How to dual boot Windows Phone 7 and Android on HTC HD2 with 1 SD card?

How to dual boot Windows Phone 7 and Android on HTC HD2? Simple, just get 2 SD cards. One for Windows Phone 7 and another one for Android. By default, phone will boot into WP7 when power on. To load Android, change to another SD card and power on (don’t let go power button) then load into MAGLDR bootloader. Select ‘Boot AD SD’ to load Android. However, it is not very user friendly to bring 2 SD cards all the time. So here is the step by step guide to dual boot Windows Phone 7 and Android on HTC HD2 with 1 SD card. Check out the screenshots for SD card partition details (Disk 3 is the SD card ~ 3.7GB).


  • Partition Wizard Home Edition installed on PC – link
  • Windows Phone 7 installed on HTC HD2 – link
  • SD MAGLDR Android ROM for HTC HD2 – link

How to dual boot Windows Phone 7 and Android on HTC HD2 with 1 SD card?

  1. In WP7, go to ‘Settings’.
  2. Then ‘about’.
  3. Click on ‘reset your phone’.
  4. Double confirm with ‘yes’ and ‘yes’.
  5. Once phone restart, hold on power button. MAGLDR bootloader will be loaded.
  6. Take out your SD card from phone and put it into SD card reader at PC.
  7. Load Partition Wizard Home Edition.
  8. There should be 2 partitions on your SD card (200MB on the left and another larger one on the right). – Screenshot
  9. Delete the larger one.
  10. Create a partition as ‘Logical’ with ‘Unformatted’ file system.
  11. Make sure that the ‘Unallocated Space After’ is 0 MB and some space at ‘Unallocated Space Before’.
  12. Apply the changes for pending operations. – Screenshot
  13. Close Partition Wizard Home Edition.
  14. Put your SD card back to phone.
  15. Power on your phone.
  16. Setup WP7 for the first time usage.
  17. Power off it.
  18. Take out your SD card from phone and put it into SD card reader at PC.
  19. Load Partition Wizard Home Edition.
  20. The ‘Unformatted’ partition should turn into ‘Other’ file system. – Screenshot
  21. Delete the 200MB ‘Other’ partition.
  22. Create a partition as ‘Primary’ with ‘FAT32’ file system.
  23. Right click on the ‘Other’ partition and select ‘Modify’ and then ‘Set Partition As Primary’.
  24. Apply the changes for pending operations. You should have 2 primary partitions (FAT32 and Other). – Screenshot
  25. Close Partition Wizard Home Edition.
  26. Copy SD MAGLDR Android into your SD card. Follow the guide here.
  27. That’s all.

Hopefully, with this guide. More HTC HD2 users will start to use Windows Phone 7 again since they can dual boot into Android as well.


  1. Hi Jayce,

    Have you tried to use MAGLDR to backup WP7 ? I understand WP7 is like NAND Android, so far I only saw ZIP-ROM Android are using Backup and Restore from MAGLDR… Can I do the same to backup and restore NAND ROM using MAGLDR ?

    The reason I asked because I preferred ZIP-ROM Android than SD Android, if I flash a ZIP-ROM, I will lose my WP7… So I thought this method might help, if you have tried it let me know.. Thanks


  2. how can I have my music now and utilize the 16gb??? Also, is there any way we could somehow use a 32gb sd card for this method? then I wouldn’t have to worry about it. And my third question is why do we have to make 2 semi-equal seperate paritions if we arnt really utilizing the other one..?

    • Music on Android stores at FAT32 partition while WP7 stores at Other partition. Yes, HTC HD2 supports 32GB SD card. And you don’t need to follow the exact 2 same size of partitions. That’s an example only. Adjust the size based on your need.

  3. thanks for the video link .
    I have installed XBmod Windows 7 rom & desire dl sd magldr android rom successfully.
    I have some problems as follows :

    On Windows 7 I can’t install any apps and I didn’t get the activation code though I have the Windows live id. when I download a file I could not find the file after exiting the page. on the camera application I could not find the capture button or & record button on the camcorder.please help how could I install the apps & where could I see the downloaded file & how can I capture photos & videos.

    On android I could not access the sd card on any apps . I could not download any file as it shows there is no sd card please mount the sd card for download.Some apps doesn’t work as there is no access to the sd card. please help how could I make use of the sd card.

  4. i understand having a dual boot with adroid OS on a Win mob. But could u pls compare Win 6.5 to Win 7?

    How far is Win 7 superior to Win 6.5. I mean advantages of switching frm Win 6.5 to Win 7.

    I hav HTC HD2 with Win 6.5 n hav loaded a whole lot of utilities. If I am to load Win 7 wat wld happen to all those applications? Will they still work or my mob will be wiped clean during the Win 7 installation.

    • None of the WinMo 6.5 applications will work on WP7. And all of them will be gone during WP7 installation.

      My advice, stay with WinMo 6.5 until you find all the required apps that you need on WP7.

      • Thnx for the reply.

        Could you pls brief me on my other point

        “How far is Win 7 superior to Win 6.5. I mean advantages of switching frm Win 6.5 to Win 7.”


        • Personally, I don’t like WP7 because it is a new OS with less applications supported. I am using Android now and prefer it more. WM6.5 vs WP7, I rather stay with WM6.5 due to applications availability.

  5. hi Jayce,
    i successfully install win7 but have problem it shut down it self after some time especially when i start work on it …!? can u help me plz…

  6. just to confirm, this means the Android is still running from SD, which means it is still slower than Android NAND?

    maybe alternatively will be Android NAND and then boot to WP7? that way, Android NAND will be our regular OS and occasionally go to WP7 to enjoy something different.

      • if i use NAND Android regularly and sometimes i want to try WP7 for fun, is there an easier method? seems like if i want WP7, i have to flash NAND and then later flash back Android.

        what if i keep 2 SD? Can i just replace SD and voila, it change either OS?

        • The easiest way to try out WP7. Use NAND Android in ClockworkMod Recovery zip format. Make a full backup before try WP7. Restore it back after done playing WP7. This is what I always do.

          The only SD card OS for the moment == Android.

  7. Hi.I installed wp7 on my hd2 and then i do the steps to dual boot android and wp7 and when i try to run android it stops in GO GO GO! so i need someone to help me please??

  8. how do i reverse this and go back to full 16gb sd card and have android only? (I only use wp7 for netflix) I was wanting to do clockwork and all that stuff…so yea how do I go back??

  9. i installed all steps carefully and correct and when i run android it shows up but after lock screen it stops in white screen and my android rom is desire_dl so i nedd to know problem???

  10. Hello Jayce,

    I am having problems getting rid of the 200MB. In the end, I end up with 3 partitions. I have 200MB and the “other” and the Fat 32. Any help would be appreciated. – thanks Jerome

  11. Hello Jayce,

    thanks for your reply…I figured it out. I just gave more memory for the Window 7…about 1G and I can now dual boot with android. Currently I am dual booting with twilight rom and with American Android. Thanks for your help…without your blog many will be lost…I hope you win cause you got my vote!!!! thanks again Jerome

  12. I have lg fathom vs750 with 1Ghz processor and 512 RAM. Is there any way change
    my OS from windows phone 6.5 to Android or windows phone 7 ? Pease help me regarding this.

  13. hi jayce
    at last i asked a question: why camera qualiy in wp7 on hd2 is too low?!
    now i had a new question : does camera work fine and clear in this version(SD MAGLDR Android ) of android?
    tnx for your guides…..

  14. Hi Jayce,

    nice work on the tut & it worked well with Mango version of WP7 but now that I used Tango version by Pdaimatejam I get SD Card error from WP7, is this still compatible with Tango version? Also should the WP7 partition always be bigger or more than half the size of the SD Card?

    By the way congrats on your wedding & hope you can still do some more write-ups even though…..


  15. hai jayce..
    i have an 8gb SD. i had installed WP7 and then wanted to dual boot WP7 and android. i followed your steps but the problem i faced is that after booting android through SD, it doesnt detect my SD.. but it was able to boot android through SD. i like PARANOID ANDROID SD built.. so i tried it but everything is fine just memory card is not detected.. please help me

  16. Hi Jayce,
    I have win7.8 installed on my hd2
    I want to use the 2 sd card method instead of dualbooting using 1 sd card.
    which kind of android rom (nand, sd) shall i copied to the new sd card for booting with MAGLDR?
    Will it wipe out the wp 7.8 in the internal storage?


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