Help! How to find lost / stolen Galaxy S4?

First of all, I would like to say sorry if you had lost your precious Samsung Galaxy S4. Not to worry much, there is always way to recover it. Of course, if you have done the prerequisite ~ sign in your Galaxy S4 with Samsung Account. If you had signed in Samsung own applications like Samsung Apps, you are in luck now. Why? Basically, you registered Galaxy S4 as your device. You can locate it with Samsung Find My Mobile website (previously known as Samsung Dive). For those did not sign in Samsung account yet, it’s time for you to do so. You don’t know what might happen to your Galaxy S4 as well. It might be stolen or missing in action…

Find My Mobile @ Samsung Website

How to find lost / stolen Samsung Galaxy S4?

  1. Login into Samsung Find My Mobile website (link).
  2. Use Locate my mobile to find your Galaxy S4.
  3. Or use Start tracking to store its location (when moved).

Besides locating Galaxy S4, Find My Mobile can do other tasks like lock it and auto sends a notification message when the SIM card is changed. Rings for 1 minute at the highest volume regardless of the mobile’s sound and vibration settings. Forward calls and messages for the lost mobile to a specified mobile number. Retrieve call logs during the last week. Delete all the data including external memory and SIM cards. And finally, unlock the mobile screen remotely.

But here is one big catch – none of these features can work if no Internet connection on your Galaxy S4. So pray for it to be connected to Internet sooner…


  1. I lost my s4 and I don’t know how to retrieve it I had it for two days so I never sighted my account in how does the LoJack security work?

  2. Hello i lost my galaxy s4 today at 6 pm and by 6:30 my cell had being turn off or who ever found it removed the chip…. It took me direct to voice mail every time i called I went to att and had a stop on the line….. If the s4 has no wi fi and no chip… Can i still trace it??? I need help asap

  3. What about att…. My carrier?? I want to find it before who ever find it unlock it and sale it or use it or somethin. What can i do

  4. would this site still work if i already report to my network provider that my phone is lost..they already block my this site still work if the phone was already block

  5. My boyfriend lost his Samsung Galaxy S4 phone about a week ago…he never registered it with samsung nor did he sync his samsung account…could his phone still be located?

  6. hi, my phone got stolen yesterday..i used my find my mobile through web but it is always offline and sometimes got online but we cant retrieve the location asap..would it be possible to locate my phone eventhough they changed the sim card and after changing,they will open the 3g or wifi?need help because i didn’t sync my pictures and i need them a lot 🙁

    thank you!

    • i also used android device manager but it says that location unavailable and last device used is december 1,2013 which means the day i lost my phone..would it be still possible to trace my phone through android device manager though the sim card was changed?

        • thank you for the fast response.. i already contacted the national telecommunications office to block the phone so that no one could use concern also was the pictures on my phone..i thought i synced my dropbox but when i checked it earlier today, there were no there other way to retrieve the pictures?

  7. Hello There, I want some help from you . I just recently lost my Samsung Galaxy S4. how can I find it through FIND MY MOBILE.

  8. 1st, thank you…
    Ok, my ex boyfriend stole my S4 a couple days ago. Knowing him. He factory reset it and thru the Verizon SIM out. I already called my carrier and had the service suspended. I’m not sure if I enable it to be located. How can I get my iMei # and will he be able to ever use it. I could see him waiting a year to try to activate it, if at all. I heard it could be flashed or unlocked by a tetchy and used again. Help?…


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