How to backup & restore all apps and settings when upgrade Android ROM?

If you a person that like to try out new Android ROM every day / week, Titanium Backup is your great friend. It can help you to backup and restore all apps and settings when upgrade Android ROM. It can backup almost every application and its data, so no worry about save games or progress that you had made. It also backup SMS, contacts, system data… Titanium Backup will ease your life when upgrade to a totally new different Android ROM. Note – Titanium Backup requires root access and not everything can be restored due to different Android ROM settings.

Titanium Backup


  1. Open Titanium Backup.
  2. Tap on Backup/Restore.
  3. Click on “Menu” hardware button.
  4. Select Batch.
  5. Then select Run next to Backup all user apps + system data.
  6. Make sure Kill active apps is checked.
  7. You can deselect any application that you don’t want to backup.
  8. Finally, click on Run the batch operation.
  9. That’s all.

Note – Titanium Backup stores all the backup content in TitaniumBackup folder at SD card. Make sure you don’t delete it when upgrade to new Android ROM because you need it to restore back all the applications and data. By the way, you can also use ClockworkMod Recovery to make a full system backup too if you want.


  1. On new Android ROM, install Titanium Backup back.
  2. Open Titanium Backup.
  3. Tap on Backup/Restore.
  4. Click on “Menu” hardware button.
  5. Select Batch.
  6. Then select Run next to Restore missing apps + all system data.
  7. Click on Deselect all.
  8. Check those in green colour (System service with useful data).
  9. And check those crossed out items (Non installed user application).
  10. You can check any applications or services that you know same as new Android ROM too.
  11. Finally, click on Run the batch operation.
  12. Reboot your phone.
  13. That’s all.

Some minor configurations might need to be done after restored depending on your new Android ROM. But that should be a small task because most of the applications, data and settings should be restored properly.

Download Titanium Backup apk here.


  1. hi..i want to ask u smthg..when i use google map 5.8 and try to open google navi,notice come out “unavailable to ur country bla3x..”do u know how to solve this problem??

    AND,when i try to install the new one “Google Maps 5.9.0 ownhere/Brut.all”..the navi is good but the maps is not rotate automatically..only the “blue one” is moving.this problem make me hard to read the maps bcoz i need to rotate the phone manually…but when i look at some video about google navi from ytube,the “blue one” is static and only maps is rotate…

  2. Then select Run next to Restore missing apps + all system data.

    IF I CHOOSE to restore system data does this overwrite my new rom?

  3. Hi Jayce,

    thanks for the very nice guide.
    However, my sgs2 memory storage is almost full: 10gb, so only 1,5gb free.
    is it enough space?
    how much do I need to back up everything via TB?
    can I back up directly to PC?

  4. Hi Jayce,

    How about market apps?
    if I install a new version after backing up the old one,
    can I use my old “my apps” setting with the new one?

  5. thanks, Jayce.
    Ihave done some test using tb, it seems that for games/apps that download more data affer I install it, for example like gameloft hd games and offline gps, the additional data is not backed up by tb. Is this normal? is there some tb setting that can change to include all the data?

  6. ok Jayce, I finally managed to upgrade to xxki3,
    and backup & restore all the apps using your guide.
    now my phone is v2.3.5! πŸ˜€
    once again thanks a lot for the guide and all the replies. I really appreciate all of them.

  7. hi , jayce i recently juz make some backup using titanum and 2day i wan to uninstall sme apps before install xxki3. so can i clear the old backup before i do a new backup using titanium again before i install tis new xxki3 rom.

  8. heello jayce…can u help me …my samsung s plus has brick…it`s simbol warning between phone n`s happen after i try to install root for samsung s plus…how can i restore my can`t load to normal.plese help

  9. hi jayce. my SGS2 reboots while on the middle of backup around 30-40%.. any advice what went wrong?
    i tried to clear the cache and even reinstall the titanium. yet am still having same problem.
    pls advice.

  10. hi. i am a android mobile tester. i want to know what will happen while upgrading the android mobile(OTA). like what happen to the user settings? will it restore the previous settings? if so where those settings will save..?

    thanks in advance.. πŸ™‚

  11. hi Jayce, after i do backup by TB i finally do reset data. but problem appear after i reboot back, then i download back the TB, inside TB there is 0 on recover. why is it happen? how do i recover back my data?

          • Thank you for your reply, but unfortunately tb not backup all of my data since my sd card memory only left <100 mb. I am not aware of this before. All item on my gallery gone, hd game also gone, BIG size apps also gone.My mistake was i am not chck my sd card mem first, lucky i got sync all pic to dropbox. Nvm about game and video or mp3 can download all back. But why TB not mention anything about mem. full? Its state backup complete and i thought everythhing ok. Really just wanna share something with everybody else.. chk space first.

  12. Hi Jayce,
    On my galaxy s3, I can’t Find the ‘Batch’ option.

    If i hit the middle button it takes me out of the application ‘titanium backup’ (same with the right one)
    on the left one it gives me a set of options they are the following..

    Help & Support
    Market Tools
    overview of app staorage u….
    clean up the dalvik Cache
    integrace sys dalvik into rr..
    Undo sys dalvik intergration..
    send data..

    etc etc

    no batch option.
    I’m running on thenew Omega Jellybean rom


  13. After I had an automatic update to JeallyBean 4.1.2. I couldn’t use my mobile due to an error “Enter SIM Unlock PIN” , so I had to root my S2 to get over it using certain program. Now, I want to remove this root and get my mobile back to original status unrooted. Will your procedure provide that?

    Thank you


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