Get Free 4th Builder at Clash of Clans Town Hall 7

As I mentioned before, the more builder in Clash of Clans, the faster you will progress to upgrade your base. Then go to another level of town hall. You need gems to buy builder. And it is not easy to earn gems fast unless you pay it with real money. Anyway, here is my 4th builder at CoC TH7. Got it free with gems from achievements.

4th Builder at Clash of Clans Town Hall 7

The 3rd builder was easy to get with Sweet Victory! 450 gems. I got it at TH5. However, the 4th one costs 1000 gems. So how to get it? Well, I got it from several achievements including big and small. The major ones are Friend in Need – 250 gems and League All-Star (Crystal) – 250 gems. I got 50 gems from X-Bow Exterminator too. Remove obstacles help a lot. You will get 1 to 3 gems by clearing up them. Of course, not every obstacle will have gems but you will get it from some.

5th builder will be hard and slow to get at 2000 gems. Hopefully, I can get it at TH8. Cheer…


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