Google Nexus 7 price & availability in Malaysia

Great news… Google Nexus 7 is coming to Malaysia very soon (Singapore should get it too). This is the Android tablet from Google / Asus that you should get one. I am using it everyday (in fact, I use it more than Amazon Kindle Fire that I got it last year). Nexus 7 is faster and lighter for ease portability. And I can play lot of nice 3D games including NVIDIA Tegra 3 exclusive games on Nexus 7. A nice tablet for the price that you pay…

Google Nexus 7 price and availability in Malaysia

Yup, media are invited to the Google Nexus 7 launch event on 21 September 2012. So you should be able to buy Nexus 7 very soon after that. And the rumour price that I got ~ RM 999 to RM 1199 for 16GB model (8GB model sell at Google Play Store only). I believe RM 999 is the final price because Google Nexus 7 at RM 1199 is not attractive at all. Google Nexus 7 3G version should price at RM 1199 when it come out.

I got my Nexus 7 already. Are you getting one too?


  1. I am excited by the news that N7 will arrive in the region, but….

    I have never been, and never will be, able to understand why a US$200 item need to sell for even RM999! Same things go to many other electronic items. The Malaysia are just suckers waiting to be ripped off…

  2. Hey jayce do you have any idea if i am able to install chinese apps like pptv, pps, letv, sohu on the nexus 7 & to download e movies/drama & watch them offline?


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