Google Nexus 7 price & availability in Malaysia

Great news… Google Nexus 7 is coming to Malaysia very soon (Singapore should get it too). This is the Android tablet from Google / Asus that you should get one. I am using it everyday (in fact, I use it more than Amazon Kindle Fire that I got it last year). Nexus 7 is faster and lighter for ease portability. And I can play lot of nice 3D games including NVIDIA Tegra 3 exclusive games on Nexus 7. A nice tablet for the price that you pay…

Google Nexus 7 price and availability in Malaysia

Yup, media are invited to the Google Nexus 7 launch event on 21 September 2012. So you should be able to buy Nexus 7 very soon after that. And the rumour price that I got ~ RM 999 to RM 1199 for 16GB model (8GB model sell at Google Play Store only). I believe RM 999 is the final price because Google Nexus 7 at RM 1199 is not attractive at all. Google Nexus 7 3G version should price at RM 1199 when it come out.

I got my Nexus 7 already. Are you getting one too?