, right? Is not only this one blog opened, give me some suggestions, please. I got just feew question:
            1- Do I have to have data_512 or data_1024?
            2- Run Android from microSD dry the Battery?
            3- Which Android to run from sd is the best for you?

            Please let me know, we are here for this.

            ASAP! Thanks.

            • 1. Depend on your own usage.
              2. No, latest SD build is quite good on battery life.
              3. I did not use HTC HD2 for long long time. Latest SD build is better than the one that I used 2 years ago…

              • ok, thanks, BTW good news, I formatted the card and I installed android folder only into it and is working with Android Launcher very well, I will try this 1, is very well done and last update was in jenuary 2011, a think is goog. Anyway I downloaded also CyanogenMod 7 (CM7) for have the latest update and the structure is the same as Mdeejay, so is working. Bye.


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