How to undervolt Galaxy S4 CPU?

Get better battery life on your Samsung Galaxy S4 by undervolt CPU voltage. Yes, set lower CPU voltage values below the default one. This will reduce battery usage. Of course, you need to make sure that your Galaxy S4 will still be stable with lowered CPU voltage for both ARM big.LITTLE CPU cores. Else no point to save battery life by doing this if always faces hang or system not responding issues. By the way, undervolting CPU also helps to reduce overheat issue too.

Undervolt CPU voltage with STweaks

How to undervolt Galaxy S4 I9500 CPU?
Install custom kernel for Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 which supports CPU undervolting. Bring up STweaks and set the prefer voltage values for both big and small Octa cores. Don’t lower it too much. Lower by small step by step… Test for stability for several hours. Try to get the lowest voltage while maintaining system to function normally. That’s it. Enjoy better battery life Galaxy S4…


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