How to check MIUI 6 ROM app usage statistics?

Yeah… There is lot of hidden features on MIUI 6 ROM. I discovered few of them while playing with my new Xiaomi Redmi 2. Yup, you can check application usage statistics on MIUI 6. Basically, it will list up all the applications and games that you launched previously according to time. You can use it to find out what other people are doing with their or your phone. Too bad that there is no duration usage there.

MIUI 6 App usage statistics

How to check MIUI 6 ROM App usage statistics?

  1. Bring up Settings.
  2. Go to About Phone.
  3. Tap Internal memory for 5 times.
  4. Phone info will be loaded.
  5. Select More then App usage statistics.
  6. That’s it.

You can also try to tap other stuffs too. And you might find other goodies there.


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