Windows XP driver for HP Compaq Presario C749TU Notebook PC

HP Compaq Presario C749TU Notebook PC does not have Windows XP driver supported officially. Only Windows Vista driver supported at HP website. However, this notebook does not perform so well on Windows Vista. Therefore, we need Windows XP driver to make all the functions work in Windows XP. We managed to load these drivers on HP Compaq Presario C749TU Notebook PC to work in Windows XP environment without any problem. Get your unofficial support for this laptop here. πŸ™‚

Download all the HP Compaq Presario C749TU Notebook PC required driver for Windows XP here…

Intel Chipset Installation Utility for ICH8

Microsoft UAA driver (install first)
Conexant High-Definition Audio Driver (install later. Use ‘have disk’ method to install. Note – internal mic not working)

Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset Family Video/Graphics Driver

Keyboard, Mouse and Input Devices
HP Quick Launch Buttons Driver
Alps Touch Pad Driver

Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC Driver

Conexant HDAUDIO Soft Data Fax Modem with SmartCP Driver

Good luck on your driver installation on Windows XP. πŸ˜€


  1. I find it really silly that company don’t give XP driver anymore (with some laptop lock to Vista from the start). I personally still use XP everyday and don’t expect to upgrade for a few years probably. I don’t need the extra problems associated with Vista, plus all the program I use which aren’t compatible yet, and the resource demands. Especially if their system can’t handle Vista properly, maybe they should sell it as a XP system. Quite a few company have done that and did really well as some people look for XP still when buying a computer (although a lower % than a year or so ago). I surely did.

  2. My HP laptop is on Window xp too… Aiyo… Window vista is so heavy. You will know what i mean if you use Adobe software along with Macromedia. These are the super duper heavy software which requires plenty of RAM HDD space. My laptop already consider slow when i use these softwares. If i had Win Vista…. i will have to “yum cha” and wait for it to load.

  3. Ya… Ya… I will only install Windows Vista on gaming that require Direct-X 10. Else I will stick to Windows XP which eat lesser resources. πŸ˜›

  4. i’ve tried many solution on the net on my piece C749TU, but i still cant make the audio work. every time when it come to the stage when there is a bar on top of the left corner, detecting the hardware, it will prompt a message saying something like the “media is not found”…. it gives me doubt if all the C749TU has the same sound card. eventhough it does shows it is a HD audio with a big question mark in the device manager… any ideas or helps? plz…. ^^!

  5. the weird stuff is that, with vista it is alright, even before installing the vista driver, the notebook can actually play sound – meaning the sound card is working and in good condition. FYI, in vista, it shows that it is a “Conexant High Defination SmartAudio 221″… ok, i’ve tried the UAA things in my XP, but it doesnt help… i really need some help here, guys/gals…

  6. PLs help me.. i bought this lap top fr citibank..n installed win xp profesional. notice that wireless driver is not detected. i hv tried most of the drivers fr net but none of them is suitable. pls pls pls pls help (0129064343)

  7. most new laptop come with windows vista, and they are not allow to downgrade to windows xp… that why did not have driver πŸ™‚

  8. hmm…i just notice that my power adapter feels very hot when plugged into my lappy. i have another notebook (hp also) and it doesnt feel as hot as it does with this lappy.
    can give comment?

  9. ive installed windows xp sp2. my problem is about the audio driver. ive already installed the HD defination. (not from your link) but when i want to install the drivers from your link, its still cannot installed.

    pls help me.

  10. Hi everyone, are you using the normal setup to install the sound driver? He… He… You need to use the “have disk” method as this is not the official sound driver for this model. Therefore, the setup installation will fail. πŸ˜›

  11. u need to install the audio n modem driver in manual way. Which means you cannot run the setup.exe wizard for audio n modem. Further more, u have to use “specify location” & “dont search” options to install manually. It sure will prompt u the “drivers may not compatible…” message, dun bother, jx click “YES” to continue.

  12. i have all hardware setup except:

    1. unknown device – location: microsoft acpi compliant system.
    2. my bios sata was disabled, if i enabled it, i get blue screen when loading windows.

    help is much appreciated. i believed all the C749TU user has these problem.

  13. ya.. all of it. strange.
    when i setup my notebook, it cannot detect the hdd, therefore my only choice is to turn off sata device to allow xp pro sp2 cd to detect my hdd. even now when i enabled sata in bios, i get blue screen when loading xp.

    and regarding the driver:
    graphics 965 – from intel site
    intel chipset utility – from intel site
    soundcard – your site
    modem – your site
    microsoft uaa – your site
    quick launch – no install since only 1 quicklaunch button available for us
    network – default microsoft

    could it be my xp sp2 cd? so r u saying that during ur xp installation, u can detect ur hdd with sata enabled and without additional add-on driver during dos setup?

  14. hi jayce, u right. i can’t believed quicklaunch actually uses hardware resources.

    my other question…
    during system boot, press F10 will get you to bios (bios version F.27 and rev. 3 stated on top right). “system configuration>sata native support>disable” for my case, cos if i enabled it, xp cannot detect the hdd. anyone managed to get it ENABLED? it also stated there that enabled it will improve hdd performance, but maybe necessary to disable it for legacy os. hmm… unless xp is legacy os.

  15. Windows XP is a legacy OS. πŸ˜›
    Yes. We can enable SATA. But we need the driver during Windows XP installation. You need USB floppy drive too in this case.

  16. Ya, u r right, Jayce! XP is legacy OS now, after Vista is launch ! Thank you for your guide to help me install the XP on this HP C749TU ! TQVM !

  17. Andy, the “System configuration>sata native support>disable” is only support in Vista, i called the HP 1800 888 588, the support guy told me this and he said need the update patch from Intel, otherwise you can’t enable it for you to run in WinXP. I not ‘sure’ the Support guy is ‘very sure’ about this function or not? So, try call HP and update us later ! : )

    Btw, you need to disable Sata Native Support , else WinXP is not able to detect your harddisk ! i finally got my notebook installed with all hardware device install without error, after 2 week+ received this notebook from HP !
    Thanks again, Jayce !

  18. TQVM too CK n Jayce n the rest who posted here.

    i guess i will leave that topic of sata native for now unless it’s solved by others or other forum. hehehe… i am just a follower, not a solver.

    by the way, i got my notebook on monday. order placed in late january. got to said their service is damn slow for sure.

  19. TQVM for providing this page, it helps me to install XP with very little troubles.

    and something i would like to share:
    I bought a piece of 2GB memory module (Kingston KVR667D2S5/2G) to upgrade the memory, as usual in PC practice I place the bigger capacity memory to the slot nearer to processor (closer to motherboard), but windows refused to boot.

    in the end managed to make it work (2GB+512MB = 2.5GB) by placing the smaller capacity (512MB) module to the bottom (closer to motherboard) and the bigger capacity (2GB) module to the top (further from motherboard).

    now windows boot flawless with 2.5BG of memory in dual channel mode, and virtual memory disabled.

  20. Hi there, I am glad to find this “unofficial” support website for C749TU notebook. I just received the laptop 2 days ago and trying to install Win XP sp2. I’ve problem with my audio driver. I am installing based on Jayce sequence and once after installed Win XP.

    I ve burn the UAA driver on a disk upfront then using “have disk” method to load the driver. But I am not able to browse the kb888111 file where I’ve d extracted with winrar. It only can view the .inf file. I am not able to see the kb888111 file in my disk. If i am not mistaken, kb888111 is an .exe file rite?

    Can anyone pls help/advice? thx

  21. there is a way to enable the notebook with sata enabled for xp but need a modified winxp cd for fresh installation. i am currently working my way.

    it is something to do with driver pack mass storage device. from my understanding, if it done properly, u dun need to press F6 coz it’ll be intergrate within it once the cd is properly modified.

  22. Jayce, I have no idea what chipset is in there, but if the lappy is designed for Vista, max memory support should be more than 2GB.

    Andy, i also tried the slipstream installation, but no not successful, please share with us the edited files and that $OEM$ folder content. I might want to reinstall if it works πŸ™‚

    I also tried to press f6 to load driver with USB floppy, but dosent work, keep saying some script error at line something. forgotten where the driver come from, only can remember there is an iastor.sys file.

  23. and for the audio driver, i installed the Microsoft uAA driver from here, the “Conexant High-Definition Audio Driver” dosent work for me, then it will keep asking for the proper driver everytime i reboot. what i do is go windows update and update the hardware driver. now its working fine.

  24. andy, yup. There is a way to merge the driver with Windows installer. πŸ˜€

    wilson, cool… Windows update can work? Some failed to update with Windows Update. πŸ˜›

  25. Since it is an EXE file, then how we going to select the file from the browser as it is only showed the .inf file ? can anyone tell me when I click the “have disk”, then “browse” but I could not see my UAA driver in my pre-saved destination? it would be much appreciated if anyone can share with me the correct step to install the UAA driver. thx

  26. kk, u jus need to double click on the kb888111 file to install the driver, after install the high definition audio will be detected and during this u need to use the “have disk” method.

  27. RR, Jayce, thx a lot for your help!! I hv successfully installed my audio driver and it function very well now. All drivers function properly right now. thx for all the links and advise provided here. bt i still facing 2 problems:

    1. I have difficulty installing my modem driver. when i double click the sp36089.exe file, an error msg “Driver installation failed: Could not find the MODEM device for this driver.”

    2. regarding the scroll up/down function of the touch pad, im not able to use it. is there any special driver needed? i try to search for the touch pad control in control panel, bt non over there. Please advice. thx

  28. You need to use ‘Have disk’ method to install modem as well.
    Hmm… As for the scroll up/down function… I still don’t have the driver yet. Let me know if you manage to find it. Thanks lo. πŸ˜€

  29. andy, I haven’t try installing WinXP with SATA Native Support
    but I believe it will improve the speed though we might not be able to feel it. Anyway I’m planning to install with Sata enable on the next notebook which my friend will be receiving soon.

  30. Thanks a lot RR! the link you sent works!! finally can scroll up/down.
    but my modem still unable to install. the file downloaded is sp36089.exe. how can a “have disk” method allow us to choose .exe file? it only allows me to choose .inf file. so i cant see any of this file. pls advice. this is my last issue with this laptop. thx!!

  31. It will extract modem driver files to C:\swsetup\SP36089 after you click the exe file. Then use β€œhave disk” method to install as the normal setup installation will fail.
    Hope this will help. πŸ™‚

  32. hi

    how do you use the can scroll up/down. function , i recall something about this in the specification , but the mouse pad does not have a scroll up or down button

    also Jayce

    can do an update on the steps to install XP and the drivers , wouls also be great if the steps to create the alternate Xp disk with the sata support steps are also listed out.

    cos by going through the thread , there seems to be lots of conflicting and confusing steps

  33. Sorry… My dear is using the laptop right now. I cannot format it just to show you.

    Hmm… Tell you what… Buy me another hard drive. I will come out the installation guide then. πŸ˜›

  34. VK, there is no button on the mouse pad. there are only 2 grey color lines on the mouse pad. 1 vertical line is on the left & the other horizontal line is at the bottom of the mouse pad. After u install the driver fr RR, then it shld b no problem to use this function by holding and drag along the line πŸ™‚

  35. owh well, if some1 willing to donate me their dvd writer.. i will clone (ghost) the hdd with xp sp3 (IE7 + WMP11) with all drivers including sata enabled features… πŸ˜€

  36. Thank you very much. You are very fast. Are you in anyway related to Jeff Ooi?
    Following is the spec of Presario C769TU. Again Citibank offer lo, but not Shell credit card. It is a old Member get Member program gift, last year one but only get computer now.

    Intel Pentium Dual Core Mobile Processor T2370 (1.73 GHz)
    160GB (5400 rpm) Hard Drive
    1024 MB DDR2 SDRAM (1 DIMM)
    Super Multi 8x DVD+R/RW with double layer support
    Windows Vista Home Basic (32 bit)
    15.4″ WXGA High Definition BrightView Widescreen Display
    802.11 b/g WLAN
    5 in 1 Digital Media Reader
    6 cell Lithium-ion battery

    After I downgrade to XP. Modem is not working (exclaimation mark in Device Manager). There is also another unknown device in Device Manager as well but still do not know what is that animal.

  37. He… He… Jeff and I are from same family during China. Last name is Ooi ma. πŸ˜›

    Everything should work fine on C769TU based on garychia’s comments. Have you try using ‘Have disk’ method to install modem driver?
    The unknown device should use HP Quick Launch Buttons Driver.

    Happy troubleshooting lo… πŸ˜€

  38. Jayce, Finally I resolve my problem. Thank you.
    From my experience for the pass 4 days, found that most hardware in C769TU and C749TU are similar. Anybody facing same problem on C769TU can use driver listed here.
    I search thru google (when I was not sure C749 drivers are usable for C769) and found this page drivers listed in there are not reliable some only patches and some is outdated. The one cause me most problem is the UAA. UAA installed at computer shop was outdated (I paid RM50 for downgrade and give me without modem and unknown device). The UAA from the above page also outdated. That is why my first attempt using your Modem driver failed (although using have disk method). UAA must come from KB888111. Then your Audio driver, then follow by Modem (the computer shop gave me both audio and modem drivers were ok). Finally, Quick Launch Button. Driver from your site link work well. The above page that I got from is only a security patch. So now everything work ok.

    TQVM Jayce. Are you all (forum participant) IT people? Most of your thread I can not understand?

  39. You are welcome, HC. I am from IT/Engineering. Not sure about other participants. πŸ˜›

    By the way, which wireless module do you have? Which driver you use?

  40. Jayce, My Wireless has no problem. Except now the LED is in Orange although it is connected. When was in Vista, it was green when connected and orange when not. However it is working ok. The computer shop did it for me, I do not know what module or driver. But I do copy down some info from inside RAM cover, it says Atheros Radio, Model: AR5BXB63. The one from the page I search from google, I don’t is correct one (it was Intel PRO Wireless Drivers). Sorry, I dun means to say Intel’s not working but it may not be the right one.

  41. HC Ng, it;s depend what wireless module they put into ur notebook. the common one are either atheros, broadcom and intel. And i think every1 here are from different background (eg. i am struct. engr) but here for the same reason, XP driver! πŸ˜€

    from my previous knowledge, if a notebook, has petium M processor + intel wifi + intel mobo, the notebook bios automatically recognised it as centrino notebook, else it’ll be stated as pentium M notebook.

    as for C749U user, wireless slot uses miniPCI express card. this is not the regular type, it’s only abt half the size, and it’s very likely to be expensive. maybe we need a supplier for this item on this site πŸ™‚

    even a used 1 also need rm100++
    so also best bet is use usb dongle which is less than rm40 for a new one πŸ˜€

  42. Andy, I asked but did not let everyone know my background (I did reply Jayce directly thru email). I am an Engineer as well, Mechanical graduate but mainly in production before. Now, freelance financial advisor (after got my MBA).
    Anyway, I unintentionally got into Technical Chat with HP. They recommend to reinstall the Atheros Wireless driver and quick launch button driver. Still did not solve the problem, sometime mistaken wireless not connected thus press the button again. Ai ya, really disconnected.
    I still short of another XP driver, LightScribe driver for the DVD RW. It suppose to enable etching CD label. HP site’s driver did not work. Thinking of go into chat again. Can Jayce or you help, any idea? Anyway C749TU do not come with CD Burner, may be it is not to your interest.
    Hei, where you all get the smiley? My friend’s forum allow us to add from his site’s menu.

  43. After I chat with HP Technician. I found that I kena tipu by HP site. It was very confusing by puting the driver for download and yet the DVD RW does not support LightScribe. So forget about this friends.

  44. Jayce, if the DVD supported LightScribe with proper driver and software we can print monochromatic text and graphic at the label side of our DVD or CD (more appealing compare to normal marker). You need to insert upside down the disc for lable printing. This is a LASER technology widely use in production/industrial sector. It requires no consumables, no ink required, it is etching/burning like we burn CD but the burning width is much much bigger.

  45. Jayce, LASER etching technology very useful. Intel must also use them to write tiny text onto chips (too small for normal printing tech). Advantages is no consumables, super fast, super small and super long lasting (will not come out) but expensive lo.

  46. HC NG…..
    i have same laptop model with you.face d problem of wireless(no respond).could you provide url for download d proper driver for wireless xp.thanks

  47. Guys, when I can’t find the drivers from those who suppose to provide us, I’ll normally open-up the hardware to check for the model and part no. then googled it / find at
    As for HP, search ur model for Vista driver (take note on the models/brand of hardware) then search for older models which use the same type of hardware, u will sure find the drivers or do it the hard way by going through thousands drivers listed here:
    that’s how I found the Alps touch pad driver for C749TU πŸ˜›

  48. Hi Jayce, i found your blog because i having the same question of all the people here. but the difference is the model i get is Compaq Presario C778TU, which the spec is almost same but with 2g ram and just with freedos. Everything is fine as i’m using vista business. but the problem is i can’t connect by wifi. As i try all the driver in the HP site, but when i press the wifi button, it got no response. Could you please assist? Thanks!

  49. HP should have Windows Vista driver for the WiFi. You should contact HP directly if you have problem with Windows Vista driver. HP support Windows Vista in this case.
    Let us know if HP cannot help you. Then we will try our best to help you. πŸ˜€

  50. WanHor, I get the wireless driver from the computer shop. But later I chat with HP Technical they gave me following info. According to them Quick Launch button driver is also critical. Wireless button is also one of the Quick launch.
    Quick Lauch buttons driver:
    Wireless driver:
    Wireless driver is not a softpaq, u need to use update method. My problem not solve. (Light in orange, no change when connected).
    For yumchala, may be you can try HP Chat. They are for North America mkt but very helpful. at,

  51. Wanhor, is it done for your computer C769TU? Is the wireless launch button light remain as orange although it is connected? I still yet to solve the problem. Anybody have?

  52. Hi,

    I just got mine but it’s the newer version, C777TU, the 2GHz Celeron, still with no WiFi and only a combo drive, them XXXX!

    The modem and audio drivers you posted here doesn’t work.

    The rest are working fine.

    As for the modem, I used the Vista version and it worked fine.

    Of couse you still need to install Microsoft uAA driver first before you install the modem and audio drivers.

    As for the audio driver, the Vista version install perfectly and the device manager shows no error but the there is no sound at all. Under the control panel’s sound, it says there is no audio device.

    I wonder if you have any readers that may have the audio drivers for XP.



  53. You need to use ‘have disk’ method to install modem and audio driver.
    Please read all other comments. They will help you on installation.

  54. HC NG….

    hi, my Wireless can function after follow ur instruction.
    thanks god.
    and i got d blue light…………. got d blue light in power button, ha. πŸ™‚
    they wil be the same result if i just follow your instruction…..
    i installed d HP WIRELESS ASSISTANT and the orange color or blue color….forget about it lo. πŸ™‚

    thanks for your help.

  55. wanhor, don’t you think it is confusing? Initially I was like you (see my discussion with Jayce), put it to work is everything but now …… go for better ma. πŸ™‚

  56. HC NG,
    ha.without you and Jayce, i stil working with d audio driver.
    before i meet you two, i was finding the audio driver from 8:00 pm til 6:00 am(dam). even talk with Hp people stil cant fix it….(he gave me d driver that cant work,dam dam)

    so so, put it to work is everything cause tire with it liao,sien. & got two black circle on my face liao, much more my proposal cant finish because of it. πŸ™

  57. ON Vista, the missing drivers on Device Manager, the one that says ACPI is actually the Launch Manager. Just connect to the Internet using a cable, then do a driver update using the Internet to search for newer drivers and it will download and install Launch Manager.

    But I’m still hunting XP audio drivers. Anyone can help? I’m using the latest Celeron 2GHz version C777TU.

  58. Dear Jayce, Thanks you so much for all the driver links and guidance. I installed everything by just 30 minutes only without hazzles.

  59. does anyone really get their on-screen mic working? i think my 749 does not have mic installed. many test done with no result.

    but once put external mic, it works flawlessly.

    so anyone?

  60. i blow wind, still cannot detect on msn meter and my desktop pc on msn conversation cannot detect any feedback also.

    how many device does your play control shows for playback? mind is only max. 4. curious y there is no mic playback.. hmm….

  61. KG, u follow the instruction from jayce yet? make sure it’s done manually.

    and select “don’t search. i will choose the driver to install”, then click “have disk” and locate the driver u extract to. then it may said something like hardware may not compatible to something, just ignore it and force to install. then restart… then wallah… it’s done.

  62. Hi All, Mine also has the same problem-mic not working. So far has not use the mic, only see in the device manager do not show exclaimation mark. I thought was OK. Now, hear what you all say, I try then found the problem. I did follow Jayce’s steps. All others are OK, anyway mine is C769TU.

  63. jayce, how to update the sound driver by internet?

    it’s confirmed is the error in the sound driver because i just install vista x64 ultimate, and the mic mark does rise when i speak.

  64. I own a HP Compaq Notebook PC Presario C700. Have lightscribe software but no lightscribe driver. How can I ad a driver to my pc? Can I buy it and install it? Is it easy to install? I really need help with this issue.
    Apreciate any help I can get.

    Thanks; Tituz

  65. Tituz, which model of C700 series? Lightscribe software and driver are available from light scribe website but you first need to check whether your DVD Combo is lightScribe compliant by looking at end cover of the drive, normally will have logo of disc, DVD, and etc. You need to see also lightScribe logo
    beside those common logos, before you are able to use lightscribe. Read more at previous pages about light scribe. No all DVD drive are LightScribe compliant.

  66. I follow your way to install the audio in my C749TU, but I still can’t use the build in mic & the audio & speaker jag also not working properly. Pls advise how should I go about it? Should I uninstall the hardware & reinstall again. Hope to see step by step guide. Thanks.

  67. Forget about xp and vista. Change to UBUNTU. It is cool. Full of features and freebies. It works wonderful with Presario C700. All I need is the driver for my Canon MP160 printer. Can anyone help me?

  68. Ubuntu is really cool. It is great and FREE some more. πŸ˜€
    But you have to pay some price on this OS. Canon seem don’t have Linux driver on its website. Only Mac and Windows supported. πŸ˜›

  69. Just got my C778TU. Installed XP with SP3. It doesnt allow me to install the UAA Driver and I cant install the audio driver. Can anybody help?

    All other drivers are working fine. TQVM.

  70. I think UAA is included in SP3. Try to skip UAA driver and install sound driver directly using have disk mothed. Let us know if still cannot work. πŸ˜€

  71. Yea…SP3 comes with updated uAA driver. I can skip the uAA installation. I finally found out that the I cannot install the modem driver prior to the audio driver. Therefore, I have to remove the modem driver then install the audio driver using “have-disk” method. Then it works.

  72. hello all,

    i have funny problem with my C769TU. after i have down grade to xp. all works fine Except for the wireless can connect but the light off or on it is still orange but for me it is ok as it works so no issues. 2 and thing will be built in MIC not working at all. Still no problem as I can you a external MIC as it only cost RM 5. But the problem which need fixing is that we have 3 USB ports. 1 on the left hand side on top the card slot. And 2 ports on the right hand side. Now for the 1st 2 weeks it work fine then I get error every time I insert a device normally I use USD mouse. The error is surge power low something like that then the device won’t work. So I manage to solve it temporally by uninstall the driver and re install. It works for 2 days. Now I don’t get any error but the 2 right hand ports simpily don’t work.

    Have any one got an idea to solve this problem ?

    Thank you



  73. did you try to change other mouse? Maybe some problem with the mouse that’s why surge power happen, have you try using the usb port with other things (eg. ext, Hdd)?:P

  74. Hi all,
    I just got a C769TU a few days ago. Specs are: 1.73GHz cpu, 1GB ram, 160GB harddisk, running Vista Home Basic. Seems that it’s running a bit slow with only 1GB of ram but still seems ok if not running too many applications.

    Unfortunately I have a huge problem with installations, especially Visual Studio. I’d tried installing just VB6 alone but there’s error saying compatibility problem. Visual C++ is a definite no. Then tried installing Visual Studio 2005. Seems ok but halfway through it gives the same compatibility error message and hangs. Tried again then got registry problems. Read up that these problems are expected from the website. Should I download the Visual Studio SP1 and Vista SP1?

    I’m thinking of downgrading the OS to XP (is it recommended?) but is afraid of missing drivers. Is there a way to copy or backup the current drivers? After reading the previous posts, I’m suddenly very scared to use the comp. πŸ™

  75. You should update your Windows and Visual Studio to the latest service pack if possible. And don’t worry about Windows Vista drivers. You can get them at HP website. And you can get Windows XP drivers here. Try to add extra RAM if you don’t want to downgrade to Windows XP. πŸ˜€

  76. Hi, i dont think so because when i clik he ask enter your product key type your 25-character product key i also dont know pls can you help me thank you so much.(2007 microsoft office system)

  77. Hi Jayce,

    I have a Presario C749TU – I have uninstalled Vista and put XP on instead. All drivers have been installed except for the digital camera card reader (SDHC Card). I put the card in but the laptop doesnt pick it up. Do you know how to solve this problem?

    Thanks, Rob

  78. hi jayce
    can you please tell me from the scratch abt this so called “have disk” method to install audio drivers in my compaq c795tu laptop

  79. Hi, looking forward to downgrade to xp on my HP C749TU. I see you have all the drivers here & I have downloaded them. However since this will be my first attempt ever, can you show my step by step process. thanks

  80. hi Good day to everybody… pls help me with the problem to my notebook it is compaq presario C793TU ihave using a Windows vista 32bit but the my notebook does not perform well.. so i am using win Xp but there is no drivers for my notebook .. can you help me or and advice… please.. email me or ym bless

  81. if you check the compaq/hp website you need two sets of drivers for hd audio chips.
    one being realtek

    the other being the microsoft uaa universal audio, one does not work without the other.
    stop looking for a single conextant driver,
    check here to confirm

    i spent days finding this out


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