Download MarkinuX HD ExtraClean SD MAGLDR Android ROM for HTC HD2

I saw MarkinuX HD ExtraClean on NAND Android for sometimes but I did not try it because it requires to enable ‘UseLast24NAND’ which might make your device won’t boot more if not handle properly. So I ignore it until xda-developer, Markinus released another version on SD MAGLDR. Yeah… I can try it now with no worry. MarkinuX HD ExtraClean is based on HTC Desire HD Build (Android 2.2.1) but without HTC Widgets, Sense stuffs, etc. Camera, Album, Music player, Clock, Email, Messenger, Keyboard and Twitter are still there. And added Gingerbread Launcher.

MarkinuX HD ExtraClean on HTC HD2

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Installation is much simpler on this build. But I found out 1 issue, USB disk storage mode is not working. Computer detects it but can’t access. But the one that I like, it has Chinese handwriting input. Most of the builds don’s have it nowadays…

Installation guide ~ How to Install MAGLDR on HTC HD2? (Video)

How to install it on SD MAGLDR?

  1. Copy initrd.gz, zImage and Android folder to your SD card root level.
  2. Put SD card into your phone.
  3. Power on it (don’t let go power button).
  4. It will load into MAGLDR bootloader.
  5. Go to ‘Services’.
  6. Select ‘BootSettings’.
  7. Select ‘AD SD Dir’.
  8. Select ‘<.>’ directory.
  9. Finally, select ‘Boot AD SD’.
  10. It will boot into Android.
  11. That’s all.

Download MarkinuX HD ExtraClean v1.7.1 [Kernel: Markus] SD MAGLDR ROM here.


  1. Hi,

    I just finished Installing HSPL & Radio after following your instructions.. Thanks all went well.

    Now i am confused, pls advice which version of MAGLDR to install and which NAND Android to install. Will the process change of installing if we change the MAGLDR Versions & NAND Android versions.


  2. Hi, how are you.
    I have a question. I want to make a dual boot for my hd2. I have a big 16gb micro sd card
    The point is that i dont understand very well the point about copying an android folder to run android. Are there special android distributions or can i do something with my 2.3.4 version?
    As i can read in your post, there is a MarkinuXHD…. for SD card ROM, but it is 2.2.1
    Can you bring me a link to install dual booting but with a 2.3.4 or better version?
    By the way, regarding the problem of the tiny internal memory in the HD2, in this kind of installation of dual boot, there is nothing regarding the EXT3 partition, that solved the problem for me, giving to me a lot of space to me internal memory.
    Hoping the being clear for you and will be waiting for your answer.
    Thank you very very much for your cooperation. You are the best!!!

  3. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i am useing windows 7 n now i wana dul boot windows 7 and andriod so plz tell me how i install SD MAGLRD android Rom tell me could u send me sofware link? plzzzz

  4. Hey,
    I’ve just booted my HD2 on this and it worked perfectly, until i turned it off- I didn’t have a sim card in it from the beggining, and I could use it as a PDA.. now it just shows me the like bakground screen with the time and hasn’t got an unlock phone button, just says “Insert sim card” across the screen,

    pls help??

  5. hi jayce
    i had installed windows phone 7 on my hd2,i want to doul boot wp7 & android.
    i had folloed your guide step by step,now i want to copy may sd magldr android on my sd card.
    i had downloaded sd magldr android rom from link that you put on your website,but i confused!
    you said “Copy initrd.gz, zImage and Android folder to your SD card root level.”
    when downloading of sd magldr android rom had been finishid there was a file that its name was “jdms-update” and in it i found 3 folder that they names was “boot” & “system” & “META-inf”
    in “boot” folder i founded “initrd.gz, zImage”.
    i had copied these files initrd.gz, zImage an these folders “boot” & “system” & “META-inf” in my sd card in root level! IS IT correct? if is not correct tell me what is the correct way to copy?!
    if correct : i had passed the magldr boot level Successful and now at first a see an android picture for a moment after that i see another android picture that there is a circle around it! but stoped on this condition for long.
    yes,i know that it take for alonger time at the first boot but how long dose it take?
    10 minet?
    1 hour ?
    2 hour ?
    a day?
    guide me please…………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  6. Any further recommendation for other Android ROM, Mr. Jayce? I’m afraid if I try a random Android ROM, my HD2 will bricked. Looking forward for your answer…

    • Sorry Schossow, I stop using HD2 for quite sometime. There are lot of new Android ROMs out there. But I did not test them. So can’t recommend any of them. You need to test them out yourself. 😉


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