GPS Bay Car Navigating device (Model 3303) Specification

Thanks to Dylan Lee from GPS Bay (M) Sdn Bhd for providing this GPS Bay Car Navigating device (Model 3303) Specification. As I mention on my previous post – Shell Citibank Credit Card – GPS Bay Car Navigating device (Model 3303), this GPS is only cost RM399 if you are new Shell Citibank credit card holders. Below is what GPS Bay Car Navigating device (Model 3303) look like…

GPS Bay Car Navigating device (Model 3303) photo

GPS Bay Car Navigating device (Model 3303) Specification
1. 3.5 inch TFT touch screen, resolution: 320*240. Super slim.
2. CPU: Centrality Atlas III 370Mhz
3. Operating system: WinCE 5.0
4. Storage: internal 64M Nand flash / support external SD card
5. Types of operation methods: touch screen
6. Functions: Navigation, MP3, MP4, JPG picture, textbook
7. Numbers of signal receiver: 20 Channels
8. Precision of Locating:Less than 10m
9. Antenna: with GPS internal Antenna and reserved external GPS Antenna jack
10. With 900MA Detachable battery,rechargeable battery which can be changed
11. DC IN: 5V
12. support 19 multinational languages
13. with built-in speaker
14. Size: 92×80.5×19.5mm (180g)

Packages included:
– GPS machine
– Stylus
– Car-use bar shoe MINI USB line
– AC Adapter*
– Car light adapter
– protection bag*
– SD card
– Warranty card

Hmm… With this kind of specification…
It this GPS Bay Car Navigating device (Model 3303) a good purchase?


  1. Yes…this GPS is cheap (RM399+ delivery RM70). However warranty only 90 days and as for other brands are 1 year . As for the map update, dunno they free or need some update fees for every update. Other brand like Garmin Nuvi 200 sell at RM750 (1year warranty).

  2. Yes…update is free. A seller told me that. Nuvi is a nice gps but it don’t have earphone plug. As for Nuvi 200, it’s small and when cycling with earplug it can guide you direction. As for 200W, the bigger screen is better view if place in the car.

  3. Model 3303 does not play mp3 nor mp4. Only WMV and WMA files. The sticker at the back shows the OS is WinCE Core not WinCE 5.0. No idea how much SD card it support.Dylan Lee from GPS-BAY,any comment?

  4. Hi, Jayce!
    1. How much if I buy the GPS Bay 3303 from you. Do you get it from Citibank as well?
    2. Where do you get your stock from? Hope you don’t mind…
    3. I don’t know how good is GPS Bay 3303 if compared to Garmin Nuvi 200.
    What is the ETA from you for GPS Bay 3303?

    Very much appreciated… Thanks.

  5. Any comments on this citibank device? Im thinking of buying this but not sure about it. Is it really good? Price seems darn low.

    Checking with Citibank and its RM399 flat. No transportation/misc cost. Only additional if you upgrade warranty/maps etc…

  6. Thanks Jayce. I am looking to get it as the price is rather ok. When I do have it & after testing it, I will share my experience with you guys. Only if no body has got it before me… Anyhow, I search from the net that Toyota Altis seems to be using this GPS model as well. Don’t know whether true or not but if Toyota is using it, I will say pretty reliable. Bye.

  7. GPS Bay 3303 cannot play mp3 & mp4??? sure or not? but i see specs written can play video, audio, mp3 & mp4. anyone can clarify?

  8. Hi, I’m new here. Just found out these responses & would like to join in.

    Just got my new GPS Bay 3303 from Citibank a few days ago.
    Still trying it out (only within PJ areas)…….so far so good! Able to reach all the destinations following the GPS! Still not very expert in how to operate coz the instruction manual not very detail!

    So far I noticed the device cannot play MP3 or view pictures as claimed!! Will check with GPS Bay soon.

  9. My Garmin 205 can view/slide-show/zoom photos but can’t play mp3.
    Anyway can GPS bay unit able 2 use malsingmap? I already got the Sept 2008 map, free updated.

  10. can this GPS model 3303 by shell citibank offer be used for motorbikes?
    do they provide the mounting and can it be fixed to the bike,
    any water ressistant casing?

  11. well .. i did get GPS BAY 3303 overall is cool but i try to add in additional map is failed could not found at map switcher .. how come? .. any idea how i can add in the singapore map?

  12. yo.. as i know, very hard to get the updated malaysia map for others brand than garmin & mapking. which is updated map can get from mapking forum.

    so, i suggest u all get garmin or mapking GPS only. do not buy others brand.

    so, i need to know this “GPS Bay Car Navigating device (Model 3303)” used which map…. is that easy to get updated map? please advice !

  13. I get the Citibank Shell recently, and i plan to buy the GPS 3303, So, i email them and belows is their reply.

    MapKing’s map updates is require to subcribe in order to get the latest map which cost RM 60 per update or package of 1 Year updates with RM 180.

    If you’re a ShellCiti Credit Card Holder, you’re entitle to purchase the E668 by Upgrading the model 3303 to E668 by using the form that you received from the CitiBank with the price of RM 668.00

    As for the Model E688i which is our retail model with the price of RM 999.00

  14. But, anyway the malsing map is free. Mapking for 1st year is free and the rest need subcription. Can somebody tell me which map works perfectly ? This 3303 only can support Malsing and MapKing which seen from their website

  15. Hi Jayce,

    You may not own a GPS Bay 3303 but have you got experience with machines running on CE 5.0? They should behave the same way, in theory.

  16. Hello Khairul,

    If, I may suggest; get a new card. Go to Citibank website, download the application form and fax in the required documents. Someone from GPS Bay will contact you. The person from GPS will try to upsell you with Singapore map option and/or model upgrade. That’s entirely your choice. At RM399, it’s the cheapest in town and it works.

    So far, this unit has served its purpose. I also use Garmin software installed in Nokia gps phones but it’s better to have a dedicated gps unit for/during travelling. Gps functions drain battery life very fast. My model 3303 is always charging when I travel.

  17. hello tmliew
    Can i know how good is Gps-bay 3303 ?
    Is it easy to operate ?
    are we able to use it in whole malaysia without missing ?
    which map u using in Gps-bay 3303 ?
    Mapking need suscription, Malsing is free for update , which one good ?
    it warranty us 3 months nia.

  18. 1. Good for the price range it is in.
    2. I have been using it for 1 -2 weeks in Kuala Lumpur. Can do simulation drive to some other places if you know the name of the road you plan to go. I tried a virtual trip to Ipoh and looked like the same route I have been using.
    3. One Mapking Malaysia, Second Malsingmaps Pen Malaysia & Third Malsingmap East Malaysia. I downloaded the update from their web site and the files are the saem eventhough the names are different. I copied them directly into the SD drive and it appears as two new files. Total of 5 files to choose. However, if you need to search for more Points of Interest (POIs) use the Mapking map. It is the biggest file, so it should contain more data.
    4. Only time can tell. They may issue new maps but places where you visit may not be updated.

  19. Thanks for your reply.
    U mean Mapking is better then Malsing Map. Then how about Garmin, their map is free for life or have to make subcription ?

  20. I did not mean Malsing map is better. It is the only workable map in 3303. I use Garmin in my Nokia N series phones. Since model 3303 is CE platform, I asked Jayce if he knows anyone who has successfully installed Garmin in CE 5.0 gadgets. The answer, so far, is ‘no’.

    You need to register your Garmin software. After that you can download some maps from Malsing’s website. It is free in the sense that you do not have to pay for subscriptions. However, you need to operate like a hobbyist. Visit Malsing site and read all you can find in there. Oops! Off-topic!

  21. Malsing maps may be free at their site but I have not got them to work on my 3303. The ones downloaded from GPS Bay’s own website work. The files do not appear to be identical.

    As to individual needs, that’s a subjective question. For my own need of a cheap, no frills but practical GPS device; it’s all right. My firends ask me why I need two GPS. I say; one (3303) for dedicated use in the car and the other (Nokia phone with Garmin) for standby situations. Bear in mind that the softwares in both devices is different. Garmin is not touch panel on my phone whereas 3303 is. The look and feel of Garmin and Mapking is also different. Garmin is touch panel if you get Nuvi devices but that’s a different pricing arena.

  22. Yes, It’s true. I bought my Garmin Nuvi on last December 2008 at the PC Fair for RM899.00 it’s really value for money. Very Handy and helpful. Map will always update by it self. I strongly recommend it. The gadget won’t let you down, trust me.

  23. Anyway it’s 1 year warranty and maps downloadable via malsingmap.
    As long as you don’t mess up with the map, unit is warrantied.

  24. Hi tmliew,
    Just wanna know if the model GPSBay3303 (RM399) comes with a Singapore map? And, did it give u any problem so far, since u’ve been using for almost 6 months now (past the 3 months warranty)?

  25. Oops! So far, compared to my Garmin GMobile XT, there is noticeably less choice for Points Of Interest (POI). Otherwise, for the price, it’s a good beginner’s GPS. Very affordable but it seems prices are coming donwn. Look at Hohn’s #64 msg.

  26. -the baterry life too short, need to use the chager/line in cable.
    -mapking & malsing maps provided also didnt provides ‘many many’ POI
    -tried malsing singapore map provided on thier website (noted citigold customer there, is it for E688?), it cant use on 3303.
    -cant get to win ce interface, after pressed ON button, direct go main menu (not win ce interface). To get into win ce interface, need to ‘do something’.
    -there is one map file named something shellciti_feb2009, it should be the mapking map, but when using in the device, the POI, roads seems like not updated.
    -this model may be not using singapore map, even in thier purchase form, there is nothing option for upgrade/ add singapore map.

  27. asked some question thru email last week but never reply untill now,
    this is so called technical support from them.
    a support didnt response fast then how it still called support?

  28. I just came back from Courts, wasted my time only ! was told by the salesman that this GPS Bay 3303 can only used Malaysia maps, cannot support Singapore map ! that’s what he told me, I’m not sure if it is true ?
    however a unit that cannot download maps for other countrys is useless to me, therefore I decided not to buy even if they only offer 1 unit only !

  29. jim:
    yup it only can use malaysia map ‘normally’, but we can do something to make it can use others map, including singapore map, that mean change the ‘file header’ of the map and that will works. try search on google, u will found how to change file header if the map.
    but now i think the ‘promotion’ ended already, it is the item for buy with shell citi credit card.
    is it somewhere else still offer this ‘promotion’ ?
    bad thing:
    dont think too much their battery, very useless battery 900 capacity only for color touch screen 3.5″ device & also need more power access GPS?
    somemore the battery is low cost battery. we should use the charge in cable all the time (included in package).
    SD card:
    maximum supported only 2G. not enough for store mp3, something else like as movies. can use some software/crack from internet may make it use upto 4G, 8G SD card, but not all GPS device can, dare to try? of course not.
    technical support:
    their so called technical support response slow, somemore cant even give the answer i want.

    rm399 including the device, charger, car mount stand, internal battery, lousy manual book, usb cable.
    tax?? already included in the price, they wont charge another price called ‘tax’.

  30. ya ! you are dxxx right ! totally no respone from their so call customer service. luckly I did not buy that unit, however I’ve bought a unit of “Goozie” GPS from PC fair worth Rm499, come with a package of 2GB
    memory card, in car charges, stand holder and a carrying case. it used
    Garmin XT software for mobile and come with Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand map, undated from Malfree. I used it several time works well for
    me but I’m not sure if other agree with me, maybe because my expectation not high ! but the manual suck !! technical support suck big time!! send them a mail 2 weeks ago until now still no respone !!! other then that still ok lah !!!

  31. bought the unit for rm399. didn’t expect much, so, still quite happy using it for almost one month plus. only thing is that sometimes if the car is too hot, then it hang. just need to reset the unit. a lot of the menu is in chinese. (no problem to me). tried to install singapore map on the machine, but, seems not working. (downloaded the map free from their website.) machine included one malsing map and mapking map. i used it mainly in Klang valley, so far so good. what do you expect for RM399??? if spoilt then throw loh…

  32. RM399 is not a small amount, it is stil called ‘few hundreds’. user of course need to get the best thing with the lowest price, who want to get worst thing with our own money?
    for me , 3303 only a device for a little kid to use, the functions too simple, not many features inside. like as setting .. etc.

  33. Bought device for my wife for 6 months now. Poor sound but for 339 no complaints. Just installed miopocket and its has full featured winCE. I hv problem with the chinese chars though I hv set it to english.

  34. miqie ,
    do u hav the guideline of how to change the shell/ with that window ce/ the miopocket without modify anything in ROM, just change the content of SD card?

  35. Dear Value Customer,
    Thank you for showing interest with our product. Sorry for those who get late reply or support from our tech-support team. As we found out the reason we couldn’t receive your enquiry is due to our mail server problems, some of the email couldn’t be received. We’d solve this problems out now. For alternative, you also may use the following way to contact us:-

    1. Our official website-contact us-online enquiry:
    2. Our tech-support’s email:
    3. Call our dedicated service line directly at 603-9223 0223
    Office hour: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm, Sat 9am-1pm

  36. hi to all gpsbay 3303 user, some system corrupt has occur to my gps which cause the navigation function cannot be use anymore. i realise that the reason is the content of 1 folder inside the memory card was lost. Inside the memory card there is 1 folder called “MobileNavigator”. So can any of u please email me the content of that folder? my email address is your help will be appreciated very much, thx.

  37. Hi JCO..
    My WM6.1 HTC Touch Diamond2, Problem is GPS dose not go into operation..
    can you solve my problem?


  38. Hi Jayce..

    I try to reset my phone,but still canot solve the problem,have any software, link to update or what can I do if the GPS hardware is faulty


  39. Dear Sir,

    May i know is there any branch in Kelantan, terengganu or Kuantan? Cause I would like to service my GPS 3303 & gonna buy some parts.

    Many Thanks..


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